Outlawz Killumanti 2k10

I can’t say that I wasn’t suprised when I seen this coming. Ive always been a fan of the Outlawz and felt they were always underated as a group. Its too bad Fatal didn’t get a chance to be on their albums because he was obviously the best member of the group. But with Khadafi dead, Napaoleon converting to Islam, and their deal with Cashville Records falling under due to Young Buck’s bad busines decisions The group was left in lambo and reunited as a trio to put out Killumanti 2K10.

The Outlawz are clearly following the plan where their general Tupac left off and hopefully people would pick this up and give them a chance because this is a nice!

01. Fear Factor Intro (feat. DJ Smallz)
02. From The Bottom (Prod. by Cy Fyre)
03. Dream Big (Prod. by A-One)
04. Kush Dreams (feat. Freeway) (Prod. by BandGeeks)
05. It Ain’t Over (Prod. by DrumGang)
06. Most Of My Life (Prod. by Cy Fyre)
07. I Can’t Complain (feat. Stormey) (Prod. by Lexx Lucazi)
08. Killuminati 2K10 (feat. Mainavent) (Prod. by Cozmo)
09. Cooley High (feat. Tey Martel & Tony Atlanta) (Prod. by Cy Fyre)
10. Never See Tommoro (feat. Ali Bang & Bigg Mizz) (Prod. by 2Face)
11. They Wanna Know (Prod. by BandGeeks)
12. Edi – Reach For The Sky (Prod. by BeatFanatik)
13. Fatal – Do It Right (Prod. by Hussein Fatal)
14. Young Noble – Great Grandaddy Kush (Prod. by J Remy)
15. Seen It All (feat. Young Buck) (Prod. by BandGeeks)
16. She Fresh (Prod. by Cozmo)
17. Fillmoe Slim (Prod. by Cy Fyre)
18. Facedown (feat. DJ XRated) (Prod. by BandGeeks)
19. Feel Good For Ya (Prod. by Mista Marcus)
20. Count My Blessings (feat. The Jacka) (Prod. by Automatik)
21. Gotta Get It (feat. Yung LA) (Prod. by Cozmo & Maxwell Smart)
22. Immortals (feat. GLC) (Prod. by Tha Formula)

Download here!:

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