The Tragedy of Lauryn Hill

The Tragedy of Lauryn Hill.

The Music Industry is a blood sucking business. There have been many artists that have broken their backs or squeezed every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears into the game not to be left homeless, in debt by the label, enslaved by scheming contracts or broke while the Industry makes billions off their talent. Its been an on going cycle since the 40’s and 50s when White label executives and record label owners would create paperwork to purposely keep black artists under control and enslavement. Even going as far as to putting white singing groups on the cover and using their black artists to cover up the vocals so they can make people believe that it were white artists singing their tunes. Record Company Pimping has been going on since the beginning but we never knew that there were different people with the wrong intentions controlling the industry until recently(The Illuminati).

There have been many heated debates for the past three years about the Illuminati been a heated and at many times sensitive topic thats been trending all over not only the Industry but also in barber shops, radio stations, chat rooms, or even DVDs that have been released about the Illuminati takeover in Hip Hop. Many high-profile artists are said to be apart of this takeover as well. While this may have been a forever hot debate, Theres no denying the fact that the Illuminati takeover or the corruption behind the Record Industry caused a downfall to one of Hip Hop’s most gifted female emcees. Lauryn Hill.

The Fugees(The beginining stages)

The story of what happened with Lauryn Hill’s career was a very bizarre one that had its highest of highs and lowest of lows. When she started as a member of the Fugees, People knew that she was a star destined to shine. The Fugees was one of the best Hip Hop Groups in the 90’s and were different from alot of the groups coming out from the East at the time because Lauryn was gifted emcee in her own right along with the ability to sing R&B. Wyclef was a decent rapper in his own right but he brough a whole reggae feel to the group and Pras well.. He was just Pras. A very below average emcee but he fit in well with the group and played his position. Their first album titled Blunted On Reality was a real solid debut from the trio with them following the hardcore boom bap East Coast sound that was popping at the time.

Nappy Roots


The album sold 2 million copies worldwide but it wasn’t until their sophomore album titled The Score is where the group would achieve superstar status. The album followed by smash singles such as Fugee-La and Killing Me Softly(which had radio game on smash) not only took the group to the next level but also put primary focus on Lauryn Hill as she was obviously the main attraction of the group. The Score would lead to multi platinum sales making it one of the highest selling records of 1996 and even made them eligible to win a grammy. But what people didn’t know was that this was gonna be the end of the Fuggees and a new beginning for their solo careers respectively.

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Around that time period, Lauryn Hill was working on her solo abum which would soon to be The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. This was gonna be a different direction that Lauryn was gonna take with her music. There were obvious tension within the Fugees crew(Mainly Clef and Lauryn) because Clef was nowhere to be found on her debut album. What really made people pay more alert to the obvious tension between the former band mates were some of the songs on The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill were breaking down the relationship between her and Clef and her frustrations with the group. This wasn’t the only battle she was dealing with. She had to fight with the label over her sound and what direction she wanted to take with the album. The label heavily pushed her to go the Prince direction despite the fact that the album had heavy collaborations already. Lauryn felt going that direction may not only throw off the concept of the album but would be against what she wanted to release as an artist. Lauryn wouldn’t budge and stuck with the vision that she planned for her album. Songs such as the first street single Lost Ones showed that Lauryn can still get down with the best of them on the mic when it came to rapping and obviously threw some bars at Wyclef:

But whatever issues were going on at the time became a distant memory once the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill finally hit shelves. The album ended up being a critical and commercial success which made Lauryn Hill a mega solo star overnight. The Miseducation opened up alot of doors of success for Lauryn, Doors that were even larger than the ones that she has went through as a star of a group. Lauryn’s star would shine even brighter as she would be the first woman to be nominated for 10 Grammy awards in one year and setting another record with winning 5 in one night. Her rise to success was well-earned as The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill would remain as one of the greatest albums to have come out within the decade. Lauryn would have not only become a successful artist but a positive spokesperson for positive black women and a classified sex symbol.

Her Downfall

But as the Notorious B.I.G. once potently quoted. The more money you make, The more problems you will see and Lauryn’s shining star would slowly crumble starting with lawsuits from New Ark(The group of musicians that heavily contributed to her album) claiming that they co wrote or produced 95% off the album. This accusation was very heavy at the time, It had many people believing that Lauryn was a fraud for not writing all of her music, Lauryn, management, and her label would soon settle for a 5 million agreement in 2001.The fame started to become too much for Lauryn to handle and she started to become dissatisfied with having to maintain a “perfect “image to bare as it gotten to the point where she disliked having to go to grocery stores without makeup.

Lauryn felt that the powers to be had too much of a control of her life. Her relationship with Rohan Marley was also rumored to be on the rocks and felt she had to make drastic changes. She fired her whole management, stopped doing interviews, watching television, and just vanished from the Industry claiming in her words:

“I had to step away when I realized that for the sake of the machine, I was being way too compromised. I felt uncomfortable about having to smile in someone’s face when I really didn’t like them or even know them well enough to like them.”

The rumors began to swarm about Lauryn over the years. That she started doing drugs, she had a nervous breakdown, she joined a cult, or just flat-out went crazy. Alot of the answers to those questions would be revealed on a MTV special unplugged where Lauryn Hill made her first public appearance in years to perform some new material. This was a different Lauryn, A Lauryn that was battling depression, her trademark locks were replaced with a headband and a baseball cap. She sat on a stool with her guitar looking like a lost soul looking for a way out of the lifestyle that she had chosen. Alot of the new material reflected on heartache, pain, and the truth behind the Record Industry who she felt tried to silence her voice and suppress her:

The Fugees Reunion to the Present

She would soon vanish again after this performance.But it wasn’t until 2004 at the Dave Chappelle Block Party is where she would reunite with Clef and Pras to perform the Fugees classic Fugee-La. It was a shocker and built heavily anticipation for a reunion album and showed that the group could still work together as a trio. But like before egos would once again clash with Clef claiming that Lauryn was in diva mode by wanting to be referred as “Miss Hill” instead of Lauryn Hill. She would continue the diva like behavior by not showing up for rehearsals and being late for shows. The highly anticipated reunion would soon fizzle with Lauryn claiming The Fugees was a conspiracy to control, to manipulate and to encourage dependence. I took a lot of abuse that many people would not have taken in these circumstances.”.

The Present

Continuing her erratic behavior over the years, Lauryn would make her return doing shows in a bizzardo different look. lot of her appearances over the years have been made wearing a clown wig, bad makeup, circus outfits, with her further angering her fans by constantly showing up usually 45 to 50 minutes late doing shows. Her once beautiful voice became very raspy along with the fact that its clear that Lauryn was either battling some serious demons or soul-searching for a way out of the matrix.

The Truth

The bottom line is this was a sad way for somebody with the superior talent of Lauryn Hill to go out. Her ego clashes with the Fugees along with her personal vendettas with her record label, ex husband, and her egotism may have led to her breakdown. But if you look at the bigger picture, Lauryn may have went this route to keep herself from selling her soul back to the companies that made her a star and also made her miserable. The truth is Lauryn may have found the truth about the Industry and it scared her to the point where she no longer wanted to involve herself. It’s a situation similar where Dave Chapelle walked away from a 300 Million dollar deal offered from Comedy Central. Dave saw the bigger picture that the corporations were gonna control his image, his show, and his life so he did what many were afraid to do and thats walk away.

Lauryn may have escaped them chains from the Industry but with her bringing Swizz Beatz, JayZ, Beyonce, and other big time stars who are said to be affilated or pawns of the same evil empire. It may be an attempt from the empire to use pawns to reach back out to Lauryn to enslave her or maybe We’re looking too much into it.

But whatever the case maybe, We all hope that Lauryn can find truth, happiness, and not be fooled once again into being a pawn to the game. She is a magnificent artist who just so happened to have gotten lost somewhere along the way. She has made surprise appearances on albums from Kanye, Method Man and had a song dedicated to her by Talib Kweli. We can only hope as fans that she can get her life together and return to the game with a healthy state of mind and a strong will to reveal the truth and fight the battle that has silenced many.

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42 Responses to The Tragedy of Lauryn Hill

  1. deacon HenryT. Hill says:

    would lauryn consider singing gospel, I am a gospel music writer

  2. onenation says:

    Lauryn Hill is an incredibly talented, beautiful and strong young woman.
    But she has made terrible mistakes in her career. Walking away from one of the most successful music careers was a mistake. You can’t blame the so called “Illuminati” for this. It was strictly Lauryn’s choice to chuck it all.

    Ms. Hill should have surrounded herself with strong, positive and supportive management to take some of the pressures off her little shoulders. Walking away from such a wildly successful career was an epic mistake.

    And having all these babies for Rohan Marley — set her career back in the worst way.
    Now he’s reportedly off galavanting with a Brazilian model — leaving her with her to raise their five children.on her own.

    Now Lauryn has a sixth child. Marley was very disrespectful in publicly throwing her under the bus by loudly and very publicly declaring that he’s not the father of this child. He reportedly has eight children — five with Lauryn. Even if he’s not the baby daddy — for her latest child — he should have kept his trap shut — out of respect for this woman who has loved him for so long. It was the worst thing he could have done to the mother of his children .. the woman who literally imploded her career for him.

    In life — You have to choose the right career — the right person to be your spouse and the right person to have children with. Lauryn chosed the right career — to match her incredible talents. But it appears she didn’t choose the right life partner.

    Marley is now reportedly dating Brazilian super model Isabeli Fontana. Watch out Ms. Fontana — — in no time he’s going to knock you up with a dozen kids or so.

    Lauryn Hill chose not to play the entertainment game — chose not to be a pawn of the music industry. But sometimes you have to play the game — to reap the rewards and live the life you want for you and your children. Lauryn should have learned this early.

    I wish Lauryn all the best — with her new baby boy — her beautiful children. I hope for her sake this will be her last baby .. and she can now refocus on Lauryn — and get her music career back on track. To the wonderfully talented and beautiful Ms. Hill — we wish you nothing but happiness, serenity and success.


    • escobar300 says:

      Wow didn’t no the graphic nature behind their relatonship

    • BT. says:


    • fahta says:

      Dumb and ignorant comment. She literally saved her own life. You clearly have no idea what the music industry is about. I know first hand. Its run by demonic forces. You shall see soon..

    • Seb says:

      Say it again, what she need to know is that WE love her. Come back and use the industry to share that beautiful voice with the world. Bless you girl, and your babies.

      You learned and we are here to pick you up.

      • Angie says:

        Are you a moron or just a retard? Have you any idea what she’s up against with the industry? You’ll keep dancing with the devil and wonder why you’re still in hell.Just like playing with fire will get you burned,just cause you want music from her you’ll give bad advice.Take your JUDAS ISCARIOT self and sit on some hot coal.

    • Annette says:

      Shut up!!

    • Evyeve4 says:

      How is she now making money to support herself and kids??

    • Deon says:

      I don’t think you know what you are talking about. Lauryn Hill handled her career the best way she could. As fans we can’t possibly conjure up any better resolution for her because we were not present to experience what she experienced. The only thing we can offer is our opinions.

  3. Love Jesus says:

    All you guys are so fucking stupid return back to the game they
    would kill her if she exposed her fellow owneres executives and artist as Illuminati they are all
    illuminati bout lets pray she returns she is damn good rite for leaving she aint getting anywhere
    close to heaven now thaet she is gone its good the media love lie bout she was crazy did drugs same wit dave chappele he looks like a mess cuzz theres demons literatly trying to pull him back thats y these artist look like they gol tru crap its the demons . Hope yall know its the devils plans to take as much souls down to hell with him since god cast him down and is trying his best to take the world down with him which he will but the lucku ones stay strong cuzz youll be living in paradise not hell

    • BT. says:

      You start a sentence with that?…….. and you have name like LOVEJESUS? you ruin your testimony, buy the FOULNESS of your foolish mouth! Dont you know you’ll stand before the throne and give an account for every word you ever thought or said, every deed done? what we should PRAY for is that you would take things you REPRESENT seriously, and ither follow the BIBLE, (the book of the guy you say to follow) or stop hiding behind the “I’m a good person, cus I talk about God” Facade. Your facts get lost in the worldleness of your comment, blessings and prayer for that , by the way if you could pray for patience for me ….something i need to work on !

    • fahta says:

      You are absolutely right. She did the right thing. These ppl are pure evil and will kill you and have killed. So glad she didn’t sell her soul. Most big artist have sold their souls…. literally! I have seen it

      • Angie says:

        Exactly look at Whitney,then her child Bobbi Kristina they wiped out her generation killing her daughter too.Wiped out her memory.Look at Michael Jackson.And all those long list od celebs who went crazy trying to rebel.Britney,Amanda Bynes,Miley Cyrus,Christina A,Jessica Simpson,Lindsey Lohan,Macauley Culkin,etc…They made them look crazy and discredited them.

    • Daisy says:

      Love Jesus says ” All you guys are so fucking stupid .”

  4. rainwrap says:

    you are apparently an ignorant human being.You claim she made a ‘mistake’ by going against the illuminati by going her own way.How can you even say that?.Do you have any knowledge of them?.The secret society that is actually controlled by Reptilians?.That is right.Not ‘humans’.The other artists that chose that route are not most likely regretting it,or are dead.She is the one that has lived that lifestyle,and so only she knows exactly how it was.As it has not,nor ever will happen to you,you are ignorant in your choice of comments.Would ‘YOU’ sell your SOUL’ to the ‘DEVIL’?.Would you let people dictate what you can,or can not do,because of their need to ‘control’.And also partake in satanic rituals.Do the research.There is so much more to learn.

    • jus*nik says:

      Ok I agree to a certain extent. Illuminati are controlled by the wealthy, not the rich the WEALTHY. She was right to do what she did. Being famous and makin a crap load of money comes at a price and real artist who care about their souls and their fans plus the music they make wouldn’t do that. All the artists you see in mainstream that you always see it came at a price and they have accepted. I don’t consider them true artists their SELL OUTS! So whatever choices she made she did it for her and her love ones, period

  5. Nathalie says:

    No God or Devil involved right here. Just a couple of bad choices, the inabilty to reverse these choices.. A real bummer for Lauren. I wish her all the best. She’s a great artist!

  6. Mzy. Franklin says:

    Matthew 19:24 states that it is easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of GOD!!!!! I read this when I was a little girl and always had the wrong understanding… In this time span that we currently live in Money, is EVERYTHING Yet it is really nothing. Lauryn was wise to get out Proverbs 1:19 says so are the ways of everyone greedy for gain: It takes away the LIFE of it’s OWNERS. She may not have been greedy but those that thought that they owned her were. Proverbs 3:7 also says do not be wise in your own eyes: Fear the LORD and depart from evil. So I think her song I GET OUT was perfect I am glad that she got out so that maybe someday I’ll meet one of my favorite female rapper/singer in Heaven. Hallelujah!! I pray for Beyonce, Jay-Z, Blu Ivy, Kanye West, Eminem(luv him but can’t listen to him much anymore to many GOD slandering lyrics) Lady Gaga that lady that kissed a girl and liked it??? HOW can u play those things on the radio for children and not see the world on a slow fall to HELL. Anyone affiliated with anything against God will please take Lauryn Hill’s advice and GET OUT, 1 Thessalonians 5:2 for you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord comes as a thief in the night. So stay out of the darkness and patiently wait on God’s eternal Light. It would be beneficial to your eternal SOUL.
    I LOVE u all because JESUS placed it in my heart to do so.

    • Rikki says:

      I love you!

    • Angie says:

      Honestly,I think she did sell her soul and is fighting to get it back.She realized how serious her actions were(being a so conscious) and that fame and fortune were not all it’s chucked up to be.So she already made her name and made it big and they made money off her and she probably owes them more albums and she thought she could leave but they keep drawing her back in cause they already got her to sign that blood contract.She only made one album usually you owe them more than one but she thought it was easy to walk away and they’re dragging out.Hopefully,she doesn’t become Whitney.And I implore for us to not wait but fast and pray for Ms Hill that they’ll release her from their captivity by the blood of Jesus and all you sheep saying she should go back;know thyself before giving advice.Nothing is worth your soul.Peace out and pray for Lauryn’s total recovery.

  7. Tony says:

    Man I feel you OG. I used to be a Artist that wanted the fame and glory, now
    I realize this dirty game ain’t all its cracked up to be. Its a mean world out here
    and its a shame how some of these companies want you to sell your soul, your
    sexuality and the very essence that makes you a true person, all for the dollar.
    When will we see that love is the answer? Bless up to your site for the real
    news! This is what we must do to awake the people and break the evil curse
    on this country!
    Tune into the Streets!!!

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  9. Mariah Franklin says:

    get your facts RIGHT because obviously you dont know a thing

  10. GiftedAdept says:

    I was once an artist,naturally talented. when people inside the indsutry see you have magnificent amount of talent and creativity, they use your following to cause sorrow to those who listen. Every mainstream record is taken to a secret room and cursed over so that whatever demons invoked follow you as you listen to it. it’s creepy, but i went along a path towards music, and the arts only to find that they only want to exploit you so that others can further damage themselves. Lauryn Hills album to this day is one of my favorites. When I heard “I GET OUT”, I was happy that she realized the truth and like Chappelle, tried to walk away. But what people dont know, is they will try anything to get her back in the game so they can use her and sacrifice her like they did the others who have been lured in. In the past 5 years many victims of the industry are killed and their deaths are lied about and shrouded in mystery. They may take an addiction or some sort of problem the artist may have faced (i.e. drug use) and use it as it’s reasoning for untimely death. like whitney houston, who was battling a drug addiction, she became clean, got back into the game and was killed. Same with Amy Winehouse. unknown to those unfamiliar with people who are addicted to crack, is that crack will not kill you , unless like any other drug, you take too much. I know people who are on and off drugs and they haven’t come close to death to my knowledge. so please do thorough research

  11. barbaratraavis says:

    In spite of all the knowledge presented, people make choices and when the stakes are high they cry foul, but they knew it would cost them something that they didnot want to pay.

  12. tony the tiger says:

    Its plain and simple. Lauren Hill didnt want to be a sex slave or sacrifice her family to satan. She refused to be a part of the satanic illuminati and paid the price. Lord Jesus be with Lauren Hill and bless her for not denying you or heaven.

  13. Misty Sol says:

    understand…she doesn’t need to “come back” she’s already here…doing music…living her life…your ideas of success reflect something you saw on bet…she’s one of the most successful artists of all time…because she bowed out gracefully…she exercised choice…she’s an artist…not a music industry fake…love it

  14. elfrida says:

    After going through Hills story,I’m feeled with thoughts n I pray she comes out of this sucessfully.I love you Lauren n I’m so proud of your skin a matter of time.

  15. Natalie says:

    You don’t need the industry machine anymore. She could make an independent album and so many people would buy it. The world has changed and we are so connected by IT now compared to 1996! Her name is her marketing and that beautiful voice is amazing! I still cry when I watch her sing in sister act!!! Ha ha and I’m not a sook! Much love lauryn put some music out there. We will buy it!

  16. Nilgna Sadinoel says:

    Proverbs 1 chapter 7: The respect of God is the beginning of KNOWING; the true God, our true self, our true purpose and destiny. A destiny of a pure world, without hypocrisy, arrogance, manipulation or oppression of any kind. This truth does not come from any creation, including – Angels, Demons or Humans.
    Only a Supreme Being of pure unflawed logic could create so many complex, yet simple creations to co-exist in order and decency. But, if we choose to settle for less, then we give up so much more. The hype of so-called secret societies is an appearance of power without fullness. True power is love, truth and right. True power is life and light. True power shares what is best for the worst in seeking to save the lost, always paying the highest cost. Secret societies exist, because humans allow them.
    By participating or allowing many basic traditions, customs and practices according to our own understanding, without the wisdom of God, we created the assumed need to belong to something other than whole truth. Because we love icons, idols and symbolism, membership in anything appealing to our flesh fuels our gullible desire to make a name for ourselves. By these names we establish self-assured security that in time proves to be weak, or a lie.
    Thus, nothing is secret to God, but we assume so. Our immaturity fuels lawless appetites, as we are led to misuse pleasure. As we venture this path, these cliques enslave us as we enslave others, their enslavement increases the temptation to idolize the familiar and mysterious, which feeds our curiosity. From hunger, to temptation, to false security, to desperation, to fear; this is the way of secret sin. This deception is the blindness of selfish ambition, fueled by bitter envy. It’s falsehood appears as light, blinding us with darkness. As we are tossed and driven by the winds of doctrine and cunning craftiness of those who lay in wait to deceive, our vunerable condition reveals the simple truth; we are giving away our inheritance and true legacy.
    Therefore people of humanity, please know whatever form of power, symbol, person, organization – famous or infamous; we are not for sale. We are meant to be more than conquerors, healed, spiritually mature, capable of great good and right. Our legacy and inheritance is Him and all He offers of Himself. He is the true Supreme of the universe, no wanna-be’s, substitutions or artificial ways can replace Him.
    Nothing can stop Him from trying to gain us as His true people of purity. Not death, evil, trickery or secrect sin. The assurance of this hope is near us; as close as within our soul. It is the power to choose the whole truth, over the lie. It is the word of our mouth to simply ASK – ask, seek, knock; and the true God will answer. Simply search to find Him with your whole heart – Jeremiah 29, Matthew 7. In this is pure love responding to pure love. In this is a created being, humbled as a child awakening to their true parent-creator. It is He who loved us first, enough to take on our suffering for sin, without sinning, to deliver us from sin.
    This is our true destiny. To invite God within our soul is to hear His voice and obey, willingly, not by force. This, He desires and will do through Christ Jesus’ authority as King and Lord, if we allow the Holy Spirit to live within us. No religion, secret-society, or any self-righteousness way can accomplish this, or stop this, because we have a choice to love Him or not.
    Pure love, peace, joy take courage to receive. What do you choose?

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  18. Kenneth Smiley says:

    Ms Hill…you da bomb!!!!!!!

  19. The truth is: Lauren is not to blame, nor is Wyclef, nor Pras. But the BLACK COMMUNITY (and the larger socially conscious community) continue to fail to put an infrastructure in place to protect, guide, invest in socially conscious artists. We can’t keep blaming the NWO, system, the man. Sure the illuminati, man, system are powerful and working to crush, steal, rape, etc. But we are many. Why the hell, after hundreds of years of the same stupid system running things, can’t we come together and run our own stuff. Time up. Screw the system, form our / your / own infrastructure of continue to be enslaved, abused and allow the EGO to replace the UNITED WE GO. It ain’t rocket science. When we’re tired being tired, we will unite and create such a viable and necessary infrastructure. Until then, we get what we paradoxically deserve. Modern slavery.

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  21. Don's Johnson says:

    The comment section is filled with crazy people. Some scary shit in here…

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