Brotha Lynch Hung: The Innovator of Horrorcore music

Even though Kevin Daniel Mann have been rapping for almost 20 years, There are many people who still don’t know who Brotha Lynch Hung is. Well before Eminem rapped about killing women and putting in his trunk. Before DMX rapped about fucking corpses, There was Brotha Lynch Hung who started rapping about that in the first place.

My introduction to Lynch’s music came from when I first heard his song on the I’m Bout it Soundtrack titled Situations on Dirty. They even played the song during the scene where P’s brother was doing Cocaine. I was thinking cotdamn this dude is incredible! He straight rode and ripped this track to shreds. It was straight gangsta!

Season of the Siccness

My curiosity for Lynch’s music started to continue and I wanted to hear more of this cat. I asked my friend about Brotha Lynch and he told me that his best album was Season of the Siccness. So I checked out his album and it has to be one of the most disgusting and gruesome albums I’ve ever heard in my life.

Songs such as Siccness, Return of the Baby Killer, Welcome 2 Your Death and Rest in Piss along with the rest of the album had songs that talked about Murder, Rape, Canibalism, Gangbanging and at times Satanism. Season of the Sicc introduced people to Lynch’s sick and twisted mind but at the same time his talent was undeniable.


Loaded was the next Brotha Lynch album I copped and it wasn’t as dark as Season of the Sicc but his maniacal content was still there as he claimed that he was the “type of nigga that would leave a horses head in your bed”

The album due to the success of Season of the Siccness seemed to have had a bigger budget as he was rapping with the likes of West Coast legends such E-40, Ice T, and Kokane but its Lynch whose undeniable talent is the main attraction on this album. What I like about the album is how he divided it into the first half being dark and the other half being mostly songs you can get high too. It fit the title with perfection:

Fallout with Cedric Singleton and Black Market

Despite the surprisingly success of his previous 2 albums on the Independent scales. Lynch went through what many artists have went through and thats issues with record label. It seems that Singleton was jerking Lynch out of his cut from the sales and not paying him.

Lynch would be involved in long tussle to get away from his label but the problem was that Black Market owned alot of Lynch’s music and they would put out albums using his name:

Dubcnn: I know you’ve told this story many times before, but how did the fallout with Black Market Records come about?

Well, I already knew somebody ain’t got the paperwork tucked away right, that it was something funny. I tried to help the man, I was like “Just pay my rent, give me a couple hundred extra dollars to help me through until the company gets big, and do your thang!” But then, when the record started
selling, you know how it go, once you start getting money in your bank you don’t wanna give it away! So once it gets in there you don’t want to do it, I guess that’s how he felt. So he didn’t wanna pay out, I went to all the artists trying to get them rowdy with me cause they was getting done the
same. Nobody really wanted to roll with me so I did it myself!

Dubcnn: What happened to the Locc 2 Da Brain album that you were talking about on Settripping Bloccstyle?

Locc 2 Da Brain, after I left Black Market, basically they tried to roll with the name and put different characters under there, so it fell apart. So it never happened.

Dubcnn: So you never recorded the album?

I mean we had like 30 songs, all separated through the members that was on Locc 2 Da Brain. I don’t know if they’re going to use them, I’ma use mine eventually! But it ain’t going to be Locc 2 Da Brain, it’s just a bunch of stuff that went down with Black Market, I guess he wanted to hold on to
stuff until everything’s all the way completely settled

It also doesn’t help the fact that hip hop was changing at the time and Lynch’s style of rap wouldn’t have been as acceptable during that time period when people wanted to do nothing but party and pop champagne. Even though he would drop albums here and there, It’s clear that the label problems clouded his vision and they weren’t as great.

Dinner and a Movie and the Coatstrangla

After finally getting his deal with Black Music finalized. Lynch went ahead and signed with Techn9ne’s label titled Strange Records. Tech9ne himself was regarded as a very bizarre maniacal rapper so it would prove to be a perfect move for Lynch.

Dinner and a Movie would be the first of the 3 albums that Lynch would claim to be a horror movie trilogy on wax. It would not only mark the return of Lynch going back to his old rip gut cannibalism rap style. Lynch ont his album along with Coatstrangla sounds hungrier(literally) and may have dropped albums that have surpassed Season of the Sicc and Loaded.

What is also impressive is the videos that he shot himself for the songs that go off like mini movies. You may not find these videos on BET or MTV:



We may not see or hear Brotha Lynch Hung’s music played or videos aired on MTV or BET due to his content. But long as he keeps putting out stellar music like these past two albums and for sure up and coming album. He should have lengthy career. Fans of horrorcore should definitely give this guy’s music a listen.

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  2. Cedric Singleton says:

    Lies, he got paid hundreds of thousands

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