7 Reasons why Lil Wayne IS Hip Hop.

Top 7 reasons why Lil Wayne IS Hip Hop!

This was a big week for hip hop. It was the week Lil Wayne who was serving a 1 year term was finally freed from prison. When he stepped upon ground, He was greeted by thousands of fans, big time rappers, and many of his peers. The release of Wayne from prison may have not been as big as Tupac’s 1995 release but it did capture alot of mainstream attention, Even more so for better or worse than the 2010 Election. This goes to show you that Wayne done solidified himself in the game as a star.

Soon as many people read the title, I knew “Real hip hop heads” are sure to take aim at me, I can see the comments now. “What the hell are you smoking?!” “Lil Wayne aint real hip hop!” “You’re taste in Hip Hop is wack!” But before You stone me to death, I have some very valid reasons on why I feel Lil Wayne is just as Hip Hop as JayZ, Eminem, Nas, and many others who have gotten phrase.

For those who don’t know, Ive been listening to Cash Money since 1997-1998 going back to the days where Juvenile dropped his 400 Degreez album, BG’s Chopper City Volume II and The Hot Boys Guerilla Warfare album. I never imagined in a my wildest imagination that Lil Wayne would emerge as the biggest star of that group. I’ve always had my bet on Juvenille and B.G. becoming bigger than him but label issues, bad business decisions, and substance addictions killed that theory.

Every time I watch a YouTube video or WorldStar Video. There are always complaining and talking about “This is real hip hop here! Fuck Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy, and T-Pain” “This is raw, better that pop filled Lil Wayne garbage” “Weezy is pop music, He never was hip hop!” But what people don’t understand is that Lil Wayne’s come up IS hip hop. I may not agree with some of the things that he represents or done(The false blood claiming and kissing Birdman) but he’s a great rapper So allow me to break down 5 reasons on why I feel Lil Wayne is hip hop:

#1.His work ethic
Being that he lives, breathes, and eats in the studio, It’s clear that Weezy has a PASSION for Hip Hop. Its something missing from a lot of these artists today. They don’t have that passion and desire for the music, Their clearly around to only collect the check. Lil Wayne from 2005-2008 has clocked out over 700 to more songs in a 3 year span including guest appearances. You can tell that he wanted to constantly improve his music, Look at the progression from the Hot Boys(1997-2002 days to the Squad up days(2002-2004) to the first Carter album(2004- Present). Many have claimed to have written for Wayne and wanted credit for his progression as a rapper but my question to those artists is if thats the case then Where is your “Carter album?”

#2. He isn’t afraid of being himself.

Love him or hate him. Lil Wayne from the time he entered the game never tried changing who he is or who he represented. He even told Katie Couric :”Im a gangster, I do what I wanna do” and he clearly has done that. Wayne isn’t afraid to experiment with his music and even though many times Its been a hit or miss(with him doing Rock Music or Auto tuning) You still have to tip your hat to him for not being afraid of experimenting into new levels and not allowing the label to control or dictate his music.

#3. He actually has substance in his music

YES I said it.. Lil Wayne can actually come through with some very meaningful music. Alot of people are distracted by the radio records such as Lolipop, Bedrock, Every Girl, Prom Queen, and many others. Bit Wayne when he wants too can drop some of his best records when he’s saying something and actually sticking to the topic. He wasn’t afraid of going after George Bush for his abandoning of Hurricane Katrina on Georgia Bush, He appeared on Nas and Damien Marley’s My Generation spitting a verse to spark hope and inspire change and my personal record My Hands Tied is where he reflects on his feelings about love ones and friends he lost to Katrina.

#4.His stage presence

Wayne is one of the best live performers in their game today. Due to his unpredictable antics(Him putting on Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You at the end of every show, Busting his ass while running on stage, Making fun of Drake falling during his performance on stage) You never know what you may get at a Lil Wayne show and he really knows how to control the crowd. Check him out trying to dance like Soulja Boy:

#5. He isn’t afraid of the challenge

Unlike many rappers that would pull verses or themselves out of songs out of fear of being embarrassed or outshined. Lil Wayne on the other hand embraces the challenge and isn’t afraid to test his skill set. He’s been doing records with everybody from Jadakiss, JayZ, Nas, Eminem, Kanye West, T.I, Raekwon, Game, Busta Rhymes, Fabolous and even did records with NC underground group Little Brother. Wayne isn’t afraid of being upstaged, He tries to bring his A game every time he jumps on the track.

#6. He can actually RAP, Check out his mixtapes

Lil Wayne always knew how to rap going back to his days as a youngin in the Hot Boys. It wasn’t until The Carter album is where people really started paying attention. Putting Wayne in the category with the Gucci Mane’s, Shawty Lo’s, Waka Flocka’s, and OJ Da Juiceman’s of the world is disrespectful to Wayne in a sense where dude has worked really hard to maintain his position and came a long way from the The Block Is Hot to now.. If you don’t think he isn’t talented. I suggest you check out The Carter Albums, I Cant Feel MY face, Dedication 1 and 2.

#7 Weezy knows how to cater to his fanbase without alienating them

Wayne actually knew with him crossing over that he would possibly alienate his true fans with his new-found of success. He actually found a way to reach new fans along with keeping his core base happy. He released his album The Rebirth STRICTLY for the rock crowd so it would help him gain new fans(which he did), He put out mixtapes for the streets such as No Ceilings to keep his core base satisfied. He proceeded to release The Carter III which went platinum after one week due to the fact that Wayne knew how to satisfy his current fan base(The streets) as well gained a new one.(The Women with Lolipop and Mrs Officer).

The bottom line is that you don’t have to like his music, I feel that alot of his music have been hit and miss. Misses when he’s autotuning or when he’s doing that hard rock shit. Theres also times where I feel he puts out TOO MUCH music. But when he gets serious and start rapping, Theres no question that he’s one of the best mainstream rappers out right now.

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2 Responses to 7 Reasons why Lil Wayne IS Hip Hop.

  1. VKLO says:

    Great article. It always irritates me when I go to a website/video for hip hop and read some random comment stating “Wayne isn’t hip hop”. I think people only started paying attention after the Carter III, when he went mainstream. But if they would listen to the Prefix, Suffix, Lil Weezyana, etc. then there is no way they could deny the talent. Once again, great article.

    • escobar300 says:

      Lil Wayne is just as hip hop as you can get. He comes across as a person that treats the artform like a sport and he isn’t afraid of taking chances as a artist. I cant get down with alot of the autotuning or Rock music he’s trying to do but he dropped No Celings to show people that he can still get down with the best of them and that he didn’t forget about rap. Excellent point about his mixtapes. That dude stayed on a then sinking ship(Cash Money in 2002-2003) and decided to take charge as the face of Cash Money because he was always overshadowed by Juvenille and B.G. It paid off and look where he’s at now.

      Thanks for the comment!

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