Spice 1 187 He Wrote(Classic album of the week)

Before Young Jeezy, 50 Cent, Mobb Deep or whomever claiming gangsta on wax There was Spice One. Its pretty easy to forget about Spice One being that the west coast isn’t currently on the radar and that he wasn’t as big of a star during the peak of the West Coast. But what people dont know is that Spice is one of the first cats that made murder on wax acceptable to talk about. now being that he isn’t really putting out any more new material at the moment but He was one of the few cats that made killing on wax acceptable to talk about.

Critics stereotype Gangsta Rappers as generic emcees because they only talk about guns, money, bitches and murder along with not being able to be lyrically complex. Well Spice One is pretty much different from most gangsta rappers that came out during that time period He has an interesting deep delivery and can also show versatility as well. While songs on the album I’m the Fuckin Murderer, Dumpin em in Ditches, and the Murda Show featuring McEiht shows Spice telling his graphic tales of Murder in the hood.

He can flip almost any style on the mic whenever its the Bone Thugs type of flow(he showcases it on his followup album) the Reggae rapid style which he shows on Smoke em like a Blunt and with his unvivid storytelling of graphic scenarios that are occurring everyday in the life. Spice showcases his storytelling ability on Do Ring the Alarm and Runnin Out the Crackhouse to silence critics about his talent being limited. Whats further impressive about Spice’s skill set is how he redid Nigga Gots No Heart by doing a cleaner version titled like Trigga Gots no Heart which has NO Profanity.

My personal favorite track on the album is R.I.P. where he goes deep and gives out shoutouts to his friends and loved ones that have passed away.

Overall this is probably Spice’s most underrated album. I seriously doubt the hip hop crowd of hipsters wearing skinny jeans and doing dance songs would digest Spice 1’s style of music considering its aggressive and hard-hitting. It’s clear that Spice 1 isn’t aiming for that demographic. He’s speaking to the gangstas and the people in the struggle that can relate to everyday hood life.Fans of hardcore gangsta hip hop should add this album to their collection.

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3 Responses to Spice 1 187 He Wrote(Classic album of the week)

  1. sirak says:

    Great read man,,an absolute classic..R.I.P is my favorite track

  2. Shit I am 187 all the way, I know that many will probably never be able to stomach this rap. But as a gangsta rap fan, you are one of the best to me, and always will be.

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