Vic’s Joints of the week.

This is a new trend that I’m gonna start doing EVERY sunday for you hip hop heads out there. Every Sunday I’m gonna post my top 5 bangers of the week. These songs here I have on the personal rotation. I’m gonna also gonna have the paypal account open so incase you want to purchase one of my mixtapes or albums then I can mail them off. So let’s get to it!

1.Nas You Dont Know Me

One of my main motivations of doing this in the first place. Cotdamn Nas why is it your UNRELEASED material is always hotter than your released material? This is Nas at his finest right here and still proves that he’s one of the best rappers alive today

2.The Game-Ricky

Bi Polar actions and beefs aside. Theres no denying the Game has talent. He can really rap and he’s done a tremendous job at improving his wordplay. This track here is cinematic at its finest. From the Boyz in the Hood samples, Game’s aggressive content taking it back to the old Gangsta rap days and sick production carrying Game’s fiery raps. This is a candidate for track of the year. BUY THE R.E.D. Album

3. Meek Millz featuring Beanie Sigel-This is How We Do it

Meek Millz is one of the nicest rookies to come out in the game right now. As much shit as I talk about Ross being a former C.O., I got to give him credit for having that eye for recruiting potential. Millz have the potential to shine light in Philly and its also great to hear from Beanie Sigel. Beanie Mac has always been underrated.

4.Juicy J featuring Billy Wes-Shine

This track is some straight up super-duper fly ish here! Three 6 Mafia always knew how to make that good ride out music. Juicy’s mixtape Rubbaband Business is worth a download and Lex Luger still has the hardest beats in the game right now.

5.Wu Tang and D-Block-Wu Block

New York Hip Hop been disappointing me lately. From many jumping on the south bandwagon(Maino, Fabolous, Fat Joe) to many hopping on the Lex Luger bandwagon(Dipset) and the results of it is NY continuing to play follower instead of leader.

Well fans craving that raw New York Sound will definitely love this track! Rza is back to his gritty style and seems to have gotten off the guitars and you know the Wu and the Lox are gonna lay down as they rip this track to pieces.

Top 5 coming up next sunday!

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