Sickest Lloyd Banks Punchlines

Since emerging on the scene as one of 50 Cent’s young gunners. Banks proved himself to be one of the games sickest spitters. If he isn’t playing around more acre’s than Michael’s Monkey or “Putting a bitch in a boston crab”. The Punchline King aka Blue Heffner has been laying down some of the nicest verses since his career started in 2002. He hit a slump from 06-07 but he seems to have been getting his hunger back and is looking to escape 50’s shadow.

Hunger For More II is shaping up to be Banks’s biggest album to date. so in the meantime, Im gonna give yall some of the nastiest punchlines the kid has ever delivered on wax. After reading these lines, Its clear to see that he’s currently the punchline king!

” I thought about clappin Fat Joe But why hit him with the iron? He one big mac away from dyin”

“This shit can get uglier than a Master P sneaker”

“I know the watch bothering your vision but reach and I’ll put a dot on your head like its part of your religion”

“Don’t talk shit to the star’s bro, I’ll have more niggaz leaning over your whip than a car show”

Try to play me, and I’ll make your blood flow faster than the old Jay-Z”

– “I’m feelin new, but I demand some respect, ‘cuz I already wear your advance on my neck”

-“BIG is the rap I Puff to…that’s why I’m on the level you need to step your rap game up to”

-“Even my father knows where the revolver goes…I’ll bring the beef to your front door like Dominoes”

-“Sit back and blow me, and argue over my balls like Shaq and Kobe”

-“I’ve seen girls turn to double dumb hoes, then they get pregnant…another one grows”

-“You don’t know nothing about what pain is sucker… I’ll put your ass underground like a train conductor muthafucker

-“I’m tired of you niggaz with your maybe beef, we gonna be here forever, you’re temporary like baby teeth”

-“I’m walkin with the fire, so if you say Banks in your verse, then you better be talking about Tyra”

– “Look dawg I don’t roam with the poodles…Difference is I’m eating in Rome and your eating Roman Noodles”

– “You see a lot of bling on stage, it’s probably mine…I got 4 rings on me like the Audi-sign”

– “You’re never gonna pop like 10 gold chains that’s why your chick’s blowing on me like Nintendo Games”

-“You’re crying in the dark and I knew it…Next time you think about killing yourself..Do It!” (Disses The Game)

-“High and hazy, shady, grimey, slimey in every way…30 cities, 30 shooters, we’re like the NBA”

– “To fade me its gonna take more than guts, you need the eye of the tiger, heart of a lion and King Kong’s nuts”

-“Every day I got a new bitch, and when I’m done with her it look like she dove headfirst into cool whip”

– “We aint rich …We’ ll be glad to snatch ya, I’ll send cars to your crib like im a cab dispatcher”

-“I stay with the biscuit….only way i get blue balls is if da bitch got on blue lipstick”

-“He remembers when they wouldn’t lend a helping hand…Till he was sittin’ on green like a Celtics fan”

– “I don’t do Jet Blue..I flew the Jet back”

-“My bottom chick gets 4 thumbs…her ass looks like jeans on top of drums”

– “Don’t make me send a beast at u…have ur man walkin around with another rest in peace tattoo”

-“Make me wanna fry his hat and put a butterfly blade on his butterfly tat”

-“As long as i’m here, I’m gonna grab checks, and make my cash stretch longer than giraffe’s necks”

-“I light up trees like everyday’s Christmas”

-“I dont argue with bitches, that only adds me stress, I’ll toss a bitch out the mansion like Jazzy Jeff”

-“You’re still struggling down to your last rock, G-Unit is Gorilla’s and Black Child’s the mascot”

-“You Violate, I’m sendin you to God..I’m no peacemaker, that’s my jewelers job”

– “We respected highly, so you aint gotta practice gymnastics to catch a body”

-I’m ridin dirty but the Bent’ pimp clean…It got a body like I feed it Creatine

Pussy equals power, power puts niggaz in prison, prison puts niggaz in positions to be someone isn’t-whip pussy

Papa said handcuffing the hoe’s a sin so Im straight out da gutter like a bowling pin

Fuck Platinum yall aint even passin wood/ I have ya hands in the air like the baskets good

Im Flyin back to Miami just to do a feature/ Cuz they throwin paper at me like a Substitute teacher

Lloyd Banks DESTROYING Rick Ross Officer Down

Rather Be Me

Big Bully

I’m definitely copping Hunger For More when it drops. I hope Banks can deliever a coheisive album

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11 Responses to Sickest Lloyd Banks Punchlines

  1. I should come out with a new album. Hunger for More Ass

    “Wifey = My better Hoe”

  2. michael says:

    “the whip shine like theres baby oil on it”…. PLK all day

  3. lou money says:


  4. Punn says:


  5. kingbanks says:

    damn lloydbanks used to be a beast with the punches. but the real PLK was always cassidy

  6. Tony says:

    I luv king lloyd banks

  7. phumla says:

    this m.f does it better

  8. Frank veyron says:

    Lloyd Banks got great punchlines…but cassidy has the greatest punchlines in the history of rap

  9. Scott Randolph says:

    ‘Substitute teacher’… Banks is that dude. Nevertheless, ‘ You only wear yellow ice bcuz you pissed in the freezer’, from the track ‘You’re Not Ready’ on God’s Plan. That PL got my attention.

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