Notorious BIG rates his favorite rappers on a 1-10

There was a time where artists weren’t afraid of speaking their minds or how they truly felt about another persons music. Its not so today because theres alot of wack rappers that are getting cosigned left and right because another artist is afraid of being looked upon as a “hater”. Well before Hip Hop became so politically correct. The game around the mid 90s was very unapologetic, the rules were in tact and you were able to speak your mind without worrying about being blackballed.

Hence this classic interview from the late Notorious B.I.G. Biggie did this interview a year before he died and it pissed alot alot of people(Mainly E-40 who had Biggie set up and checked out in Cali) But you have to give Biggie his respect for speaking his mind about who he really felt was wack and who he felt was dope. Enjoy the article!

This was a question answer session Biggie did with the audience askin’
questions. It was in a free magazine called Peace! This is how he rated
the rappers asked.

Redman: The new Redman!?! Seven. I can’t diss him cuase I know he got
skills. He get busy on the lyrics but I can’t feel his new shit, his new
cosmic crazy shit. I’m used to the clean cut blowout fly nigga. When I met
the nigga he was a fly nigga, you know what I’m sayin’, now he on some
different shit I really don’t like when a rapper come out and they blow
up the way they are and they come out again on some changed up shit. To
me, that’s like getting some good coke from poppy and then getting some
money and then be like,’fuck that! I’m getting some more 45ths, some brown
shit and then bag that up.’ Why would you change your plan? That’s what he
did to me.

E-40: No rating! Zero! I don’t fuck with duke at all. At all.

Too $hort: Ten. That’s my dog right there. I love that nigga. That’s my
man. The calibre of shit he got. Cocktails shit, I ain’t got to see that
shit yet. I know that shit was hot! I was with him in Atlanta and we were
just kickin’ it and shit. That’s my dog. I love that man.

Spice 1: Zero. I don’t like that guy at all.

Craig Mack: I don’t really like him too much either, dog. I can’t give him
a zero though ’cause he got some hot shit but like five…four, since he
on some different shit, some shit I can’t relate to. I’m from the hood, he
from the suburbs so it’s completely different shit. I don’t really like
the music too much. I like the beats but that (scats) it’s not rhymes for
me, it’s just some prety kid shit.

Eiht: I like Eiht’s shit. I give Eiht like an eight. He got some hard
shit, some real shit.

DJ Quick: I like the shit on the soundtrack. That’s shit is hot. I give
him a seven…six.

Snoop Doggy Dogg: Snoopy??? I like Snoop. I give him like an eight. I like
his shit.

He sits and reflects on what we have asked and offers, “I’m into fly pimp,
straight flat shit. I don’t like no nigga that I have to decipher but some
shit that I don dicipher I give a ten…Nas, I give Jeru a ten, I give

(Someone shouts out KRS-One.)

KRS-One: KRS-One?? Naahhh…I don’t like KRS no more ’cause he just think
he’s too dope. He let his ego take over his shit and that’s what brings
him down. When he was like that (shouts “Blow it to yourself”), when he was
like that, then he was a ten but now, ‘I am Hip Hop’!!! Eat a dick nigga.
Eat a muthaphukkin dick!

Guru: Premier??? Umm…who else I give a ten too? I like Keith. Keith’s
shit is hot.

Outkast: I like them too…six…seven.

Big Mike: Six…Seven

Scarface: Seven…eight. He got some hard shit. Face got some hard shit.

R.A. The Rugged One: The white boy??!! The one that I did the jam with???
That’s who you talkin’ about? Two…might be a three, I did the song, they
paid me a lot of money, that’s why I did it. The beat was knockin’.

Dr.Dre & Ed Lover: Those are my boys. I just like them niggas, know what
I’m sayin’. You don’t rate niggas. I just like them niggas. They just friends.

Cypress Hill: I used to like them. The first, shit, that first “How i can
just kill a man” joint, I was liking that but that new age smoke out
shit…fuck it!

New Kingdom: Who? Never heard of them.

Da Brat: I like Da Brat. I like her ****. I give her a nice six. She ain’t
the dopest female MC but I like her single. I like how she comin’.

The topic of females MC’s arrives and Biggie Speaks. “The dopest female MC
that has a record deal that’s out right now is Rage, but my Mc that’s
coming out,

Little Kim, is the dopest female MC that’s coming out ever. Ever.
She gets busy like a nigga that’s why I like her style. Hard shit! She
speaks on suckin dicks…,shooting niggas, real shit that real bitches do
that they are just scared to talk about, just how I came out, on some real

Naughty By Nature: I like all of ’em. I got a relationship with Treach. I
got a relationship with Vinnie and I got a relationship with K, but you
know what I’m sayin’, the music itself it seems that they just wanna make
that one hit. Once they got that one hit everything else don’t count.
That’s why I can’t dig that. I want a nigga that’s gonna be like, ‘Yo, I
heard an album that’s like nine joints I like three, I like maybe the
single, the remix. I don’t want no album like that.

Coolio: I like that new joint, “Mama I’m In love with a Gangsta”. I like
that joint. I just like them hard niggas, them niggas that just be leveled

Ice Cube: The old one or the new one? Kickiyaya???? It’s not the same
shit. It’s like nigga is changing too much for me and I can’t keep the
love. I respect the nigga because I know back in the day he used to do
his thing so I can’t dis him but the new shit right now is…

The topic of quitting before the game gets up on you is put on the table.

“I quit before it get on me like that dog!! I know my niggas keep it real.
My niggas be like,’Big, you are sleeping. That shit right there ain’t no
Ready to Die type shit’. I take my niggas word. If shit ain’t right, it
ain’t right. I ain’t putting it out. I quit before a nigga say Big was
wack. fuck that!! I produce, get a label, do something. fuck that!

Tupac: Pac get busy. People can’t take nothing from him. On the lyrics he
get busy, straight up. That nigga got some hard shit dog for real, and
it’s like the sad thing about it. When he started working on his new album
he’s got now, Out on Bail, (retitled and released as Me Against The World)
he had so many raw east coast producers and shit. The shit was sounding
real tight ’cause everybody always says Pac had lyrics but his beats was
back. He was up in New York when he was working on Above the Rim shit and
he was working on his album at the same time. I put him on to Mo Bee. I
put him on to L.G. He has Action, Special Ed’s DJ, he had some hard shit.
(HE) went back to the west and just started getting back into that other ****.

Dr. Dre: Beats? Incredible!

The topic of producers arrives and names are fired out for Biggie to rate.

“Who do I think every beat they make is just ridiculous??!!…

Ant Banks: I like Banks. I like that whole shit though. Ant BAnks shit,
the whole Dangerous crew shit.”

Who is a ten producer?

“Ain’t nobody perfect dog. Everybody got their little faults and shit but
the only one I seen that’s been hitting hard with their shit is Premier.

Every joint that he be putting out right now is just ridiculous, from
Jeru’s shit, to the new group he got, the Group Home shit, to the shit he
did with me. The shitis hard, yo! The beats is crazy.”

Sir Mix-a-lot: Nothing! I love his coats. I would love to be in the game
like how that nigga get in the game. I wanna be just as large as those
fools but get busy, cut the bullshit fuck saying…I got millions but
God damn that nigga get on the mic it’s just something terrible dog. I
just wanna get busy on the mic more than anything. The little bitch game
the niggs play with the girls, man! A nigga just throw some bitches in
they shit and they just sit there, like from the “Tootsie Roll” shit to
the “Whoot! There it is!” It’s the same shit. You get trapped up
with these hoes. That shit ain’t got nothing to do with hip hop. Nothing!

The topic of wack lyrics arises and Biggie states:

“I don’t wanna be a nigga paying so much attention to the fuckiing
networking and all that other shit and I’m not paying’ no attention to
these rhymes. That’s what made me get to where I’m at so I gotta make sure
the lyrics is hard.”

K-Dee: “The greatest MC in the world”?? I like that track. He don’t
really be saying nothing to me, you know, like lyrically he don’t be
saying nothing to me. What make it so bad is when they come out with some
shit that’s like half ass and like you wonder like, “I wonder how the
video will be.” And then they got a video with this nigga spinning this
bottle and I’m like OK, what’s gonna happen when the bottle stops and the
bottle is spinning for like three fucking minutes and then it stops and
everybody laughs like ha, and he spins again!!! Who directed this? Cube,
it had to be. It’s just that funny style shit that I can’t fuck with. I
like flat on the table shit, like my shit. They try to stick me for my shit I shot ’em. Period. There’s no helicopter scenes with me talkin to
somebody like , ‘Well, how’s the record doing?’ There’s no shit on there
that you could be like why is that shit in there. That’s how I like the
shit, just regular shit.

Easy-E: (before his untimely death)-I like Easy-E. Easy-E is a real ill
nigga. He’s sharp as a tack on top but rhymin’ even he knows. He took a
group from the hood and just put them on and two million. Bing! He know
how to do that shit. Same thing with Luke and all the rest of them niggas.
Man, I just think they take another turn. I can let you hear some Easy-E
shit on some old NWA shit and niggas would think Easy was nice, you know
what I’m saying, so he know.

MC Breed: He ain’t come out with nothing too wrong for me. I gotta hear
some shit. I know once when I was in L.A. I saw Breed at Fattburger and
that nigga just took me into the room and just got me smoked out. He had
me listening to some ill beats and shit that he work on production too and
I didn’t know that. That’s a plus for MC’s. If you can make your own beats
you got props because producing is better than being an artist.

Warren G: That’s my man. nigga came to Brooklyn, he came to check me. He
just came to hood and shit, pulled up in a little Crysler, jumped out and
Warren G was on the ave. drinking Crazyhorse and shit, you know what I’m
saying”cause I ain’t gonna lie, I ain’t going to his hood, staight up!

Wu-Tang Clan/Method Man: Wu-Tang is hot! I like their shit. I love that
shit. I like their shit because they have a real I don’t give a fuck
attitude. ‘We in this game to blow thefuck up! We don’t give a fuck what
happens. All of us is gonna do our thing and we just gonna do it.’ And
they just did it. You can hear punches, you hear so much shit in that
album you know damn these guys is not giving a fuck. At the beginning of
CREAM, when that shit start!! Voila! Oh my God, this is some rushed shit
but I dig it.

The Roots: The Roots album. The Roots album is hot! On the strength, they
rock the whole album for a whole hour. I was definetly in dibelief. I like
the single, I really did but other people were like, ‘Single was hot but I
wasn’t paying attention to the album at all.’

Bonous Questions:

Did you dis The Roots on the remix for “Flavour in your ear”?

“I stepped to them about that. They heard about it but they knew I said
Gooch (a character on the Gary Coleman, Todd Bridges, Dano Plato series
Different Strokes) so that’s all they cared about. As long as they knew I
wasn’t trying to dis them. It’s over.”

Are you really the crew who will take it to that other level if someone
steps to you?

“For real! For real! We be banging! We be banging! We’re definatly the
crew that just go out of the world. We take it to the extra extra limit. I
mean that shit from the bottom of my fuckiin’ heart. Cold blow your head
off. fuck the rap. fuck Puff, fuck Arista, Clive, BMG!!! I don’t give a
fuck. It’s over!!! Anything happen to me it’s over!! They just throw the
whole shit in the toilet. I don’t give a fuck, we banging now! Everything
is switched over for real man. A nigga ain’t gonna dis me. niggas is not
dissing me, man!!!!

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94 Responses to Notorious BIG rates his favorite rappers on a 1-10

  1. This is Dope,thanks for diggin’ it out and lettin’ it see the light of the day!
    “Bite my tongue for no one”.

  2. sxc says:

    Good read homie. Respect

    Long live B.I.G.

    • escobar300 says:

      Biggie was real honest about that. Which is what I respected. LOL at him saying KRS One can eat a dick

    • Wa good read ye, hes saying he doesn’t like certain rappers because they changed their style. Ok well you tell me how you go from ready to die( which was stole off 2pac) to life after death which is completely different. He started bouncing round in suits and fur coats with the stick thinking hes sick, completely changed his style and hes going to chat shit about others doing it. The fat fucking hypocrite, going on like he used to sell crack when he used to work in the store for 3 dollars an hour the bullshitting fat fucking bastard. End of, piggie smalls would have been fuck all without tupac and he knew and the whole world knows it.

      • lmystic says:

        Man, what u talkin bout, son? Ready to die was all big. Pac showed him how to maneuver in the game and that’s it. Big went from a nigga that wanted it to a nigga that had it. Ashy to classy. He mentioned it in the ready to to die album. Niggas dont pay attention. Big did keep it real.

      • Xavier Mcfee says:

        yea funny how you can say this on a blog a very unknown blog so you had to be lookin it up on some shit but i wat you to say that shit in brooklyn the cities around it or just new york period i bet you be missing ass kicked and shot thrown in a dumpster somewhere with scary ass shit

      • Blindsighted says:

        How do you steal an album? I heard the same rumour about Illmatic. Sounds retarded. While BIG used to stack shelves Pac was studying ballet and poetry at college level :-/

  3. Sounds like a fake interview to me.

    How about some details?

    There was an audience? Where’s the audio or video footages since it was obviously recorded then?

    R.A. The Rugged man said he’d pay 100k to anyone who can produce audio or video of this interview or Biggie dissing him.

    Something smells kind of funky up in this piece right here.

      • That video doesn’t prove anything other than E-40 and Big had beef. The interview you posted up is what I’m saying is made up. That interview isn’t any article as mentioned in the video, and it’s not real. I’m also not saying you made it up, but where got it from probably did.

      • Vic Da Rula says:

        The beef stemmed from that interview

      • Chris Elliott says:

        No it wasn’t. This interview is flat out made up. That’s why there is no source of where it came from. No one can state where it was published, what show this interview was done on, etc., because it’s made up. The interview was done in a place with an audience according to the interview itself, so what show was this on? In that video clip you posted, Big’s road manager mentions the beef between him and E-40 stemming from an article, so that means this interview was also published somewhere as an article, right? So if this was an interview on a show with an audience, and a published article, what show was it on? Where was the article published? Where did you get the article? C’mon man, you know this thing if fake.

    • Sean mullins says:

      Yea I don’t think this is authentic because from my understanding RA and BIG were friends and has much respect for each other and each others skills. I guarantee that no one will find audio or video of BIG dissing rugged man like that.

      • Vic Da Rula says:

        lol at these clowns like you being naive. You acting like Biggie put this dude in his videos and they toured the world together. Biggie probably was just cool with him because he had good weed and bitches.

      • Flav says:

        Nah, they weren’t friends, and I read this article YEARS ago. It’s all real and corroborates shit BIG has said at other times, including doing the song with RA just for the paper. And notice he didn’t like a lot of the cats Pac fucked with including Spice 1 and E40

      • Vic Da Rula says:

        Thank you for proving my point. Folks acting like dude was popping champagne with Lil Cease in the back of limos. RA was that dude Biggie went too for weed, drank and hookers lol

    • fuck u chris says:

      Chris Elliott you a bitch

    • Strykez says:

      I was thinking the same thing 😂 all the typos and grammar errors… I thought I was the only one

  4. 5Roc8City5 says:

    This shit is phony as fuck. Stop spreading fake info, dickhead.

  5. R.Eye.P says:

    Where’d you get this interview from Esco, just curious…that krs one thought cracked me up, but it’s weird he rated r.a. with 2 or 3, since he once acknowledged him as iller, nice find.

    • Vic Da Rula says:

      Somebody posted this on and I reposted it here. The article came from a Canadian hip hop magazine and its obvious that it exist because thats where the 40/Biggie thing started from. I don’t have no reason to lie or make up nothing

  6. David Lynch says:

    Good interview, Vic. Keep posting those dope ass articles. Fuck Chris Elliott, Coming in here and trying start shit over the internet. Knocking a brother, that is doing factual hip hop interviews. On his own, and not looking for a cosign. Keep doing it Vic.

  7. Caleb Gallegos says:

    there’s no real evidence that points out this actually happened. the text doesn’t even acknowledge who or what group interview him. was this for a magazine, a tv show. cmon. ya gotta be backed by facts!

  8. Tutk24 says:

    Hahahaha…. I’m sorry but anyone who believes this is authentic is insanely gullible. A lot of this doesn’t even sound like Big. Besides as others have said there is no proof of anything. No date other than… A year before he died. How convenient. No place. No sources. No mention of who actually conducted the interview. So I guess we are to believe that biggie sat in a room with some audience that no one knows about and just answered any questions people wanted to know about other rappers. Sure. No one thought to ask him any other questions. This whole thing is suspect. By the way I checked with peace magazine… They didn’t know what I was talking about either. What a joke.

  9. Tutk24 says:

    That’s great dude… Good work completely alleviating the issue and for that matter my entire statement. I’m not talking about e-40. You keep saying you don’t have time and your not making this up yet you still can’t provide any proof that this interview actually happened. I’m done. This is clown shit.

    • Vic Da Rula says:

      Nigga Biggie’s Bodyguard said HIMSELF that Biggie’s comments about E-40 is what led to him being ran in Cali. They mentioned on Biggie’s own DVD that the comments came from a Canadian magazine. NOT my words. I’m only posting what I seen on the website and wanted to share it. The hell I look like making up interviews? Im a grown ass man, I don’t have time for that trolling bullshit

    • Vic Da Rula says:

      I aint alleviating or backtracking shit. I’m a grown ass man and stand by my damn word and E-40 HIMSELF said it existed. Sitcho doofy ass down somewhere

  10. jake matthews says:

    thats the most outrageously long comment in the entire fucking universe. you miss, need to be in the guiness book of world records. standing ovation, you just filibustered the entire web into a fucking coma. a for effort though,that took some serious elbow grease. by the way RA The rugged man was biggies favorite rapper at one point in time.

  11. crsis killer says:

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  12. TrE says:

    THIS SHIT IS FAKE. Regardless of where you copied it from the shit is made up. Just because E40 and Biggie apparently had some beef over an interview, doesn’t mean its THIS interview.

  13. Slee-Z says:

    I just registered an account just so I could tell u this is the dumbest shit ive ever read.. and if this is real, biggie didn’t know shit. so he rates rappers based on how much he likes them personally? e-40, spice-1, zero.. too $hort, 10.. haha go to bed man.

  14. DJ says:

    Fake. The timeline doesn’t even add up. Coolio’s “new joint, Mama I’m in Love With a Gangsta” came out in 1993. The Flava In Ya Ear remix came out in like mid-94. How long until he cleared it up with the Roots? Late 94? How’s he talking about Coolio’s “new joint” that was over a year old based on other things he’s referencing? Not to mention….he’s clearly not feeling Redman and Naughty here. Yet on “It’s All About the Benjamins” he said “rocking Redman and Naughty”.

    This is fake. BIG was never that reckless with dissing everyone like that. He was open about not messing with Craig Mack and a few others. He wouldn’t just diss half the game like that, with NOBODY responding. You think KRS wouldn’t have said something? You think Treach wouldn’t have flipped out?

    • Vic Da Rula says:

      Nobody flipped out because Biggie got killed shortly. The e-40 incident still proves that there is some merit behind this statement somewhere. According to sources close to both of them, This issue stemmed from comments made from Biggie’s interview form some hip hop magazine. I’m just posting something that I read. Its like I said, I don’t have time to post fake shit or type of full articles pretending

      • Spirit Equality says:

        All the E-40 incident proves is that E-40 heard about a made up article. Why does NO ONE have a scan of the actual article itself? Why go through the trouble of RE-TYPING the entire article instead of just scanning it and letting us read it ourselves? FAKE. Someone, somewhere typed up a fake interview and “Escobar” just copy/pasted that. This “interview” has been circling the Internet since the 90s and NO ONE has provided a scan of the original interview, because none exists because this is FAKE.

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  17. EndoRev says:

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    thanks admin

  18. Here’s the “smoking gun”, so to speak, of the fraudulence of this alleged interview:
    “Biggie did this interview a year before he died”
    So, in 1996, Biggie is shit-talking all these people – EXCEPT TUPAC?
    Stop getting so defensive when all you have is the E-40 information and your assumption that this is the same interview from the alleged Canadian mag. NOBODY here is saying YOU made anything up. NOBODY is saying SOHH made anything up. Check the timelines on all this shit and you’ll realize it couldn’t be what you (or SOHH) present it as. Some of it may be legit. Let’s just leave it at that.

    • Vic Da Rula says:

      Right from E-40’S MOUTH.. He mentioned this EXACT article I posted. But I’m a liar lol

      • Spirit Equality says:

        Again, this just proves that E-40 read the same fake interview as you. E-40 never said something specific like “I picked up this magazine personally, took it home and read it”. Instead, 40 says the vague “Biggie, back in the days, had said something in a magazine in Canada.” He never says he personally read the article with his own eyes, which means he most likely stumbled onto the same fake online article as you and SOHH.


      • Vic Da Rula says:

        E-40 said the article existed and he checked Biggie for it. Thats the fact, end of discussion.

        Theres were magazines such as Blaze that came out and went in the late 90s.I had articles from where Dr Dre said in a interview with Blaze that Suge was jealous of Bad Boy which is why he went at them like he did. Does it mean it doesn’t exist or never was said because you can’t find a Blaze article in a google search? The fuck I have to lie to you for?

      • Spirit Equality says:

        In fairness, I did a bit of digging and did find a current website for Peace Magazine that does indeed mention this article, but AGAIN even they don’t provide any scans of the article in question. Hard to believe no one held onto a magazine issue containing an article which caused so much drama.

      • Vic Da Rula says:

        This was a very unknown incident until many years later. Keep it mind there wasn’t no social media, TMZ, or any internet outlets reporting everything move or every fight or incident a rapper made.

        This all took place in 1995 and alot of drama or street beefs were pretty much on the low profile due to the lack of coverage in comparison to now. We wouldn’t have really known unless a rapper rapped about it. Alot of rappers got punked, knocked out and robbed for their shit in the 80s and 90s. It just wasn’t no TMZ to report alot of it 40 Glocc style

      • If nothing else you need to edit the part of your article above that says “Biggie did this interview a year before he died”. I tracked down even more info on this interview and found out it took place in 1995 (logic indicates that Big is talking about Me Against The World like it hadn’t come out yet, so this couldn’t have taken place in 1996; also, Big had beef with Jeru by 96, thanks to comments Jeru made on his second album, so Big wouldn’t give Jeru props as he does here in a 1996 interview). 1995 is two years before Big was killed, not one. You should also give credit to whoever transcribed this article, if it wasn’t you, because it must have been a pain to transcribe all of that.

        Still wish someone, anyone, would put up a scan of the original article. There are lots of people who kept magazines from the 90s, I still have a few myself.

      • Vic Da Rula says:

        Fair enough, I can respect that. I myself was unsure of the date of the incident happening when it took place.

        The DVD had me thinking that this incident took place in early 97. The Bigger than Live DVD made it like this event was what slowly led to Biggie’s demise and thats untrue because it took place in 95.

  19. Mihir says:

    OMG biggie gave dr dre idea for beats by dre lol, but seriously, great article

  20. Brett B says:

    lmfao this is the fakest thing ive ever read!! HAHAHAHAHA
    yall are some stupid fools
    1) biggie would have never given KRS or RA those rankings
    2) this sounds nothing like biggie.
    3) wheres the source? lmao like foreal, go look up the website vic said he reposted from. its a joke
    4) L M A O at you idiots out there

  21. jasisfresh says:

    I remember reading this back in the day when I was a junior or senior in HS (late 95/early 96) when I used to read the alt.rap and usenet newsgroups. This is the same interview I read verbatim. I just remember being somewhat surprised he gave E-40 and Spice 1 a “zero” since I’m from the SF Bay Area. I obviously can’t claim the validity of the interview but this is was definitely released a few years before he was killed.

    I can believe Biggie gave this interview in that A) This was probably a small local magazine that had no circulation outside of Canada and B) This was 1995, Internet was in its infancy and information was not easily circulated like it is today. That’s probably why Biggie is so candid. I think the incident with E-40 confirms that this interview was legitimate.

    Props to Escobar300 for the post. I can confirm he did not make this up..

    • Vic Da Rula says:

      THANK YOU… Its like I said before.. I don’t have the time and energy to make up a fake interview like this. Like people don’t have a clue how much WORK I had to put in editing this whole thing, formatting the pictures, editing the quotes and all of that.

      You have to keep in mind too that there was no internet on widespread like now. I have hip hop mags such as Blaze, Murder Dog, and Rap Pages and those magazines are no longer on the market or out of print but that doesn’t mean that these magazines and articles existed.

  22. Tanya says:

    I personally found this particular article , “Notorious BIG rates his favorite rappers on a 1-10 |
    Escobar300’s Blog”, incredibly pleasurable not to
    mention the post was a great read. Thanks for your time-Kai

  23. SlieWon says:

    Naw-this is real. It came from PEACE magazine. It was a free magazine that one could pick up at HMV back in the day. It was always a soft ass magazine profiling semi-wack urban groups in Canada. It was normally a throw away type thing.

    I had this issue and this interview was real dope. I was really surprised when I read it because it was not their typical article. It was written around the time when Big was doing a show in Canada. I remember that too because I went to that show. Ironically (kinda) I moved to Franklin and Gates a decade later-down the block from St James Place and up the block from where he did that Freestyle video on Fulton St.

  24. Suspect says:

    “At the end of the day, [he] talked highly about a motherfucker. I think that they had got him hella perkin’ out there. They was saying that some Canadian magazine was telling him to get hella perkin’. But, the truth serum come out when you drinking, you smell me?”

    Quoted from the article with E-40. Bro, sounds to me like some little rap mag got a real head for an interview and encouraged him to play up the beef card to self-promote. You should know better than to think Biggie actually talked shit on R.A., they came up together. That’s shit you just don’t do.

    • Vic Da Rula says:

      Why is that shit hard to believe? Alot of these rappers aren’t buddies and friends like that. You acting like RA was some Junior Mafia Associate or something. He was the dude they went too to get weed and escorts

  25. JNecrosis says:

    Big may have dissed E-40 but why would a man who said “I thought I was the illest” in reference to R.A. the Rugged Man go and have an interview and pretend he didn’t even know who the hell he was? Not to mention BIG used to hang with RA, you don’t become friends with someone like that and then turn around and shit on them in some obscure ass Canadian hip hop magazine.

    • Vic Da Rula says:

      LOL dude alot of these rap niggas aren’t friends like that. Folks act like RA came up with BIG shooting dice and writing Ready to die with him. He was nothing but a connect for good weed and bitches, Nothing less.

  26. CacRappersSuck says:

    LOL @ people trying to stand up for R.A. The Rugged Man. That dude is so fucking corny. His music is for those white kids who drink Monsters and race RC cars.

  27. Christopher Wallace says:

    LOL at this stupid fake ass interview. Just because you plagiarized it from SOHH and E40 had beef with BIG doesn’t make it legitimate.You keep making the same response that doesn’t prove jack shit.You say yourself that you have no idea where it was published and can’t produce audio or video. This shit faker than the Styles P Aaliyah line.

    • Vic Da Rula says:

      I brought up Biggie’s beef with E-40 because thats where the beef stemmed from you stupid fuck. The nigga own Bodyguard and even 40 Water himself confirmed it Cotdamn how hard is that for niggas to comprehend?

  28. Ra sucks says:

    This article is not fake, for people asking for links and w/e this was before everything could be found on the net.
    Seems the only people who are saying its fake are doing so mainly because of what Biggie said about Ra The Rugged man, Biggie was right he is trash lol.

  29. Vic Da Rula says:

    Upping again for you marks that want to sit there and talk stupidly.

    E-40 again explained that the entire incident was brought about due to comments Biggie made during an interview with a Canadian magazine. When asked to rank a handful of West Coast artists on a scale from one to 10, E-40 says Biggie gave him a zero.

    “A lot of people know about the Biggie incident,” E-40 said. “When he came to Northern California. Some of my folks was highly upset that he had did an article—I was upset that he did an article in a Canadian magazine…They asked him from a scale to one to 10 what do you feel about these artists. So, he would say Spice 1. I don’t know if it was a three, a four, or a two. Ice Cube, I don’t know what he gave him, but I know he gave me a zero. Right? And I’m a fixture out there on my soil, right? West Coast, and they fuck with me in New York at the time too as well. So, I was like ‘okay.’ Of course I was upset about that. My dudes seen that. Everybody was upset about that.”

    E-40 says his cordial interaction with Biggie as a result of the incident led to the rapper giving him a shout out in the album notes for Life After Death.

  30. Quality content is the crucial to be a focus for the users to visit the website, that’s what this website is

  31. erobamaloba says:

    This is the real shit

  32. I.P says:

    I wish I had 2 million sold and Biggie dissed me.

  33. Bo says:

    Biggie was killed around ’96. Beats came out in 2008

    • Bump says:

      He’s not talking about the headphones. He was asking for clarification on if he was being asked about Dre’s raps or Dre’s beats. He’s saying the beats that Dre’ produce are dope.

  34. ASKTHELORD says:



  35. aSKTHEPIMP says:



  36. Short Dog83 says:

    U got that shit twisted homey 40 never set biggie up 40’s homeboys took it upon they self to do that shit and they called 40 to ask what they should do wit him and 40 said let him go

  37. SaintIdes says:

    He was a 3 himself…shit R.A. is a 9

  38. JB says:

    RA stans are so pathetic! lmao

    im still laughin imagining BIG on the phone apologizing to 40 with guns on him… “i fucks wit sprinkle me… i fucks wit sprinkle me!!” ahahahaha

    fr tho RA is garbage. shit is for white boys who play too much call of duty drinkin mountain dew n shit. i dunno how but RA stans are somehow worse than eminem stans

    do yall even like black rappers???

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