2011 In review

This would mark officially my 200th post! I would like to first thank yall for the support, for showing love, and checking out my page for the past two years. Its been alot of work posting up this content, these links and posting my thoughts but its been fun sharing information, game, and exclusives. Heres my review of the Good, Bad, Ugly of 2011!

Vic’s Top 10 albums of 2011
1.Kendrick Lamar-Section 80
2.Saigon-The Greatest Story Never Told
3.Raekwon’s Shaolin Vs Wu Tang
4.DJ Quik-The Book of David
5.Game-The R.E.D. Album
6.Young Jeezy-Thug Motivation 103
7.Common-The Believer
8.Brotha Lynch Hung-Coatarmstrangler
9.Big KRIT- 4ever
10.J Cole- A Cole Story

Dissapointing albums of the year
1.JayZ and Kanye West-Watch the Throne

Two of the biggest names in hip hop truly dissapointed. Aside from a few songs, I wasn’t really feeling it. It seemed that they rushed it.

2.Lil Wayne-The Carter 4

This was supposed to be the album where Wayne should have peaked, It sold but Wayne showed laziness throughout this album, Its so bad that the tracks not featuring him were the best tracks)

3.Lupe Fiasco Lasers

Lupe himself said he wasn’t feeling this album and that the powers that be forced him to make this album. Certain songs showcased flashes of what we love from Lupe(All Black Everything, Words I Never Said and Im Dreamin) The album’s commercial poppy production is what killed this album and made you careless about Lupe’s message.Hopefully Food and Liquor 2 can redeem him.

4.Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa High School

Snoop Dogg continues to dissapoint. I havent heard much from this album but It doesn’t look like something fans who are fiending for Snoop Dogg to comeback to his Gangsta rap roots would wanna check for.

5.Dr Dre’s Detox album
Because the shit didn’t come out!

The Winners of 2011:

1.JayZ(Along with Kanye West)
(Dropped a smash album, knocked up Beyonce, and did tremendous numbers off the Watch the Throne Tour)

(Riding off the success of Recovery, Em signed Yelawolf and Slaughterhouse to his label giving Shady a solid rep. Also dropped Bad Meets Evil with his estranged Friend Royce Da 5’9 and crossed him into the mainstream)

3.The Dallas Mavericks
(Did the unthinkable and beat the big 3(The Miami Heat) to win their first title.

4.Albert Pujols
(Man hustled his way to get the 2nd highest paid contract in Baseball history.250 million?! Wow!)

5.Lil Wayne
(Dropped a garbage ass album fresh out of prison and still caked lovely)

6.CM Punk
(Turned the WWE a 360 for a minute)

7.Rick Ross
(Not a big fan but dude had a great year, Signed Meek Mill, Wale, and used his power to make sure Wale do good numbers)

8.The Rock
(Came back to the WWE and set the world into a frenzy)

9.Floyd Mayweather
(Talked shit, whooped ass, and collected like always)

10.The Greenbay Packers
(Superbowl Champs)

(Not a big fan but his album did real good and he done bagged himself a nice piece)

12.50 Cent
(Despite dropping a dud in 2009, He kept himself active and winning in the business world. he found ways to piss off bloggers in very form of fashion)

(Reinvented himself from that garbage Universal Mind Control album and came out with a banging album)

14.Chris Brown
(Chris Brown had a terrific year. With the ugly Rihanna incident behind him. Breezy focused more on his album and dropped one of the highest selling albums of 2011.

The Losers of 2011
1.Oscar De La Hoya
(For admitting that was him that was dressing in drag)

2.Hulk Hogan
(for allowing his ex wife to take almost all his shit)

3.JoJo Simmons
(For being JoJo simmons)

4.Lebron James
(Pissed off the state of Ohio to where he’s no longer welcomed to play with 2 other all stars in Miami and STILL failed at the finals)

5.Kris Humphries

(for wifing that smut Kim Kardasihan and losing his 2.4 million dollar ring)

6.Kobe Bryant
(Getting swept out of the playoffs and now bout to lose a chunk of his bread to his wife)

7.Victor Ortiz

(for being a bitch)

8.Hermaine Caine
(For being a Uncle Tom)

9.Soulja Boy
(for being a cokehead and in debt)

10.Alexander O Neal
(for his performance at the BET Awards)

Vic’s Top 20 songs of the year
2.Kendrick Lamar-Hi Power
3.Lupe Fiasco-Word I never Said
4.Raekwon-Butter Knives
5.Common and Nas-Ghetto Dreams
6.JayZ and Kanye West-Otis
7.Young Jeezy-Shake Life
8.Big Krit-The Vent
9.DJ Quik and Suga Free-Nobody
10.J-Cole-Lost Ones
11.Slick Rick and DJ Premier new joint
12.Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne-Ballin
13.The Game-Ricky
15.Meek Mill and Rick Ross-Im a Boss
16.Drake You Must have Forgot(Track dedicated to his moms)
17.Technine and Andre 3000-Carter 4 Interlude
18.Fabolous-Me and You
19.DJ Khalid, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and Drake-Im On One
20.Common- Sweet

Top Videos of the year:

Nas- Nasty
(Nas took it back to the hood with this one!

Tyler the Creator- Yonkers
(This is one weird ass dude, But what I like about this video is how original and at times disturbing it is. Even though Im not big on him dissing Jesus or none of that, The video is better than alot of the same cliche club, beach party, videos that are shot today)

Brotha Lynch Hung-The Coathanga

Possibly one of the darkest videos made in years. This video puts you in the demented mind of Brotha Lynch. A true horror mini movie

Raekwon-Butter Knives

Rae took it back to 93 here!


Common is coming for all comers on this track!

The video is pretty simple but its very fun to watch. Especially the facial expressions here by Jay lol

Coons of 2011:
Hermaine Caine

Mista Fab(For actually defending V Nasty and Kreyshawn saying the N Word)

Terence Howard(For allowing his white wife to call him a nigger and a monkey)

Top 10 WACKEST RAPPERS of 2011
1.Lil B
2.V Nasty
3.French Montana
5.Justin Beiber
6.Kid Cudi
7.Soulja Boy
8.Gun Play(From Maybach Music)
9.Lil Wayne(Dude was terrible in 2011)
10.Machine Gun Kelly

Thats a review of 2011! Happy New Year to all yall!

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4 Responses to 2011 In review

  1. dmccrea says:

    dope list all of them. Honorable mentions for album by the roots “undun”

  2. Brandon says:

    Awesome lists but how in the world is tyga and machine gun Kelly wack?

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