Craziest Wrestling moments Part II

14. Ravishing Rick Rude shows Jake Robert’s wife on his tights

In what could possibly be the biggest slap in the face to any husband/boyfriend. Rude took the direspect of Jake Roberts marriage to the next level by revealing a picture of her on his tights. Jake rushes to the ring, attacks Rude and literally strips them off him. Very funny.

13.Ric Flair attacking Roddy Piper

I’m surprised nobody mentions this.This was probably one of the most memorable things out of Flair’s stint next to him winning the Royal Rumble. Flair viciously attacks Piper and what made me believe that this was real was when Piper wacks Vince in the back of the head with the chair and knocks him cold out! I don’t know if this was real or not but this damn sure was gully and gave Flair a lot of heat.

12.Jake Roberts hits Elizibeth

One of the shocking wrestling moments here, Just watching the crowd reaction and hearing Gorilla Monsoon’s commentary on this made this scene priceless.

11.Roddy Piper hitting Jimmy Snunka with a Coconut.

This segment was legendary. Piper was one of the most hated villains of the 80s and became a beloved character in the 90s. The heat Piper got from the crowd was unbelievable at the time as he was whipping Superfly with the belt. It looks like the Flair ass whipping was karma for Piper lol

10. Roddy Piper Golddust Backlot brawl

Believe it or not, This was technically the start of the attitude era in my opinion with the WWF pushing the product on a more different direction. This here was a legit fight and probably one of the most brutal I’ve ever seen. Golddust did a magnificent job of playing the homo role and Piper was just being Piper. This led to possibly the best match up of Wrestlemania 12.

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