R.I.P. to Michael Jackson and to the end of a era

“Something wrong, I hold my head, MJ Gone. Our Nigga dead!” Kanye West

I know this was a long time coming but I wanted to wait until the hype of MJ’s death die down a bit before I do a piece on him because I don’t want it to look like Im hoping the bandwagon like many are doing. But being that I was vibing off some of Michael’s music earlier, I figure let me go ahead and post this up on possibly the greatest entertainer to have ever lived.

What People don’t understand is MJ’s fanbase reaches past 4 decades, being the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s so his death is gonna leave a major impact into the world more than the average artist. Looking at those old Jackson 5 performances. We all knew Michael was gonna break off into a star but we didn’ t have no idea that he was gonna be bigger than life it self. They(The Jacksons) made many classic albums together but it wasn’t until he broke out into a solo artist is where we knew who the most talented Jackson was.

Michael’s rise to the top started with Off The Wall and PEAKED when Thriller came out. Thriller was the album that captivated Michael into the mega star that he already is today. The album was labeled as the biggest selling album ever and just like that, Michael Jackson was bigger than life itself

After having major success with the Bad album and Tour and despite being possibly the biggest star of his generation. Michael was feeling like he was distancing himself from his black audience. It happened to Prince where people criticized him for “becoming white” and Michael didn’t want that to happen. So he released Dangerous in 1991 which was possibly his most deepest album to date. He touched on Poverty(Why You wanna trip on me), African roots(Remember the Time), Racism(Black or White) and Heal the World which he touched on Peace on Earth.

Ironically shortly after. Michael would start becoming an open target for child molestation charges in the Summer of 1993. Michael has never recovered from the incident since and it would leave a scar that he would never get over. For many years prior he was chastised as being a weirdo but this accusation would be the first to crumble Michael’s career. People have accused him of being a child molester and painted the picture of him as a monster. Michael’s shining star began to dwindle and turmoil would haunt him for the years to come.

As the charges and accusations starting taking its toll on Michael and stressing trigger levels to the point where he reached a major Depression. Michael figured the best way to unravel that anger is by expressing it through his music. By 1995 People started to notice a change within Michael as he would release a double album titled History with a greatest hits on one disc and all new material on the second.

History shows two different worlds Michael was balancing. Disc 1 which was his greatest hits showcased the dancey grooves, the love ballads, and pop classics that made him into a phenomenon in the first place. The classics such as Billie Jean, Remember the Time, Dont Stop Till You Get Enough were present and it showed Michael at his happiest.

Then 2nd Disc showed Michael in a different mindset as he would start putting out music that reflected more of his personal trauma. The 2nd disc was full of Michael expressing his anger and basically firing back at critics, the media, and the Industry that helped made him a star and now wanted to turn on him. He even threw a diss at Dom Sheldon who he felt was responsible for trumping the charges against him:

And the cloud would continue to follow Michael throughout the years as he would engage into a very nasty feud with his record company Sony over the rights to his music and publishing. With Michael not budging and allowing himself to not get punked. Sony ended up pulling the plug on his 2001 Invincible album by not promoting any more singles, shooting no more videos, or advertising. But despite that, He still sold 2 million records.

Michael soon realized that the people who built his empire were out to get him and take everything they can from him from his fortune and dignity. This unreleased clip of Michael speaking out against racism concerning the Record Industry showed that Michael knew he was a target and that they are trying their hardest to stop him.

It wasn’t until late 2003 is where Michael would once again be accused of Child Molestation. Michael this time wanted to prove his innocence by fighting this in court and with that came tons of backlash and becoming a punchline for every comedian, rapper, entertainer, known. If the first accusation didn’t send Michael to a depression, This may have spiritually killed him.

Michael soon realized that alot of the people who helped him build his reign as the King of Pop abandoned him. His so-called friends in the Industry refused to support him out of fear of them losing their top spot and he was left along with his family and a few others to fight accusations that may put him in prison. Michael may have gotten acquitted of all charges but the damage was already done to his career and he would disappear for years to recharge his batteries.

When Michael shockingly died on June 25th 2009. He may have died possibly a lonely man, Even with all of the fame, money, and fortune this guy had, He still had hidden scars that he never were able to heal and he expressed much of that pain throughout his music.

So maybe death was the only way for Michael to find peace in the mist of sorority. It’s sad to see that he died at such a young age as we seen him grow up before our very eyes and progress into a megastar. Seeing a black man shatter the records of all of these white artists and the influence that he has made in different forms of music was truly amazing and opened up doors for so many artists singing and rapping today.

It’s a shame that it took death for people really appreciate what Michael brought to the world. Despite breaking down racial barriers by being the first black to have his video aired on MTV along with being the highest selling artist of all time breaking records from Elvis Presley, and The beatles, The media did a great job of tarnishing his image to the public to where they only remember him as being a molester and not a true visionary, a monumental entertainer and a freedom fighter for black equality in the Industry.

So R.I.P. Mike. You’re true fans are gonna continue to ride with you through the beautiful music you have blessed us with on your 50 years on this earth. You were truly a gift to this genre and a revolutionary by heart.


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