Redman Muddy Waters Review

Ever since his hella tight debut, Redman has been classified as one of the dopest underrated emcees in the Rap Game. Even though subject manner wise dude is pretty much limited because he rhymes about nothing but Blunts, Bitches, Weed, and being in the hood, You cant help but to at least get a kick out of it because somehow Redman finds ways to make his redundant subject manner more entertaining and funnier than the previous album.

His 3rd album titled Muddy Waters may go down as Redman’s 2nd best effort and one of the tightest LPs to drop back in 1996. Alot of Rappers in this game love to label themselves shit, Whenever it be a Baller, Playa, Thug, Big Willie, Gangsta, The list goes on and none of those adjectives describe Redman’s style because he doesn’t claim to be either of the following, Dude is just being himself on the mic and he sounds like he’s having fun when he’s rapping. The album’s dopest tracks consist of Rock The Spot which has a nice sample of Biggie’s Unbelievable track, Pick it Up, and the hella dope Rick James Mary Jane sampled Smoked Buddah where Red professes his love for the green stuff. Production wise, It’s a huge step up from his debut and although its less funkier, it’s still raw on songs such as the albums singles Keep Keepin On which features blazing performances from Red and K-solo, Rollin, and Whatever man who is a cool song for you to blaze too.

Muddy Water’s best track on the album in my opinion is Soopaman Lover Prt III which is a hilarious continuation of the series where Redman is basically playing the ghetto superman and it shows that Redman is one of the best slept on story tellers in the Rap Game. He even proceeds to diss former EPMD member Parrish Smith as well.

Although the album doesn’t have any really awful tracks, The amount of skits kinda of interfere with the album’s flow and the track featuring Method Man isn’t as tight as I expected it to be. Aside from the fact that Redman isn’t hitting you off with nothing revolutionary or hitting you with something thats Gangsta, The bottom line is Red is the same ol Red and despite that he isn’t saying anything new this time around. He’s still hitting you with that crazy lyricism that we known to expect from him, Fans of Dope Hip Hop music should pick this up and add it to their collection.

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2 Responses to Redman Muddy Waters Review

  1. Ozie says:

    I rememer 1996 very well it was a hell of a year and Red’s album was right up there with the best that year; Ghostface Killa, Reasonable Doubt, Mobb Deep, Fugees, Mackavelli, Dr. Octagon, ATLiens all came out that year. Makes you kind of depressed when you compare it to the hip hop that has come out the past few years. Red and K-Solo did wreck that Mantronix beat though, not quite as good as Just-Ice in the original but some dope shyt nonetheless.

    • escobar300 says:

      That 1996 4th quarter was no joke. Red, Makaveli, Snoop’s Dogg father, Jeru Da Damaja’s Wrath of the Math, Red’s Muddy Waters, Ghostface’s Ironman, Lil Kim’s Hardcore all dropped around that time period

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