Is JayZ AFRAID of Lil Wayne?

It seemed that ever since the infamous on wax battle with Nas in 2001 that the Jigga man has been more reluctant to engage in full verbal combat. Its like I said a long time ago, JayZ before his battle with Nas was said to be untouchable. He had already crushed Mase, Mobb Deep, Meeno, and even took times to throw shots at little cats such as Jayo Felony, Jaz-O, Major Figgaz and at 50 Cent before he really blew up.

After the Nas dropped Ether in 2001, Jay had decided to stop engaging in full bred battles and use the sneak attack method that he’s been doing for the past 10 years. Rappers such as 50 Cent, Game, Beanie Sigel, Jaz-O, Joe Budden, DMX(Off wax) and many others have takened shots at JayZ, Challenging his manhood, disrespecting his credibility and his woman but Jay felt he was too big to respond to these guys and proceeded to take a jab here and there subliminally but nothing full throttle. But the latest rapper to throw shots at the jiggaman and may do damage to him is Lil Wayne.

For those who don’t know, The jabs thrown back and forth between Lil Wayne and JayZ go back to 2006-2007 starting with Lil Wayne feeling himself a little bit and disrespecting JayZ in an interview claiming that he was now better than Jay and that he would shit in his house if he felt like it.

JayZ responded on T.I’s 2007 track titled Watch What You Say where Jay addresses the issue and claims that Wayne is on that stuff to think he can go at him and that his DNA is in Wayne’s music:

The beef seemed to have died down for a while and been squashed as Jay would make a appearance on Wayne’s Carter 3 album on the track Dear Carter which it seems that he had passed the torch to Wayne:

The two would go on and do songs together and even would do shows together most notably at JayZ’s Blueprint 3 tour. Things seemed to be buddy buddy for a while between the two:

But that didn’t stop Birdman from taking swipes at JayZ whenever he could. If it isn’t claiming that Wayne makes more money or even then better rapper. Birdman knew deep inside that Wayne needed this battle to take him to that next level and whats interesting is that this is the same position Jay was in during his battle with Nas:

Birdman disses JayZ

Birdman disses JayZ part II

The Battle resurfaces
When Jay got word of Birdman constantly trying to bait him, He proceeded to do what he does best and thats throw a shot at him and Wayne on the first single for his and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne album. This was a perfect time to make people talk and it did just that:

The Watch the Throne album would do monster first week numbers, Selling close to gold its first week and remaining as one of the highest selling albums of the past two years. Wayne decided to take the disrespect to a next level and respond to Jay on the track I’m Good off his Carter 4 album. From the sound of this interview, Wayne seems to be ready and set for the battle:

Wayne interview

Lil Wayne-Its Good(JayZ Diss)

First week surprise
JayZ made the mistake of being too cocky(Just like he did with Nas) and acting like he was too good for a full battle. He allowed Wayne to become too big and the Carter 4 first week sales showed a whooping 950k off gate eclipsing Watch The Throne and becoming the biggest selling album of the year at this point. Young Money President Mack Maine even took the time to rub it in Jay’s face on twitter:

An old head once said…..”Men lie women lie numbers don’t” C4 milli in da first week

Is JayZ possibly afraid of battling Lil Wayne?
Going back to the main topic of this page, I believe Jay feels that he has alot to lose when it comes to really battling Lil Wayne at this point. He can’t use the “he doesn’t sell records” cop-out because Wayne outsold him, He can’t use the “he isn’t big enough” because for better or worse, Wayne has a huge following and he sure can’t use the he doesn’t have as much money because Wayne and Birdman got money too. His stans have already gave him many excuses for backing out of many battles in the past but this is one where he needs to take on because Wayne is considered either his equal or bigger than him.

You can’t have one rapper claiming the G.O.A.T and another claiming he’s the best alive and they don’t never want to battle. The climate seems to be ready for another high publicized battle considering like 2001 its been a mediocre year for hip hop. Wayne and Jay engaging in a full fledge battle would bring excitement back in a politically correct currently boring rap game but like Pac-Man and Mayweather, We can only assume and wish at this moment.

Does JayZ have anything left?

Like an established and well set boxer, It seemed that Jay with his high publicized marriage(and now pregnancy) with Beyonce, business deals, aalong with kicking with his new-found friends Bill Gates, Coldplay, Gwyneth Paltrow is a cause of Jay losing his hunger and competitive spirit.

He already has enough internet groupies and mainstream leeches boosting his ego and telling him he’s the G.O.A.T. neverminding the fact that his last real battle was a embarrassment to Nas. Its gonna take someone like Wayne who wants those stripes and respect to bring JayZ back into reality that he can’t make that claim until he shows and proves once again why he deserves that title as the greatest.

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