Bone Thugs N Harmony album breakdown III

Layzie: “During that five year period between albums we were building up companies. We were doing Mo Thugs, solo albums, and anything we had to do to stay relevant inside of the music industry. We were taking care of family. We had become one of the icons of rap history, so everybody was looking at us for direction. We began to take on a father role to our Cleveland family. We were raising children now. By the time Strength & Loyalty came out we had to show the way. We signed to Swizz Beatz’ label [Full Surface]. The first time I met with him his energy was so super cool. Swizz was like, ‘I want to do something with the group.’

“I called Krayzie immediately. I was like, ‘Shit, well, here we come.’ We did whatever we wanted to do and Swizz was with it. He could make any beat we wanted…any melody we put down. Swizz gave us that total creative control. When we did our first single ‘I Tried’ with Akon it just felt natural because Akon sounds like one of us [laughs]. His harmony matched with us so well. And when we kicked it, he was like one of us. He already had the chorus written for us. He knew our style. He’s a real dude that loves harmony and music. We actually did three songs off the rip. But I actually met Akon when he came home from the pen. When I was in Atlanta I kicked it with him so strong and we didn’t even know each other like that. When real people meet each other, you know they are real off the rip.”

Flesh: “Reuniting was something we worked diligently on. Me and Bizzy were the missing links. We wanted to make sure Bone moved forward to its highest level. These boys were pounding it out when I was gone, so to have the opportunity to come back was huge. It’s like now they have their big bro back… you better watch out. I have the backs of each of my beloveds. And they got my back as well.”

Layzie: “We felt really blessed at that time. Bone could have easily been over. But by Flesh serving 10 years in the penitentiary—our oldest Bone who had been locked down and gone through hell—he did everything he had to do to get out of there. We just told each other, ‘Okay. We are never breaking up…we still look young and we are still selling albums.’ We just kept going. Everybody from Wish to Bizzy felt the same way. We came together to do Uni5 because Flesh was home.”

Flesh: “God is the most ultimate in all of this. No matter how much people try to deny our achievements, no matter how much they try to write us off, our legacy speaks for itself. We are innovators. We invented a hip-hop genre in a sense and still climbing on it. One of my latest projects is a website called Flesh-n-Bone where I’m going to introduce artists and exclusive music that fans can catch a glimpse and hear exclusive music, fashion and news. We will feature myself and all Bone affiliated artists. I got the Blaze of Glory solo album, which will be released spring of 2011. And I have a mixtape called Hip-Hop Royalty that I’m working on as well.”

Layzie: “Our mission is the same as it was in the beginning. After ‘Thuggish Ruggish Bone’ I said, ‘Roll with the Bone, Mo Thugs gone follow.’ I didn’t know what I was talking about back then, but now it’s clear. First and foremost is Bone Thugs-n-Harmony…secondly is the Mo Thugs family. We have a new project called The Harmony House. We plan to build centers around the country so that these kids can get out of the street. As for artists, I have my wife Felecia and I have my youngest three kids who are very talented. I’m building a conglomerate of music that will never stop. Under the Bone umbrella we have LBG and then you have Bizzy and his projects. And then we have Krayzie Bone’s The Life Entertainment, which him and Wish are partners in. And I have a solo album coming out called The Definition. And we are working on a book and a movie.”

Flesh: “We have become a live band touring group as well. We just came off the E: 1999 Tour. We were happy with that one. It was one of the greatest tours we have been a part of. It gives insight into our future. We are up onstage with a live band, kicking it and getting it in. We are going to take the tour globally and do a live band album. Bone Thugs will never stop.”

Layzie: “The future is better because it’s unlimited. We have shown that kids all over the ghetto nation and all over the world that they can do what they strive to do. That’s what Bone’s success is to me: inspiration to the world. Bone Thugs-n-Harmony’s legacy is here to stay forever like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and all the greats.”

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  1. Olaofe chelsea says:

    I love bone thugs and h most especially body rott and cleveland rock.

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