Kanye West My Dark Twisted Fantasy Review

Kanye West’s latest album should celebrate the triumphant return of a what was said to be a “lost soul”. Shortly after defeating 50 Cent on their historic soundscan battle in 2007, Kanye’s celebration as current hip hop king would soon be bitter-sweet as he would experience possibly the most devastating lost of his life, The Death of his mother. The lost of Kanye’s mother had more of an effect than Kanye was willing to admit. It would send him on a several depression. His actions post 808 and Heartbreaks would become more bizarre as he would make pubic headlines all over the country by unscripted interrupting an acceptance speech from Taylor Smith at the 2009 MTV Video awards. And just like that over night, Kanye West was possibly the most hated man in America for a very long time.

Between receiving hate for his antics, critics panning his 808 and heartbreaks album and with him still not having the time to mourn the death of his mother due to his hectic schedule. The pressures of fame seems to have takened a toll on Ye and further added to his depression. He would appear on a record here and there but he wouldn’t promote the album until he did some soul-searching.

While Ye was currently on AWOL.net rumors for years would further swarm about him being apart of the “Illuminati” that he’s a devil worshiper, suicidal, gay, racist, controversal. The list goes on but theres one thing that you have to give Kanye West credit for is the fact that he’s a brilliant musician that isn’t AFRAID of pushing the buttons, Even if it means pissing off Mainstream America with some of his antics or even the President. His first single Power which showcases Ye’s improved rapping skills along with him returning to his concious spitting reminiscent from his College Dropout Days.

What is impressive about this album is the fact that Kanye seems more rejuvenated with his rhyming and felt he had a point to prove to his critics and the people that have spite him over the years. Kanye knew that with this album that he had to come with a very stellar album. Critics completely panned 808 and Heartbreaks for its crooning and mediocre production. The songs on Dark Fantasy are what we love to hear from Kanye. There are songs such as Runaway, Gorgeous, and Dark Fantasy where Ye is laying it in on his critics and naysayers that have pretty much tried to bury him:

Kanye also made sure to tap into the hip hop market this time around being as he possibly felt that his success may have made alot of hardcore hip hoppers not bump his music anymore. He recruited a all star cast featuring JayZ, Nicki Minaji, Rick Ross and Bon Iver for Monster which could satisfy the 17 and under crowd being that alot of these rappers are currently hot in the mainstream. Ye also serves up an appetizer for the “real hip hop fans” by recruiting JayZ(once again), Pusha T, Swizz, and RZA(Yes Wu Tang RZA!) for So appalled. The controversal track was said to have caused a brief issue with Hammer and JayZ due to Jay’s verse about Hammer’s bankruptcy.

What further impressed me about Dark, Twisted Fantasy is the honesty behind it. He’s one of the few artists of this generation that isn’t afraid of baring his soul in front of his audience. Song’s such as the musically rich Devil in a New Dress where he reflects about his relationship about an ex Girlfriend(Amber Rose?) shows Ye’s vurnablity as an artist as well as the very comical Blame Game which features Ye possibly talking about his relationships with Rose and hilarious commentary from Chris Rock.

Ye also showcases his brilliance that he proved on his earlier albums Late Registration and Graduation. He decides to tap into the rock star rebel sound on Hell of a Life where Ye once shows his versatility as he puts a very bizarre twist to the Black Sabbath metal classic IronMan. continuation of West’s brilliance for stepping up from a rapper into more of a artistic platform is on All the LIghts which is an homage to the late Michael Jackson and My personal favorite Lost in the World where Ye may have reached his peak as not only a hip hop artist but as a musician.

Overall I enjoyed MDTF and it should standout as one of Kanye’s finest work next to College Dropout , Late Registration and Graduation. It wasn’t only the media crucifixion that may have played a possibility on why Ye came out with a point to prove. It’s also the fact that he took some serious time out to do some soul-searching and put his heart behind this album. You get to witness Ye’s struggles with his relationships, his arrogance, his fame, and feel his anger as he’s lashing out at his critics along with him showing a touch of pro blackness Even though album sales are at an all time low, This is one album that you definitely should add to your collection. Support Good Music!

Album Rating:9/10

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