Is it over for Soulja Boy?

When Soulja Boy first debuted his nationwide hit song Crank Dat, It made him an over night sensation. The dance was catchy as hell, the course was simple enough for the people to comprehend and the beat was hot enough to bang out in clubs. Soulja Boy’s quick rise to fame in hip hop angered many among the hip hop world and its artists alike due to the song’s simplicity and Soulja’s lack of lyrical indepth.

One of the first artists to share his displeasement with Soulja Boy was hip hop legend Ice T who boldly told Soulja Boy to eat a dick and that he’s single handily responsible for destroying hip hop.

Ice T dissing Soulja Boy

Ice T wasn’t the only one. Artists such as GZA, Charles Hamilton, Snoop Dogg(before he bowed out) and others among the hip hop community was disgusted by how Soulja Boy’s music getting so much recognition and play over their craft. But despite all of that, Soulja’s first album went platinum and he proceeded to respond back at his critics(mainly Ice T) in a disrespectful manner which rubbed many the wrong way but got many laughs as well.

Dance Rapper or Street Rapper?
Soulja started doing tours and making alot of money. Artists started respecting him for hustle(notice not his music) and how he became an internet phenomenon without the cosign of a major. Soulja would spend the remainder of 2007 cracking out hits from his album.

Within the next year or two the market started to change once again. The Ringtone rappers along with groups who came with a hit in 2006 or 2007 were MIA by 2008. Soulja Boy tried to recreate the success of Crank Dat with the very horrendous Bird Walk which fell flat on his face. He found his luck by releasing Kiss me on The Phone as his second single which was good enough to please his female fans but he also knew he had to find a way to grab the male demographic.

Soulja already knew he turned off alot of “hip hop heads” with his disrespectful remarks towards GZA, Ice T, and others. He also realized that he couldn’t depend on a fickle female market so he tried to release more harder music with a Trap sound influence. Songs such as Pretty Boy Swag and Turn My Swag on were perfect examples of his new sound and it remained as two of Soulja’s biggest hits next to Crank Dat. Despite the hate from “Old heads” Soulja still was getting money and ALOT of it

An Artist Confused
It seemed that throughout Soulja Boy’s career he hopped or copy on every hot or latest trend in rap. First he seen how Wayne and Birdman started to really blow up so he started getting ridiculous tattoos. He seen how Gucci Mane’s, OJ Da Juiceman and others were gaining momentum with the heavy trap talk in their music so he copied their style by rapping about shooting people, slanging dope and fucking hoes.

Swag Daddy

He seen how Lil B’s movement started to take off so he started copying his flow and wanted to do his own cooking dance. Now he sees the hipster movement taking off and he all of a sudden wants to skate board and wear skinny jeans. It seem like he’s trying to latch on to anything to stay hot, Even went as far as to copy the late Tupac Shakur.

Lost in the Crossroads

Soulja’s career at this point may have seen its better days. His last album DeAndre’s Way did horribly, He turned away alot of his old fans by transforming into this tattooed riddled, lean sipping, skate boarding, skinny jeans wearing phony who’s ego too may have costed him in the long run.

When news got out that Soulja Boy was on the verge of eviction and looked to be hurting for cash by suing his lawyer, It’s safe to easily say that its starting to crumble for the kid. He not only possibly like many before him put himself in debt(Buying ridiculous jewelry, cars, X-box’s and making it rain in clubs) but also by not putting out any material that people could actually respect him for.

Drake as soft as he is knows his lane and he gets respect for it. Drake knows the type of audience he’s making music for and not trying to cross that lane. Even his former Friend Bow Wow understood this until he reached 19 which lead to have him a longer career.

Soulja Boy on the other hand fell out of his lane by pulling a Hammer and going out of his element thus losing his main base as well as alot of his bread if these rumors that are speculated end up true.

This goes to show you that Microwave music doesn’t have any longevity in this game. Theres a reason why “old heads” such as JayZ, Nas, Eminem, and others are still in the same while these young heads cooking up Microwave music end up disappearing within a year a two. You come in as a gimmick as Soulja did, You leave and be always remembered as a One trick pony.

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4 Responses to Is it over for Soulja Boy?

  1. I have to refute the thing you said about Soulja Boy’s career failure in comparison to Eminem. Eminem has a ghostwriter named Luis Resto – check his album credits for “I’m Not Afraid”. Eminem has a lot of money made off of the success of 50 cent. Remember, Eminem started making major money after he signed 50 Cent.

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