Big Punisher Captial Punishment Review

When I bought this album for the first time, I knew that I was in for something special. Ive heard of Pun’s guest apperances on Fat Joe’s albums along with some of the appereances he made on the albums hyping up his debut. But I didn’t think I was gonna be truly blown away by this album the way I was. 1998 was a great time when it came to Hip Hop releases. DMX had dropped his debut Its Dark and Hell its Hot and then Pun decided to follow suit with his debut capital Punishment.

What made Big Pun special was that he basically did what many do in their entire careers he’s already done with this one album. He didn’t dumb down his lyrics like Fat Joe suggested he do(which I’m glad he didn’t) Punisher was living pretty much to his moniker as he came into the album with a mission to prove that he’s the nicest to ever do it. Starting with Beware where he’s letting rappers know that he’s coming. This is one of the rawest hip hop songs ever made.

Big Punisher has a lot in common with the late Notorious B.I.G.: Both are from NY, Both are large emcees, Both possessed unique unbelievable talents, Both were loved by commercial fans and had respect from the Underground crowd and sadly both emcees both passed in their primes. Capital Punishment is a very hardcore album that hardcore fans of hip hop will appreciate so Dont let the album’ radio singles such as Still Not A Player and Punish Me fool you.

Pun shows off his hardcore complex deliver on tracks with hard production that matches Pun perfectly on Dream Shatter, Beware, Boomerang, You aint a Killer and Parental Descriction Advised.

Big Pun would verbally rape the shit out of a track with his unbelievable rapid delivery and even shows his humorous side on the Regaee influenced Caribbean Connection where he hilariously mocks Lil Kim:Wanna Rumble with the Pun huh?/Phhhhhhhhhht/ Shittt On the whole industry.

The most surprising part about this track is the hardcore verse from Wyclef(YES Wyclef), If Clef comes hard like this on his latest album, I might check it out, To avoid being looked upon as One demisional, Pun displays his storytelling skills on the dope track Fast Money and on the album Title track Captial Punishment, He’s talking about all Blacks and Latino’s should unite against Captial Punishment.

And the Fun doesn’t stop there, While Pun can pretty much carry this album by himself due to his entertaining, unbelievable skills, He invites a lot of his friends for the album as well, CNN member Noreaga joins in for the hook on the horn happy You Came Up, The Roots Front Man Black Thought makes up for the albums best guest appearance on the Underground track Super Lyrical which is a classic banger and one of Pun’s best tracks to date. The name speaks for its self as Pun and Thought display their Superficial Lyrical skills as both emcees kill this track. While Thought comes correct as he usually does, It’s Big Pun that outshines him with the verse that got him best verse of the month in the Source back in 98

The album’s best track Tres Leches basically collabos 3 emcees with 3 different style’s in INS, Prodigy and Pun himself. The RZA beat sounds very different from any RZA I’ve heard in the past, It doesn’t have its trademark but the track works out perfectly as all 3 emcees serve the track justice.

Of Course a Big Pun/Fat Joe album wouldn’t be complete without a Terror Squad collaboration track. they all come pretty nice over a mafia sounding beat as they talk about living lavishly or as they say “The Glamour Life”.

The other Terror Squad track consists of Big Pun and Fat Joe remaking Snoop Dogg’s and Dr Dre’s classic song Deep Cover, This song was making alot of noise on the mix tape circuit and the remake is suprisingly good if not better! It it has more of a New York twist to it.

Overall I loved this album because like the late B.I.G., He delevered an album for anybody to enjoy, If you love club songs, He hooked you up with Im not a Player and the remix with Joe, Street songs He gave you Twinz, You Aint a Killer and Dream Shatterer. One of the best albums to ever have dropped in Hip Hop. R.I.P. Pun

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