Tupac’s One Nation Project

For those who don’t know, Tupac’s plans before he died was to create an album titled One Nation to showcase unity among his peers in hip hop and the show the world that he didn’t hate NY as a whole and that he only had issues with certain rappers that were from there. Tupac’s plan was to reach out to all of his commrads from the North, South, East, and West to put this project together. Everybody from Tha Outlawz, Dogg Pound, Scarface, Greg Nice, Bone Thugs, The Luniz, Spice 1, Treach, Big Daddy Kane, Kokane, and surprisingly Wu Tang and the Boot Camp Click.

Over the years since Tupac’s demise, Tracks over the past 15 years have been leaked from that album and they range from very good to timeless. Pac’s direction for the album was going back into the pro black/political roots that he was already tapping in the midst of recording Makaveli.

This was gonna be a project that would have been monumental to the hip hop culture and even black unity among rappers across the country. Unlike many rappers who promised collabos or joint ventures over the years and never delievered*cough Nas and Az* Tupac pretty much did an album worth of material for this project. It’s unknown that which tracks would have made the cut but heres a guess of songs that would have most likely went on the album:

1.Set it Off featuring Book Camp Click
2.Lets Fight Featuring Boot Camp Click
3.Brotherz at Arm featuring Buckshot
4.Untouchables Featuring Snoop Dogg, LBC Crew and Outlawz
5.Intitiated featuring Tha Dogg Pound and Outlawz
6.Smile featuring Scarface
7.Street Life featuring Snoop Dogg
8.The Struggle Continues with Minister Farrakhan as the Intro and featuring the Outlawz
9.Military Mindz featuring Buckshot and Smiff N Wesson
10.Thug Luv featuring Bizzy Bone and Silk E Fyne
11.Fame featuring Kokane
12.Outlawz featuring Melle Mell and Scorpio How many Shots
13.Wiping Niggaz off the Map featuring Tha Outlawz
14.Niggaz done Changed featuring Richie Rich
15.Just Watching featuring Tha Dogg Pound and Charlie Wilson
16.World Wide Dime Piece featuring Greg Nice
17.My Own Style featuring Greg Nice
18.Running on E featuring Outlawz
19.My Own Style featuring Greg Nice
20.World Wide Dime Piece

Military Mindz


Wherever U Are

The Struggle Continues
(With Minister Farrakhan Intro)

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