Battle of The Heavyweights(A look back at the 2001 battles)


After trying to listen to a lot of the new acts coming out in 2010. It’s clear that alot of these guys rapping today don’t have that competitive fire. They are only content with rapping in their own soft lane and don’t want to ruffle anybody feathers or defend themselves whenever they are faced with a challenge. The rap game today is full of pansies or what I would call sissies. Everybody is a singer, everybody is on some corny buddy buddy DJ Khalid bullshit along with the fact that even beef within hip hop are so corny nowadays. Just look at the battles of 2010. Kid Cudi Vs Wale? Nicki Minaji Vs Lil Kim? Dipset Vs Kanye West? Cmon Son!

I want to take yall back to a time where the competition scene was very competitive. It was treated like a blood sport and throughout this whole cd, You gonna hear battling at it rawest form:

DJ Drama and Don Cannon(before they became annoying) does a great job of recapping all of the Drama by putting most of the diss tracks from the past year into One CD. The whole CD has the concept of a title fight as the intro begins with some nice scratches of B.I.G. and the voices of the participants that are in this CD. The DJs dont scream all over the tracks like Kay Slay and DJ Clue, They just say their names on the beginning of most of the tracks but other than that, They just let the track ride and thats usually a great thing.

Fight One err Battle One is the JayZ Vs Nas Fiasco Nas’s Stillmatic is the first official track on the album, This would have been a perfect way to open up Nas’s Stillmatic album but for some reason it could have only been linked on mix tapes but nevertheless This is the strongest Nas has come lyrically in years at a time where people thought he fell off, as he opens it up with a bang as he retaliated to JayZ’s Summer Jam diss and Cormega’s $hit talking:

This freestyle from Nas’s prompted Jay to retaliate by releasing the Takeover. The infamous diss track where he takes vicious shots at Prodigy and Nas, But this CD version features the Live version of Takeover featuring the Roots. The version is also edited but I feel that Jay did a great job by editing his verse and still being able to poke his shots at Nas by talking about his career album average, How he got jerked by Serchlite Publishing, and even clowned him harder by claiming that Nas’s Body guard verse on Oochie Wally was better than his. Even the edited version of the Takeover still does damage to Nas and The Roots playing the instrumentals of Nas tracks NY State of Mind and OOchie Wally added more insult to injury.

Many people include myself wondered “Can Nas come back from such a lyrical beating” well that questioned is answered on the next track titled Either which can also be found on Stillmatic. While JayZ cracks jokes on the Takeover, Nas comes through very angry and serious reminisce of “Hate Me Now” off I AM. “Either” is an all out vicious assault on JayZ and Rocafella as he covers all boundaries from him being a biter of the late B.I.G.s rhymes, How hes on JaZ dick(Jays former mentor) and goes on to degrade Jay by labeling him a “Fan, a Stan, A Pussy and a Dyck ridin Faggot”.

Many Hip Hop Heads may Discredit “Either” as a weak comeback due to the constant name calling but I felt that Nas did a great job in exposing Jay. SuperUgly is Jay’s answer record to Either and while the track is very entertaining and he still delivers some good lines such as :

Niggas in Pink Suits/Trying to be Cute
This N!gga never Asprin/ How you Escobar?

The response to many however as a whole comes off very weak as Jay spends too many of his rhymes talking about how he fucked Nas’s baby mom and the results were that Nas won the battle and having the Jigga man resulting to studdering and on the verge of breakdown:

The start of Battle Two features Nas Vs Mega, Prodigy and Nature. Nas once again starts off with his diss track titled Destroy and Rebuild where he disses mainly Cormega and takes some shots at Prodigy and Nature. While I can understand him wanting to respond to Mega, Involving Prodigy and Nature doesn’t seem to make any sense considering that they didn’t record any diss track towards him.

The track itself may come confusing to most but Nas takes his time and explains the meaning why he recorded Destroy and Rebuild and the reason why he dissed Prodigy and Nature.

Part 1

Part II

Cormega responds with “The Realness” but the track itself isnt very special and its good that its short. They should have used Poetry which was a much more vicious track.

Mobb Deep’s Crawlin is up next to bat and Prodigy retaliated to Jay’s Takeover as he talks about the Baby pictures, How Jay didn’t show up for the Source Awards when the Mobb was present and what he was doing in 88. The track itself doesn’t hit as hard as previous Mobb Diss tracks such as Drop the Gem on Em or LA LA, I felt that P could have done a better job but the track as a whole is very dark and I still enjoy it.

The next intermission of the CD has Black Thought of the Roots discussing Nas, If you live in the Tri state area or have the internet, Then you should know that Nas also took shots at the Roots for “Cosigning” with Jay. I would have loved to see Black Thought record a diss track on Nas but he speaks via Telephone about Nas and on how he never been on africa. He goes on to talk about the charities and funds The Roots have done in previous years and claimed that Nas doesn’t know what hes talking about.

Battle III features the CDs most entertaining battle featuring Jadakiss and Beanie Sigal. Rocafella camp vs D-Block camp. This was probably one of the sickest battles in years. The battle starts off with the Jadakiss lines from Uh huh! where he disses Beans, Beans brings it into Jadakiss rough and hard on Kiss the Game Goodbye where he jacks Jadakiss’s Put Your Hands Up beat completely shits on him:

Jadakiss’s response was probably one of the most vicious within the whole feud. Jada even though he was rapping over a “disco” beat came out swinging and definitely hit some vicious blows:

The most interesting part on the CD occurs during the next two tracks where Jada and Beans deceiver jabs at each other at the Powerhouse arena in Philly. This is very exclusive and may be only found on this CD. Jada comes out first and after his performance disses Beans(in his hometown) which brings the crowd to a frenzy!

Beans later addresses Jadakiss and competely destroys him with lines such as:
“How You talk that Pac Shit and you Rolled with Big!”

Beans also reuses old Biggie lines throughout the freestyle and proceeded to deliver jabs to the rest of the Lox and Wu Member Cappadonna. The only negative thing about the Live disses that its edited and takes the venom out of the blows so I posted the original audio above for your listening purposes

Styles brings it hard and Gangsta on his diss towards the ROC, This is probably one of the hardest songs on the Cd as Styles let it be known that he’s the hardest nigga rapping in NYC with his verse here:

Battle 4 consists of New jacks State Property and Spade from Major Figgaz. The CD includes State Property’s Rap City freestyle on the Booth dissing the LOX. The disses arent anything special or spectacular and could have easily been replaced with recent diss tracks such as Nature’s Nas is Not or any other freestyles from the D Block vs Rocafella war.

SPade from Major Figgas is absurdly on two tracks and People could careless about him or his beef with State Property. Battle Of The Heavyweights(like every other mix tape) consist of two exclusive Rocafella tracks, JayZ’s Show You track is pretty good as he’s once again showcasing his arrogance and Freeway’s Goodbye was pretty good as well.

But overall this Cd is really worth the purchase. To save stress of buying all of these records with the diss records on it. Just copp this CD, It contains all the material that you need.

Eric Montana

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