How Ric Flair influenced your favorite rapper

To quote Kurt Angle.. Its DAMN True.. A lot of you rappers have nobody but Nature Boy Ric Flair to thank for your style. Ric Flair was a true innovator with his charisma, his style of dressing and his swagger. His influence on Hip Hop is heavily overlooked. Lets look at the evidence shall we?
Ric Flair was one of the first wrestlers to come out and really flaunt his flamboyant lifestyle. He would always roll in the limos, airplanes, He would have the baddest bitches with him and would always rock the flyest robes to the ring costing 14 grand a pop! Something that alot of rappers love to take pride in doing and thats flaunting their flamboyant lifestyles. You rappers have Ric Flair to thank for that:

Flairs entrance in Starcade^^^^

Ric Flair stunting on niggaz and showing them how to style and profile

Ric Flair was the first Wrestler to have his own set(The 4 horsemen) They had their own gang sign(The 4 fingers) and they would literally fuck your ass up, The Horsemen were straight legends because they all were deadly in their own way and they instilled fear in alot of wrestlers back in their day.

^^^^^^Magnum T.A. talking greasy and catching a beat down for it

And like many cats that have mottos such as “Lets Get it!” Flair even had his own quotes:”To be the Man, You Gotta beat the man” and my personal favorite one:Diamonds are Forever and so is Ric Flair. The man was so charismatic on the mic and has to be one of the best when it comes to cutting awesome promos:

Flair didn’t just talk a good game, He WAS the game and he would let you know in a minute. Everything that Flair boasted about, He made it believable and it was.. He was the Big Daddy Kane of Wrestling at that period. He was very skillful, intelligent and strategic wrestler. It really made alot of haters envy Flair because he was as good as he bragged about. Flair knew what made his opponents tick and thats what made him successful. If it isn’t winning the Royal Rumble in 1992 beating 29 other guys(Including the Hulkster)

^^^^^Flair celebrating the Rumble Win

So all you rappers flaunting your cars, jewelry, drinking cristial, and posing in the flyest shit have nobody but Ric Flair to thank for being an innovator and allowing you to style and profile while looking Custom Made:

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