R.I.P. Heavy D

With the Boxing world grieving over the loss of smoking Joe Fraizer, The Hip Hop world would once again experience another shot to the heart. This one being the shocking passing of Heavy D. Considering that Heavy tore down the house on his last performance at the HIp Hop Awards his passing came rather shocking and in many cases heartbreaking because Heavy was a real cool dude that has done alot for the rap game.

Never to involve himself in no petty beefs or put himself in alot of drama. Heavy D was a real humble guy with 4 platinum albums to his credit and respect from among all of his peers even Tupac and Biggie. Heavy has rocked with the best of them.

Alot of people have shown Heavy D his proper respect for what he did for the rap game in the 90s and you can also peep the tribute songs at the bottom as well. R.I.P. big homie!


Russell Simmons: @UncleRUSH: I am deeply saddened by the sudden loss of Heavy D. A long time friend and a beautiful person.

Raekwon: @Raekwon: NO, don’t tell me thats true bout heavy d! We was just bout to link up! My condolences goes to him and his family! R.I.P HEV!

May GOD embrace the soul of Heavy D and Bless his family,” LL Cool J tweeted. “I respected you Heavy and I always will.”

My heart is broken,” Diddy tweeted. “Pls pray for my man Heavy D. and his family. Heavy D. is the person who gave me my 1st chance in the music industry. He got me my internship at Uptown. He believed when no one else did.”

“Dwight ‘Heavy D.’ Myers was not only a great talent but a good friend & good person,” Bow Legged Lou of Full Force told AllHipHop.com. “My condolences goes out to his great parents. I texted Dwight on Friday to tell him that I spotted the ‘Overweight Lover’ in the house right on the movie screen in Eddie Murphy’s movie ‘Tower Heist.’ Rest in Peace Hev. You’ll never be forgotten.”

“Heavy D. took me to my first big ‘Hollywood’ bbq in NYC. He picked me up in a BMW that cost more than my house and schooled my lil ass,” Marlon Wayans said, reminiscing.

Busta Rhymes You Aint Gotta Wait Till Im Gone

DJ Quik Mr Big Stuff

Bun B speaks on Heavy D

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