Vic’s Top 5 of the week

I haven’t done this for a while. But nevertheless being that I speak alot and write alot about what goes on in the hip hop culture. I thought I might share with what I have in the rotation at the moment to let the masses know who I’m flowing with. So here goes:

Two Chainz- Tru Realigon

This mixtape here really surprised me. Even if you can get past the moist nickname(Titty boy) and recognize that this dude has some aptitude! He renamed himself (Two Chainz) and dropped a banger. This is good crash your whip music right here!

Theres alot of people who may say Young Jeezy’s career is finished. Thug Motivation 103 seem to never find a release date and many felt Rick Ross done ran Jeezy out of the game. Jeezy’s artistic direction seemed to be going elsewhere around the point where he dropped The Last Laugh. Many thought he was done.

But then in late May, The Snowman made his grand return and dropped a straight up banger! This is the Jeezy we know and love from back in 05-06!

Ricky Rozzay did a smart move in recruiting this straight spitter into his Maybach Music camp. I never heard much of dude until I heart Tupac Is Back and I’m a Boss. I’m a Boss is what made me a fan of this dude and Dreamchasers definitely made me wanna check his album. He may put Philly back on the map!

North Carolina biasness aside, I’m a fan of J.Cole because he’s a straight spitter. The topics he bring to the table are relatable and he proved with this album that he can trade bars with his peers. This was a solid debut for the kid but I’m hoping they can give him some harder production this time around. DJ Premier where you at?!

Can you believe that its been 13 years since this came out?! Whats good about X’s debut is that it still stands out and sounds fresh today. You can feel X’s pain through this record. It was very powerful and shifted hip hop back to the roots of the street when everybody just wanted to pop champagne and have fun.

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