Prodigy(Of Mobb Deep) Vs Jesus Christ?

This entry here may cause a stir here but anybody that follows hip hop would know that Prodigy isn’t real fond of God and Jesus Christ.

Going back to the 2002 Free Agents mixtape where on the Cradle to the Grave He wanted to “Smack God in the face for giving him all of this torture” and on the People Talking freestyle where he claimed “50 Cent saved me, Not Jesus Christ” were swipes at God’s son.

It wasn’t until Pearly Gates where Prodigy took the beef with JC to the next level pretty much leaving alot of his handlers on the label shakning:

Homie if I go to hell, and you make it to the pearly gates, tell that nigga God, we got beef. And tell that nigga Jesus I’mma see him when I see him, and when I see him, I’mma beat him like the movie.”

Knowing that these type of comments were gonna cause a heavy stir and gonna really offend alot of people. Prodigy explained the reason why he went into that track in a fashion:

While confident in his purpose, Prodigy’s faith has come into question recently since voicing controversial lyrics on “Pearly Gates,” a song the group crafted with 50 Cent.

“We’re definitely spiritual people…but I don’t believe the storytime, ‘This is what it is, this is what you’re supposed to believe, this is how it went down.’ I don’t believe in none of that shit. I believe in the Creator, that you’re supposed to be a positive, good person. That shit comes back to you when you’re not good. [That] you have to put positive energy in the world or you’ll get negative back,” Prodigy explained to SOHH.

“When I was saying that shit on ‘Pearly Gates’ I was just being a rebel to the system that they force us [into], they force you to believe in all that shit. If you don’t believe it then you’re labeled as a devil worshipper. These are the same motherfuckers that enslaved us, and lied to us for thousands of years, stole our technology and raped all our ancestors, and these are the same people that said ‘here this what you [should] believe [in].”

I’m definitely a spiritual person, definitely believe in the creator of the universe and everything and there’s definitely a higher power. I believe what you put out into the universe is what you get back,Word.

I mean on Pearly Gates I was basically trying to grab peoples attention and say something about religion that was shocking for people to hear. So they would be like “Yo what the fuck was he saying, ayo run that back”. So I just wanted to grab peoples attention and plus it was just an opportunity to raise questions, so I didn’t really have to explain everything in a song, I just wanted to get people to raise questions be curious. So like more questions like the one you just asked me, so now I can explain it. What I’m talking in an interview instead of writing it in my verse. So basically I believe that all religions were basically forced upon us as means to control the people, because where they took us from where we were originally from, where we were indigenous.

Them niggas took us from Africa and basically when we out there we didn’t have any of them Bibles and none of that shit, we just had our own spiritual connection with the universe and whatever have you. Basically they stripped us of our spiritual connection and [they] have us believing in some other shit that has them forcing it down our throat. Its not even our culture, has nothing to do with our history or anything. So that’s basically what I was saying on that song. Just showing how I don’t have fear to talk against that because I don’t believe in that shit.

Does anybody think he has a point? Theres people that rode with him and theres people who felt the had the beats from Keith Murrary or Saigon rattled his brain? But whatever the case maybe, Prodigy made some key points on here and should be held as a discussion.

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7 Responses to Prodigy(Of Mobb Deep) Vs Jesus Christ?

  1. REAL says:

    unfortunately prodigy is still being misled. Jesus is the only way to the Father. If prodigy believe the Creator is in control and that what you put out in the universe comes back to you, then why did slavery and genocide happen to africa and the americas- the native americans. I am so sorry to say that the worship of other gods was the reason. It was a punishment, and as sad as it is, through these major events God is glorified because we know He truly is in control and He does not tolerate worship of other beings-demons- who disguise themselves as gods/goddesses. People need to truly wake up and repent! Jesus is returning for His people. The biggest mistake some have made is allowing the evil actions of others who claim to be Christian to form their view of Christianity, concluding that Christianity must be an evil religion. God is still the same yesterday and will be the same tomorrow- His word is true and He sent Jesus to save us, us who believe in His name and believe the fact that He is the Son of God. Prodigy is being used by the system still, because he doesn’t believe in Christ and that is the main goal of the Illuminati- to turn us away from God. They don’t care if they are out in the open. Prodigy would have been silenced a long time ago if he claimed Christ. The truth is if you ain’t serving Christ, you serve the devil and that is exactly what Prodigy is doing. Wake up folks!

    • Vic Da Rula says:

      Reading Prodigy’s book gave me a further perspective of what he trying to say. He just sounded kind of silly

    • Lance says:

      Wow. I’ve been thinking that the reason we had to endure slavery was because of our worship of other gods for years now! A history class I took in college helped me to make the connection once I learned that the majority of pre slavery Africans were muslim. I can only thank GOD for slavery and show respect to the people who had to endure such harsh punishments. God bless you.

    • Damon says:

      Damn. I couldn’t of said that better myself! I liked Prodigy/ modd deep from jump. Their rawness, style, flow and beats where crazy!!! But as I sat here upset n damn their crying over the news of his death I couldn’t help but wonder if he knew Jesus….. and the foul comments he made about our Saviour on record. I couldn’t help but think Now Albert Johnson will be faced with the undenying truth that Jesus is real and I’m sad 2 say this but….. if Prodigy never sincerely asked Jesus for forgiveness then he will be in a truly horrible place. This is the most saddest thing about his death, I think sat y I cried out of sadness for his unbelief. …. ( I won’t even bother saying RIP) NO disrespect.

  2. HumanPower says:

    Prodigy does have a point and everything he said about Christianity being shoved down our throats was 100 percent truth. They used the Bible to suppress revolt in the New World. All African-American Christians are Uncle Toms in a sense. Big ups to Prodigy for pointing this out in detail, I have way more respect for one of my favorite rappers now.

    • Velly says:

      I agree with prodigy. However, There was Christianity in Africa before slavery, but it was in Eastern Africa and most of our (African American) ancestors were from west Africa and practiced spirituality. I myself was raised by a baptist preacher. I later converted to Islam then to Rastafarian then to African spirituality. Let me be the 1st to tell u, I FOUND GOD IN ALL OF THOSE RELIGIONS. EVERY SINGLE ONE. I ALSO FOUND EVIL IN ALL OF THEM. GOOD AND EVIL IS IN THE HANDS OF THE BEHOLDER.

  3. Wayne Buie says:

    It’s so true!!! What Prodigy said is the absolute truth!!! Religion is all about CONTROL!!! From the Bible, to the Quran, and in between is all a control mechanism!!! I researched it!!! I been in Christianity for almost 34 years and I come to found out it was all created in 325 A.D. at the Nicean Council under the order of Emperor Constantine I of the Roman Empire

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