Ghostface Killah: Kunta Fly Shit

There has never been more of a versatile emcee than Ghostface Killah. He has always stood out as one of the most flamboyant and charismatic member of the Wu next to Method Man. Ghostface was always a great emcee but he never was able to showcase his true creativity and talents until he started his solo projects.

The Ironman album is a classic album no question. Probably one of the best albums in the Wu catalogues but many critics labeled it more as a “Wu Tang” project instead of a Ghostface solo because there was almost a Wu Member on every cut with the exception of a few.

Ghostface was never the type of emcee to get lost in the shuffle as he would hold his own on every Wu related LP from 97-2000 but when the streets was talking about how the Wu Tang Clan was losing its steam and that the music wasn’t as great it was before.Ghostface puts on his Ironman Costume and releases Supreme Clientele.

When Ghostface released Supreme Clientle, This album proved that he was a heavyweight in the rap game. Despite the fact that RZA was absent throughout 98-2000 on many Wu solo projects and only did a few beats on this album, His presence is felt throughout the whole album and Ghost pounced through all of these beats like a prize-fighter. Songs such as Apollo Kids, Mighty Healthy, and Cobra Clutch proved that Ghostface deserved acknowledgment as a heavyweight in the Rap Game and that he was coming for the crown.

What really made Ghostface a standout from the group is his flamboyant style and his versatility. He knew how to put out love songs without sounding corny. He knew how to put out songs about knocking niggas out, or putting his creativity to the max by rapping about stuff that people wouldn’t imagine about rapping about. Peep this song Underwater where he’s rapping about Swimming lol.

It’s clear that Ghostface was also influenced by the movie the Mack as he created a new persona called Pretty Tony which is a more flamboyant persona like Nas did with Nas Escobar. Pretty Tony is a straight up jewelry rocking, robe wearing, Mackish type dude which is the opposite of Tony Starks. Ghostface used that concept for his Pretty Tony album which sounded more like a 70’s soundtrack because it seemed to be have been based from that Character and that time period.

Ghost’s style is so ubiquitous that you can’t help but to embrace it and it doesn’t matter where you from. While these rappers are talking about how much swag they have, Ghostface brought swag into the mix with over the head lyricism and a style of emceeing thats hard to duplicate. Despite the fact that Ghost is currently in battle with Def Jam about the direction of his career and I find it shameful that their treating him as a tax write off instead of a decorated artist, We can nevertheless cant overlook the timeless music that he supplied us with and put in enough work to be considered one of the greats to ever do it.

So heres Ghostface Killah: The Mack Chronicles Part 1
1.Wisdom Body
3.Freakin You Remix Featuring Raekwon and Jodeci
4.Computer Love
5.Summertime featuring Beyonce
6.Girls Girls Girls Freestyle
7.Never Be the Same Again
8.Whip Me with a Strap
9.Childs Play
10.Stapelton Sex
11.Super Model featuring Cappadonna
12.You Know Im No Good
13.CherCheleGhost Remix
14.Ghost Showers
16.Ill Die for You
18.Mighty Healthy
19.Apollo Kids
20.The Forest

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