The Mack

Hip Hop has always had a fascination with Pimp Culture. Going back to the days where the blaxploitation flick the Mack was really coming out in the 70’s. This movie here was pretty controversal not only because that two white guys were gonna do a film on pimping within the black culture but also the main fact that Huey Newton and the Black Panthers threatened to kill them if they continued filming the movie in their neighborhood because they were against black men pimping and selling drugs to each other. It was even rumored that it was Newton and the Panthers that got one of the main pimps in the movie Frank Ward killed after the movie was finished.

When I seen the Mack for the first time, It wasn’t exactly what I expected it to be and I believe due to the Panthers demanding compisation that they changed a lot of the dialogue. The movie didn’t focus a 100% entirely on the concept of pimping. It more so dealt with the clash between the lowlives(Pimps, Drug Dealers,Hustlers), revolutionaries(Pro Black Party) and The Enemy(The crooked Police or the White Man).

The story of the movie is that Goldie(Max Julian) is a ex con who been released from prison and he’s looking for a direction on where to head next in his life. He knew he couldn’t go back to his days of smuggling or else he would jeopardize his life and freedom. He seen his young brother Olinga(Roger E Mosley) go the Revolutionary route and become an activist in his neighborhood fighting crime, racism,crooked police, and up lifting his community

Goldie is left with two options. Either follow Olinga into the political route to save the community or go the underworld route and try his hand at pimping. Goldie had already had connections in the pimp world which lifestyle consisted of flashy clothes, nice cars, and gorgeous women.Goldie being broke and directionless saw the Pimp Game as an easier route to take and decided to try his hand at pimping. Goldie’s mouthpiece and wordplay was so vivid and cold-blooded that he ended up recruiting some of the best women in the city and became top dog shortly after reaching the highest pinnacle as a Mack..

Soon as Goldie reached the top of the Pimp Game, Thats where the problems amounted as he would be in battles between rival pimps, corrupt police who had a vendetta against Goldie. What made the Mack such a fascinating movie was that it was a authentic movie because it featured real pimps. It showed the lavish lifestyle that they live with the fancy clothes, cars, the playa’s picnic and the playas ball.

There have been many books written by real life pimps such as Iceberg Slim but alot of them seen them as too complex to read. The Mack was probably the first movie to really take you on a tour on the real life pimp game whereas many times alot of the pimp game thats been expressed by the true to the game pimps have been kept top-secret.

There have been many movies that have came out after the Mack that tried to exploite Pimp Culture but none have been as memorable as the Mack and thats what made it stand out is that it also came with a message.

The Music

The Mack’s Influence on Hip Hop is very heavy. There have been rappers, songs, samples, and dialogue that have come from the movie. Rappers such as Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre, Too Short, Three 6 Mafia, UGK, Eightball and MJG, and many others have used this movie in their songs

The movie’s soundtrack is whats the most impressive about the movie. Its one of the best soundtracks ever made and rappers over the years since the movie’s release have sampled portions of it.

Too Short Pimpology

Dr Dre-Rat Tat Tat

Ghostface Killah-Wisdom Body

UGK Featuring Outkast International Players

Three 6 Mafia Popping My Collar

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