5 Ways We can save our music from dying.

2010 would probably go down as possibly one of the worst years in not only Hip Hop but R&B and mainstream culture as well. One of the reasons is being that the majority of these out of touch Record label Exectives who dont have no form of knowledge or respect for our culture choose to instead focus on making fast millions by pushing untalented flash in the pan ringtone rappers down our throats instead of working cohesive on building careers for talented artists. 2010 saw talentless hacks like Waka Flocka Flame’s get major shine on a mainstream level along with many of the new fresh faces in mainstream bringing a newfound form of softness or femininistic hip hop into the usual hardcore realm of Hip Hop(Drake, Kid Cudi, Lil B).

They say Hip Hop is a reflection of modern society and being that modern society is focused today on feminine acting men, It’s not really too surprising that Record Executives are choosing to push the level of soft hip hop for easy record sales. Not to say that soft rappers like Drake, Kid Cudi and many other skirt wearers don’t belong in their culture. On the contrary of what many believe, They actually do, Soft dudes need artists to speak for them as well But the problem with the hip hop fans is that they give these guys too much undeserved hype and actually want to put them in the class of the spitters and expose that only form of hip hop to the masses without giving us other meals on the plate.

It isn’t just Hip Hop thats suffering, Its R&B as well as we are replaced with young guys and girls that get on not just by their talent but because their either “eye candy” or pushed by the labels because of payola. A lot of the R&B songs of today don’t even focus on love anymore,Instead we’re accustomed to cheesy dance videos along with singing about silly topics such as having so much swagger, buying the bar, tricking on women at a strip club, and popping bottles. It seemed that too many rappers are trying to be singers and too many singers are trying to be like rappers. Mix that with the competition factor is among in its death-bed with every artist(R&B and Hip Hop) is on some DJ Khalid We are the World type of shit. The results are nobody pushing the buttons creatively, Nobody is trying to be the best artistically so what are the results? Weak music being represented as the forefront of both genders.

I’ve heard alot of the complaints, I’ve been on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and read alot of blogs about how we want good music back and how people love to post videos from the good ol days. Well with this short piece here. I’m gonna post 5 ways that we as the consumer can help get good music promoted back into the forefront. It may not be an overnight change but and I’m gonna list 5 more ways on how artists that are putting out good music can basically survive in a forever fickle music market without compromising their integrity and actually build a solid base.

This top 5 list here is for the fans:


This maybe the hardest pill as a diehard music lover to swallow. We all loved the Golden Era of the 80’s, The West Coast era of the 90’s and even the somewhat commercialized Nelly era of 2000’s But we have to understand that those were the best times and we have to progress. Not saying that we should accept anything thats mediocre but we need to support those artists who are young, hungry, talented, and are destined for greatness along with supporting veterans who are STILL making great music.Long as there’s artists out there putting out good music, The gender will never die.


Going to the shows can help an artist a WHOLE LOT. Being that record sales are on a decline. Show money are practically the artists’s bread and butter so going to the shows can definitely help an artist financially as well.


People post new videos and music from artists all the time whenever it be Old School or New School and it usually gets comments like “When Hip Hop was real!”. Theres a lot of people still making great music but lack the push and exposure so you’ll be surprised on how many hits a new artist can get and how many people would be exposed to their music just by posting one video on your page or wall.


This may be a headache right here considering a lot of the radio stations nowadays are strictly about payola but its theres radio stations such as Shade 45 along with many online hip hop radio stations that don’t play by the politics and are open to receive and hear new music so if the song is really hot then suggest the DJ’s to give it a shot!


I’ve heard it all before, “Album’s are too much money”, “It’s a recession”, “I have bills to pay” But whats funny is that these people are always the first one spending ridiculous money on the latest designer clothes, going to the club tricking insane amounts of money week in and week out or even paying close to 60 dollars for the new Madden 11 or NBA 2K11. But yet you can’t spare $7-9.99 for the latest Nas album?

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4 Responses to 5 Ways We can save our music from dying.

  1. Courtney says:

    I agree with all your advice! I defintely think it’s time to move forward with music, I mean we shouldn’t forget the good music (classics) but we have to continue to progress. I also like what you had to say about buying music and the excuses people come up with to avoid supporting real artists. I think this is all great advice. My question is what advice would you give to someone who desires to do music?

    • escobar300 says:

      Thats a good questions and Im gonna lay down some game for artists trying to get in the game and the top 5 or 10 things you have to do to remain relevant in a forever fickle market. The Music Industry especially the Rap Game is very disposable and alot of cats that were hot yesterday(Nelly) aren’t relevant any more so be on lookout! Thanks for the comment Court!

  2. leonard says:

    That’s true for sure this is the only way to save n keep our music going on n our artist coming out with same nice hits bcs they can be able to look after the are bills. Shott

    • Vic Da Rula says:

      Let me be the first to say that I never knocked mainstream music and at the time where I did this, I wasn’t really familiar with Flocka’s music. But being that I met dude(real cool cat). He really respects the game and the people before him that laid the foundation so I can’t shit on nobody like that. I’m no big fan of his music but at least he shows respect.

      As for this topic. We have to still go by the rules of supporting our artist. Justin Timberlake did plat his first week and thats because whites and females support him. We can put our work in and support trill artists

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