Vic’s favorite new emcees.

whenever there is talk of some new acts in the circus we call hip hop today. Its been full of nothing but bozos, jokers, untalented rappers who got on because they had a hot ring tone or a catchy dance song, The list goes on and I can call out a lot of these wack dudes who are just embarrassing hip hop but I’m gonna do that for another time.

Bored with the mainstream and the overhyped mockeries who get unneccessary phrase(The Lil B’s and Kreyshawns of the world) I decided to one day go under ground and see what some of the new blood that get alot of internet love but no acknowledgement. When I finally discovered these 4 emcees, They REALLY blew my mind away! Not only with their content but also how versatile the music can be and it doesn’t come across as forced or corny.

Enter Freddie Gibbs.

I’m not gonna sit there and act like I was the biggest Freddie Gibbs fan alive like many people. The truth of the matter is that I havent heard of Gibbs until he said some truthful and what could have been “blackmailing” statements about the rap game today and the frauds who are in charge of it:

Gibbs, who released his ‘Str8 Killa, No Filla’ mixtape earlier this week, recently took to his Twitter page to share with his followers his feelings regarding overzealous DJs. “Much love to all the real DJs in the game. To all the ones that be tryin to rap and be diddy eat a dick.” he wrote. When questioned about the posting, the rapper revealed which record spinner he was referring to.“Specifically I was talking about DJ Khaled, if people wanna know,” Gibbs said. “I don’t like what he’s doing rapping on records and shit like that, but you know, to each his own. I’m not taking away nothing that he did in the game or the success that he’s had, ’cause he’s done his thing and made bread, but I just think that so many niggas are making a mockery of this rap game right now.”

Acting as the poster boy for credible emcees, Gibbs feels offended by wannabe rappers abusing his livelihood. “It’s like, real MCs doing they thang, putting this real shit down, real lyrics, and can’t get breathing room ’cause you got fuck shit like that. I think that shit is garbage. I don’t like what that shit stand for.”

Besides his ill feelings towards DJ Khaled’s rhymes, the rapper also revealed his sentiments regarding ‘B.M.F.’ spitter Rick Ross. “That dude makes good records, but I just can’t support no bold-faced lying on records,” Gibbs said. “I guess he’s entertaining people. It’s like a movie, like ‘Scarface.’ He can have that fake lane. I’ll stay in the real lane. We got a non-fiction lane of rap, that’s how I’m looking at it now. So you got that fiction lane over there where they’re doing all them. I do the non-fiction, the autobiography, the real shit.”

The first thought was FINALLY someone with the balls to really speak how they feel because I for one is sick of every rapper including many of my favorites playing politically correct and cosigning a lot of this garbage. But the question to me is Gibbs really talented? Because you have to be really talented to be abrasive enough to takes at many of the mainstream. Soon as I heard the Miseducation of Freddie Gibbs, He officially made me a fan:

Check out Freddie’s latest album with Statik Selectah titled Lord Giveth Lord Taketh Away. Real dope album!

2.Kendrick Lamar

It took me a little while to adjust to Kendrick Lamar. When I first heard some of his freestyles, I wasn’t really impressed but then when I heard the song ignorance is Bliss and he shot the mini video for it. I was like “Wow this cat is saying something!

Shortly after that, He dropped the video for the song Hi Powered where he’s paying homage to black revolutionaries and going the route reminiscing of Tupac and early Ice Cube

(Very powerful message!)

But what made Kendrick an official favorite of mine isnt not only because of the songs of his stellar Section 80 album but his track with the Game on his Red Album titled City of Angels where he basically murdered Game on his own track!

Kendrick has potential to resurrect the West. He knows how to convey his message of positivity to a level where alot of the young generation who havent heard no balance would embrace his sound and kicked enough of that powerful shit to make the older heads appreciate him. Snoop Dre, and Game done crowned him as the new King of the West so lets hope he can carry the torch and continue to usher out classics!

J Cole

Being a fellow Carolina Brethren that could actually spit, Dude already had my support from the get go. He has treated rap like a sport and has improved within every mixtape he has dropped for the past two years. J Cole raps about the stuff regular people can relate too and Jay need to stop bullshitting and drop his album because if Drake can blow, So can he!

Lost Ones(Amazing song!)

Return of Simba

In the Morning

Honorable mentions
Big Krit
Meek Mill
Rustee Juxx

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