Craziest moments in Wrestling

This part of the blog is dedicated to the most outrageous moments I’ve ever seen in Wrestling. It’s safe to say that Wrestling has run its course in the mainstream level due to the fact that the McMahon are catering to the lowest common denominator of fans.

But nevertheless I’m feeling very nostalgic and the memories live on and I’m gonna take yall through my favorite WWF moments. Heres 5 for the night:

20. The Bossman gets his ASS KICKED!

This was probably one of the most notorious ass whippings I’ve ever seen in wrestling. Nailz was supposely be one of the inmates the Big Bossman personally “gave hard time” too and proceeded to beat the living shit out of Bossman for almost 10 straight minutes”

What was so entertaining about this feud was the fact that these two believed in their characters and made it so believable. The match between them may have been terrible but these promos were classic!

19. Macho Man gets attacked by Damien

1991-1992 was shifting into more of a darkside of Wrestling. Jake the Snake Roberts was a perfect representative for that shift of the tide. Even though he wasn’t the best athlete, He made up for it with his cold and calculating promos with his unique ring psychology.

I feel this was Jake at his best when he was a heel. This was probably one of my favorite feuds of all time. Savage was the raving lunatic and short-tempered husband who wanted revenge for his wife for Roberts interrupting their wedding by placing a snake in their gift box.

This feud pushed the boundaries to the point where it was like a real life soap opera. With Jake the Snake hitting Elizabeth in the face which lead to Savage being attacked after being taunted and being bitened by Jake’s cobra. This was one of the most dramatized storylines ever as you can tell with the crowd reaction.

18. Shawn Michaels Superkicking Marty Jannetty

As a kid watching this, This was a shocker. Shawn Michaels and Mart Jannetty were tag partners and best friends for years as the Rockers. Shawn started to become tired of carrying Janetty and wanted to do his solo career. His frustration was building up and people seen problems on the horizon.

I was thinking and hoping they would squash it because the Rockers were a dope team but then Shawn all of nowhere Super kicks the hell out of Janetty’s jaw and the friendship/partnership was history

17.The Undertaker locking the Ultimate Warrior in his casket

This segment was truly bizarre.. The Undertaker attacks the Ultimate Warrior and locks him in his casket. The Warrior was locked in there for a longtime and I thought dude was dead! I remember looking at the news afterwards to see if the Warrior died LOL

16. Jimmy “Superfly” Snunka jumps off the steel cage
This moment right here made me a fan of the WWF! I was always down with WCW/NWA because they had better wrestling but when I seen Superfly do this ill shit, This automatically made me check out the WWF product.

15. ANY Ultimate Warrior Interview

Mix steroids with cocaine along with rambling nonsense and you get an Ultimate warrior interview. No one can figurer out what the Warrior be saying but to his credit, These interviews are more entertaining than anything Dolph Ziggler has ever done in his career!

Part II coming up!

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