My Bomb 1st


This is probably gonna be one of the first actual RANTS that I’m gonna go on since starting this blog. I’ve been known to been objective, fair and balanced(No Fox News) to many topics covering everything from Hip Hop Culture to Sports to Fashion to promoting for my people

After I rant, Im going back to business. My language is gonna be HARSHER, Im gonna be more brutal here, Im gonna be less Intellegent and more Ignorant so if you can’t respect it then skip ya monkey ass out of my spot because you weren’t no true supporter of mines anyways!

Its back to business but in 2010 is where we experienced bitchassness in not only music but in also modern culture in society as well. I’m gonna break it down for you right here and there starting with hip hop.

Hip Hop

The rawness and hardcore appeal of hip hop is DYING. Theres no if ands or buts about it. I seen the shift in hip hop slowly start to change when Kanye West defeated 50 Cent in their 2007 sales battle, It further when Obama got elected and when MTV decided to stop showing “Hardcore Hip Hop” and want to promote more” Obama style music” or whatever the fuck that means. But nevertheless it really hit the fan when 50 Cent’s last album Before I Self Destruct did MISRABLE first week numbers and just like that, It was the end of hardcore hip hop in the mainstream being promoted.

JayZ managed to stay afloat by buddy buddying with whomever’s hot at the moment along with changing his entire sound to a more Kanye/Drake pop related sound which while was a huge seller of 2009 was actually one of the WORST albums he has ever done. The current hip hoppers that are kings of the moment from Eminem, Drake, Kanye, Wayne, Jay, and others maybe making good music which Im not gonna knock but is it raw, in your face, ice pick music? FUCK NO! We went from that hardcore Ridah music


Whatever the fuck you call this. You niggas should be ashamed for allowing this nigga to even pick up a microphone let alone rap!

Another thing Im tired of these lil niggas whining about is how “their hated on because their dissed” #1 Nigga this is HIP HOP! This is not R&b where you think you can come in here, sing, make bad music, make your money and chill. Take your punk ass to Alternative Rock if hardcore confrontation is bad for your nerves you shell-shocked ass niggas.

If thats your lane then stay in it but don’t come on some “Im the best rapper alive or the best bitch” if you’re gonna bitchout when it comes to a duel. Thats whats happening today, Rappers today want that respect of a heavyweight champion but don’t wanna do any groundwork to earn the name. How can you call yourself a warrior if you havent experienced any competition?

Then you have these lil niggas talking about “oh Nicki Minaji ethered lil Kim in that interview” NEWSFLASH, You can’t ETHER nobody on no damn blog in hip hop. Muhammad ali talked alot of shit about Joe Fraizer and “Ethered him” many times during their press conferences of their first fight but who ended up getting his ass busted when the bell rang? My thoughts exactly so shut the fuck up and learn culture before spewing your crack baby opinions.

Today Hip Hop are breaking the rule books of biting(Nicki Minaji), not battling when called out(Drake) Lying about your image(Rick Ross), Allowing pop artists on albums(Lady Gaga) or little idiots going out of their way disrespecting legends(Soulja Boy and Ice T) Hip Hop has lost touch with the rules along the way to riches and took a piss on the term principles. You fake paper champion holding ass only treating rap as a hustle niggas are KILLING the game with your garbage. FUCK this 2010 hip hop bubblegum shit, Give me my Redman Dare iz a Darkside cd now and so on to the next one!


My My My My My My My have the NBA have fallened off! It’s hard to believe that as a kid growing up watching intense rivalries such as Pistons/Lakers. Lakers/Pistons Celtics/Bulls Knicks/Bulls that it would come to this. The League has softened up within every year its such a shame and as you watch NBA in 2010 that you can tell that the heart is there due to the fact that there’s some players such as Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Shaq, and a few others from the 90s that are actually keeping that competitive spirit flowing. These muthafuckas today are too busy prancing around, smiling for cameras, kissing babies, and cooning for the camera instead of being passionate about winning. Ive dissed Kobe Bryant MANY times and cant stand the man but one thing I do give Kobe credit for is that nigga is a COMPETITOR. He wants to win a title. When you see him directing his teammates and operating from the clipboard like a coach, THATS a true competitor.

I can’t solely put the blame on the players for being mindless bitchmade thrones because thats what the way David Stern designed the league from the beginning. He doesn’t the NBA to become “too black” by having brothers wear cornrolls, tattoos, baggy shorts, or act like a street baller whenever he’s pissed off of a sissy foul. For those who don’t also know, It’s also obvious that Stern wasn’t really fond of Michael Jordan either because of this(the baggy shorts, the soulfulness he brought to the game) but he had no choice but to market him and deal with him because of the fact that Michael was making the league so much money so it was an issue of Stern having no choice but to know his role, shut his mouth and led Jordan lead the league. He’s also have problems with Iverson, Rodman, Rashaeed Wallace, Charles Oakley and many others because they were either too rough on the leagues golden boys at the time, they looked “too street” or because they didn’t follow the leagues politics of kissing ass.

(Charles Oakley speaking on this shit)

The league today is so bitchmade that its disgusting. Watching Lebron destroy the Cavaliers in their home court and them not even being angry about it further proves another one of the main points I’ve been making. The league’s rules in 2010 have even softened up. You foul hard, It’s a fragrant, You touch a player, its a foul, you yell, curse, or scream, It’s a tech. You show emotion, You’re ejected, You cant even wear HEADBANDS. Fuck David Stern with a bullsdick! This cocksucker is sucking the soul out of the NBA with his shenanigans and sadly enough theres not alot of headstrong players that are out today paying attention to this as they are out too busy tricking off strippers, buying cars, houses, and being pansies on the court instead of acting like men and standing up for the game that the veterans killed themselves over the years to make presentable in a honorable fashion.


Now This here is tricky. I’m a Floyd Mayweather fan. Been defending him off and on for the past 6 years, I respect Manny Pac-man’s Pacquio’s style of boxing as well and I feel that he’s very exciting to watch. But enough of the trash talk, enough of the twitter/youtube shit talk. Just give the fans what they want and FIGHT DAMMIT! I’ve NEVER seen two boxers so damn scared of each other in my life! What is so hard to just calling your agents? deciding on a purchasing purse for both of the fighters, steroid testing both of them cleanly and then getting it on? You two niggas are DISCRACING boxing with these bitchmade antics. You think Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robertson, Mike Tyson, Hopkins, Roy Jones or even De La Hoya’s punk ass would keep the fans on their heels like this? Both of these guys are taking easy fights for some odd reason to avoid crossing paths so its obvious that if one of them lose, SOMEBODY is gonna take a serious ego hit. But as fans of the sport, I couldn’t give a damn about ego, money, politics or none of that. I want to see a fight between two of the best so both of yall need to shut the hell up with the lip service, sign that contract and GET IT ON!

Fuck all of this politics, We aren’t accountants or managers, We’re fans and I feel that both of these guys egos are costing us on what could have been our biggest fight since Tyson-Holyfield.

WWE/TNA/Wrestling in General

Vince Mchmahon is KILLING wrestling(creativity) right now. This muthafucker doesn’t have a clue or any idea anymore on how to keep his product fresh to the public. He has already alienated his true fan base by insulting our intelligence of erasing important wrestlers such a Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage, Chris Benoit and many others for personal reasons or stupid reasons. He’s erased them and brainwashed the generation coming up to the point where they don’t remember the old school guys such as Jake Roberts, Savage, Hogan, Flair, Funk, Mick Foley, and others who have helped keep Vince Mchmahon’s boat from sinking many times from the Government or competition that was kicking his ass during the time period(WCW). He done dumbed down the product to the point where it doesn’t feel like a wrestling show or a big fight atmosphere but it further feel s like your going to a cotdamn Justin Beiber concert. Alot of the storylines are silly, The characters are basically made from corporate offices along with them being fed scripts to memorize for their interviews instead of allowing a wrestler to be creative himself and come up with concepts.

(Paul Heyman telling him like it is!)

Another big factor is the UFC has come along and takened away the blood thirsty crowd that Vince McMahon once held when he was the King of Television during 1998-1999. Many fans felt Vince was ignoring them and insulting their intelligence so they went to UFC where its nonstop action, blood, violence, and in your face rivalries. Nothing made up, nothing wrote from a writer. You can tell by looking at the Frank Mir/Brock Lesnar or Rampage/Rashad Evans fueds that this was DRAWN hatred between these guys and it sold like flapjacks. McMahon and his group of idiots on the other hand are still trying to make us believe that a rapper turned Marine(John Cena) can actually be attacked and still beat up that same group of henchmen within 5 minutes.

Lets not forget the fact that a lot of the good wrestlers for whatever reason are either kept off TV, released, or buried for some stupid reason. And to further them going the sissy route, They have actually takened out blood, chair shots, chops to the chest(Because it reminisces Ric Flair) and choking moves. How the fuck are you gonna market fighting to the masses and put limitations to it?!

The only way for the WWE to get better is for McMahon and company to take a HUGE financial hit and maybe they can wake the fuck up and actually produce some better quality wrestling.

Thats my ranting right there and somebody PLEASE tell Sarah Palin to go shoot her self, I’m tired of seeing this dumb airhead worthless bitch been talked about everyday

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