Ludacris 1.21 Giggawatts Review

Ludacris 1.21 Gigawatts review

It seems that whenever a rapper crosses into the mainstream and further into hollywood that he or she loses their connection to their listeners. Its happened to many and it eventually happened to Ludacris. It seemed that despite dropping 2 successful albums recently and becoming a commodity in Hollywood that Ludacris was looked upon as a mainstream pop rapper that collabs with Justin Beiber and Enrique Iglesias It also doesn’t help that his last album The Battle of the sexes was an album geared to the women demographic and while it seemed that it earned Luda past gold status. It seemed that the emcee that dropped tracks such as Get Back, Stomp, Rollout, and Move Bitch was long gone.

Even his peers thought Luda caught so much of the acting bug that his hunger was lost and started to take shots at him(Drake and latest sensation Big Sean). But then out of nowhere Ludacris released this mixtape titled 1.21 Gigawatts which is his best material in years and caused up a fire storm of controversy. Mainly with the releasing tracks History Lesson and Bada Boom firing back at Drake and Big Sean respectfully like a OG making youngsters respect his elders. Ludacris not only refutes claims of Drake and Big Sean’s credit for starting the Supa Dupa Flow with History Lesson by schooling them on how far the style go back but he gives them a warning shot as well as a lyrical spanking on Bada Boom.

Ludacris seemingly to have a shitlist of rappers to go through and the next to get blasted was Field Mob(Mainly Smoke) on the Meek Mill featured Say it to My Face. Meek Mill shows on this track that he has potential to break out as the next big star in hip hop within a year and the right push but its Ludacris that shines on this hard-hitting track. The barbs Ludacris threw on this tracks were hard-hitting, vicious and at times below the belt(All your records are my theme songs/Why? Because Im still shopping off your ringtone). Luda isn’t pulling no punches and havent went this hard in years.

The rest of the material on this mixtape surprisingly measures up to the hype. One of my favorite tracks on 1.21 Gigawatts is Can You Buy That which samples the hilarious dialogue from the Mack and mainly talks about what he can buy with his paper. I mean sure the subject manner is played to death but Luda made this track interesting with his killer flow and his hilarious punchlines.

The Guest appearances aside from Meek Mill on here are kept to a minimum and they actually bring the mixtape down a little bit. Im not a big fan of Gucci or Waka Flocka so I could have done without Flexin and Shake Fries. Rick Ross made a decent cameo on Do Something Strange but he gets outshined badly by Ludacris as he clowns on Goldiggers thats trying to use him for his money. The tape slows down momentum towards the end with two very nice cuts produced by Rookie of the Year Big K.R.I.T. K.R.I.T gives On Fire and What U Smoking that classic laid back southern swang that was popular in the late 90s.

1.21 should serve as a reminder to the Rap Game that Ludacris isn’t going anywhere and that anybody thats gonna take shots at him should expect a respond. This mixtape may go down as one of the best to have come out this year. Lets hope Luda can continue the momentum and bring that same type of hunger for his up and coming album.

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2 Responses to Ludacris 1.21 Giggawatts Review

  1. Prateek says:

    Luda goes hard…a legend!!
    This is bomb…ludavesal gon be a nuclear explosion!!
    Def best mixtape of 2011!

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