Can Slaughterhouse save Hip Hop?

Hip Hop Music for the past 5 years have went through strange and very bizarre turns. For better or for worse a lot of the changes that are occurring on the regular basis may have benefited those who are in power to suck the life out of it to make themselves wealthy(The Major Record labels) but for hip hop and for hip hop fans, Every year the releases of major albums have become much more forgettable.

One of the problems is that the lack of talented groups that are in the game today. Gone are the days where groups such as Bone Thugs N Harmony, Wu Tang Clan, N.W.A., A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, and many others were co existing without sounding alike. The competitiveness of spitting good lyrics seemed to be a lost art as everyone thats coming out today just wants to put out the newest ring tone, recruiting the hottest of the moment artists, or the latest dance song just so they can make a quick million and the results is nothing but microwave cookie cutter soft being produced over the last 5 years within the mainstream .

When I first heard that Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9, Crooked I, and Joell Ortiz were coming together to form an album. I though tit was a perfect idea on paper for them to come together. All 4 emcees have encountered politics and bullshit from their major record labels in their careers, They’ve gotten involved with a lot of rap beefs with other rappers, They’ve all had their albums pushed back many times and it seemed that all four of their solo careers may never reach their potential due to the everyday Industry politics.

When I first heard some of the songs released from Slaughterhouse, I was very excited to hear what the group had to offer. They weren’t tripping on no ego tip or where one artist wanted more shine than the other. You can hear the competitiveness in songs such as Fight Club, Move On, and Microphone. It only increased my excitement to hear more from them as a collective group.

The Slaughterhouse emergence has caused quite a stir in the Industry. Beefs with Wu Tang, Canibus, Benzino, Saigon, and others trying to make a name for themselves started to emerge and even though the record sales didn’t share the same feedback as the critics. It seemed that the members didn’t really care about record sales and wanted to do more music together which was good news for fans.

The group members continued to put out solo projects and record new music for the remaining two years pleasing their fans but it wasn’t until recently that the group has once again made hip hop headlines and revealed something rather shocking. They signed with Eminem and Shady Records:

Unlike many of his peers, Eminem is a perfect opperutnists. I beleive when he hangs up the mic, he should become a A&R and start looking for talent because this dude knows how to discover diamonds in the rough. He’s done so with 50 Cent and it made 50 Cent into a mega star along with being one of the richest in the rap game. He used his star appeal to help D-12 and Obie Trice become household names so its a good thing for hip hop that Eminem used his star power to cosign Slaughterhouse. If the songs that Ive heard from the Shady 2.0 mixtape is a indication of things to look forward too from Em’s revamped Shady Records then we’re gonna be end for a great year for hip hop.

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