Best Wrestling Punchlines/references in Hip Hop

Its clear that alot of MCs are Wrestling fans and used many references to wrestlers in many songs so allow me to break down the best ones IMO

Joe Budden

1.’Im an idol, dudes is Sanjaya, now who wanna try us
That four-five will spit
I’ll slump you in the driver seat
And make you really ghost ride the whip
It’s real talk, shade dudes couldn’t get a tan from me
Cause I get in the ring for that Vince McMahon money

2.Razor Ramon on my block/
Vest on with a tooth pic in my mouth.

3.I’m a Million Dollar Man you just a Virgil nigga.

4.Or that cigs in the car, u dissin’ mwoi?
Take the ratchet, go home.. and just Chris

5.Niggas aint Macho Man/They Miss Elizibeth!


The Four Horsemen
Arn, Ole, Flair Tully
Making it fully
Ski mask ya skull


Get it clear, if you want it we get it there, need more than 6 pairs

“I’m the Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Bob Backlund”


I Hop off the top rope and chop you in the throat
Come through like Sting
All Black with a bat


Vocabuary Spills
Im ill plus matic
I Freak beats like I slam it
like Iron Sheik
Jam like a Tech with Correct Techniques
So Analyze me, Suprise me
But Cant Magnitize Me


Im Ready to go postal
Im so Close I Can Feel
His throat with no pulse when I choke him
in 10 seconds Imma turn into Hulk Hogan
With a Cigerette in his Mouth
He tells me theres no more smoking

Big Pun


I got junkyard dawgs, I’m rowdier than Rod Piper
And my baby’s assed out, cause I rub my cars with her diapers
So you can pray for now if you sinned in the past
“Word of Mouf” time to wipe that silly grin off yo’ ass

Tear Da Roof Off

Do What Ya Feel

Method Man Smell What the Rock is Cookin

Jedi Mind Tricks

We Dedicated to cats that been Thuggin
Vinnie Paz got more hoes than Jim Duggin
Yall been ducking for quite sometime now
Vinnie about to teach yall how to write
some rhymes now

Death March(Which has Undertaker Sample)

The Game

Down 4 My Niggaz Freestyle

My 44 peace talking, sound oh so sweet talking, do mo mo street talking, than Stone Cold Steve Austin”

They told me Batista, you Rowdy Roddy piper, E’s got you hyper

You might see me leaning in the beamer/ Jumping off the top rope like Tommy Dreamer

Lil Niggas like Game think he the Ultimate Warrior,
fat niggas like Joe think he Andre The Giant,
i’ll put my ruger in his face, his fat ass will be quiet,
Tony Yayo

m survivor/
eager with the nine,a baseball bat, a switchblade and a screwdriver./
that nine got a kick like Rowdy Roddy Piper./
I put your brains all over your windshield wiper./
niggas go and practice, the flow is ferocious/
million dollar face and it’s all over posters/
we living great, so we hit the show in roasters/
then niggas hate, so we hit the shows with toasters/
with project bitches , those with toasters/
The game’s on point cuz the hoes approach us/
so slip up, and imma steamroll you roaches/
i roll with the vultures they eager to pop ya/
I’ll give you a reason to believe in your doctor/
Fuck a Bentley, I got the key to a chopper/
With zoom in vision it’s easy to spot you/
Yeah I went platinum off my first LP/
and it’s all off one record so I gonna do three/
And its only so long ima take the hate/
Before I DDT your ass like Jake the snake/
niggas would rather see a thug dead/
cuz i love bread/
but the uzi would have you flying like Spudd Webb/
i’m something like the rap Ravishing Rick/
I’m that slick/
That’s why all these niggas on my dick/
Lloyd Banks

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