Craziest Wrestling moments part III

10. Stone Cold breaks into Brian Pillman’s home and pulls gun on him

This was possibly one of the wildest incidents I’ve ever seen in wrestling. Stone Cold was peaking as one of the most lucrative villains in the WWF and Brian Pillman who was his former tag partner and best friend was the perfect sacrificial lamb for Stone Cold to get heat off of.

After destroying Pillman’s leg, Austin decided to literally break into Pillman’s home and he did with a crowbar only for Pillman to be waiting for him with a pistol. This controversal incident almost had the WWF pulled from USA but gained alot of attention nevertheless.

9.Bret Hart snaps on live TV
After getting “screwed” by Shawn Michaels on WM 12, losing the Royal Rumble to Steve Austin, Winning the title and losing it shortly along with losing this cage match, It’s clear that Bret Hart was on the verge of an explosion and it was said that he was frustrated with the way the company was going so when he shoves Vince Mchmahon down and starts snapping on live TV, It was a shocker indeed! Possibly one of the best promos the Hittman ever delivered in his career.

8.Sid Vicious destroys Shawn Michaels during commercial break on Monday Night Raw

One of the quickest ass whippings Ive every seen. We wouldn’t know what happened to HBK until later on that week and the beating Sid gave him was so severe that it kept him out of action for months.

7. Eddy Guerrero’s heel turn on Rey Mystero

Even though the buildup for this heel turn was coming. The way Guerrero executed it was on some next level ish. Guerrero beating Mystero to a blood pulp and leaving his mask half way ripped was one of the gulliest things ever done. Guerrero/Mysterio feud was the best in 2005.

6.Chris Benoit diving headbutt off the steel cage.

Sadly this doing this move night in and night out led to Benoit’s brain damage. Benoit was willing to sacrifice his body and his health to make sure that the fans got their moneys worth. Hands down one of my favorite wrestlers and a top 5 ring technician. R.I.P.

5.Stone Cold beats up Vince McMahon in the Hospital

One of my top 5 favorite moments of all time. I damn near broke into tears watching this! LMAO

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