Why New Jack is the gulliest wrestler alive

If you’re a fan of the current WWE product or just got into wrestling 5 years ago then there’s a chance that you don’t have a clue of who New Jack is. McMahon has done a magnificent job of making people believe his version of ECW was legit and that the original which consisted of some of the best ass kicking wrestling in the country was nothing more than a side-show. Allow me to shed light one of my favorites from ECW, New Jack.

New Jack and Mustafa(The Gangstas) was possibly the first to really bring ” hip hop gangsterism” into professional wrestling at a time where black wrestlers were either cooning, dancing or all smiles and giggles and thats how he developed such a cult like following. The only black tag team that would come close to being bad asses were Doom which consisted of Ron Simmons and Butch Reed but the Gangstas were more violent, meaner and crazier.

New Jack had already stood out from the beginning. He would come to the ring wearing shirts from rappers such as Tupac, Snoop, Eazy, and many others, He’d have bandanas rocked like the late Tupac Shakur and he would have Dr Dre and Ice Cube’s Natural Born Killaz as their main theme song:

Around 1997-1998 The Gangstas broke up due to a fall out and New Jack started out on his own. Even though he never won the world title. He still stood due to his wild antics, diving off stages onto his opponents and him torturing his opponents with his shopping cart of weapons. While many wrestlers used chairs and tables, New Jack would use staple guns, branding irons, blades, keyboards, just whatever he could find. He was the epitome of what hardcore wrestling was all about during the 90s.

But what was possibly the most entertaining aspect of New Jack is his off the wall, controversial interviews. Never been the one to hold his tongue or be politically correct. This is possibly one of the main reasons why Jack never held the title due to him being a risk(his unpredictable behavior and background) and never being the one to play politics. New Jack didn’t care who he offended, He spoke the real on what he felt:

What made New Jack dangerous mainly is his unpredictability in the ring. Many opponents were scared to do matches with him out of fear of REALLY getting fucked up by Jack. Two of the main controversial incidents involved Mass Transit and Vic Grimes. The Mass Transit incident was one of the most horrific beatings ever seen in a wrestling ring as Jack sliced this dude’s head wide open and put heat on ECW for a long time.:

Luckily for ECW and New Jack, It was further exposed that the kid lied about his age(He was really 16 and signed to be 21) and the company wasn’t held responsible considering he lied so Jack got acquitted of the incident. The second incident would affect New Jack’s career. He and Vic Grimes did a match and one of the spots required a dive off the top of the balcony, Vic took too long to do the spot and ended up falling on top of New Jack causing him brain damage, a cracked skull, and temporary blindness in his right eye for 6 months. This incident nearly killed him:

Years later in a rematch New Jack responded by throwing Vic Grimes 50 FEET off the top of a skyscraper and literally tried to kill him. This proved that New Jack was literally CRAZY

There have been other incidents that Jack has gotten in serious trouble over or gotten heat over. From stabbing a wrestler in the ring 12 times to beating up 80-year-old Gypsy Joe within an inch of his life.
New Jack isn’t afraid of being who he is, He refused to go to WCW or WWE because he knew they would try to soften his character up or that they would be afraid of him.

New Jack would always get my respect because for right or wrong, He’s who he is. He never played politics, kissed ass or held his tongue for nothing. He’s responsible for a lot of what went on when WWE/WCW tried to bring gang war far or gangs into wrestling, The Dudleyz switched their attire into camouflage similar to New Jack as well.

Don’t go into a New Jack expecting a 5 star mat classic. All he needs is a “garbage can and I’d Whoop Yo ass!”

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    Yea, you’re dumb as fuck. If you’re going to write a blog, you should, you know, actually know how to write.

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