The Curse of Diddy Part III

The Saga Continues….

Victim #11 G Dep

Having being introduced by Black Rob to Puff. G Dep could have been what Black Rob was in 1999. Even though he wasn’t as talented.. He still was a decent rapper that oF could have catered to the street audience. Despite having one of the biggest singles in 2002 with the dance floor heavy Lets Get it along with the debut of a new jiggy styled dance(Harlem Shake) G Dep’s debut and his career fell into obscurity by the time his heavily bootlegged debut album Child of the Ghetto was released. He would sign back to Bad Boy briefly before eventually vanishing from the Rap Game following his arrest in 2007. Rumors of drug problems and problems with the law were said to have been a major factor to not really hearing much from Dep because no one has seen or heard anything from Dep since.

Victims #12 New Edition

This is probably one of the worst projects Puff has ever sabotaged. New Edition with their legendary status in the R&B world already had a loyal fan base that loved them for who they were. Their previous album Home Again was one of the best reunion/comeback albums to date and it showcased every member of the group(Including Bobby) at their best. But due to Bobby Brown’s antics along with egos clashing, The Tour couldn’t match the impact of the album so the group disbanded.

8 years later Puffy who has publically showed interest in the group and signing them to Bad Boy got his wish and the deal was sealed on late 2002 when New Edition joined the P Diddy Family.

With the legendary track record of New Edition and Puffy’s track record for making hits. This seemed like the perfect match for success but in typical Puffy fashion, He wanted to mold New Edition into what he wanted his vision to be with their debut on Bad Boy. Instead of letting New Edition be themselves to appeal to their already grown and sexy fanbase, Diddy decided to be typical Puff and make the group change their whole sound to sell to the pop world. The First single off One Love titled Hot 2 Nite was painfully obvious:

Then to make matters worse.. He decided to put every rapper that was popping at the time on the REMIX. This was a HUGE turnoff for die-hard fans of New Edition’s and the album’s weak sales showed it. The group cited creative differences with Diddy claiming that he wanted the group to sing in a more hip hop signature sound that made the group look very awkward. Then there were accusations of not wanting to pay Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis to produce a song for the album. It even gotten as and wanted a release from Bad Boy A.S.A.P. Diddy claims that the project went over budget but whatever the case maybe, It’s another situation ruined where easy money could have been made.

Victims #13 8Ball and MJG

Like New Edition, 8Ball and MJG had a very strong cult following in the South. Them signing to Bad Boy should have resulted to them going to the next level because while Suave House were a good Independent label, It was still regional and 8Ball and MJG felt that signing to Diddy would be a perfect move to hit the mainstream. Their first album certified Legends should have been the album that pushed them to platinum. They had the crunked out first single “Dont Want No Drama” along with guest appearances from T.I., Lil Jon,Ludacris, Twitsta and others. But for some reason the album got off to a slow start and ended up pushing past gold which would have been great for an up and coming artist. But with the legendary status and following 8Ball and MJG has over the South along with Diddy’s so-called genius marketing. This album should have been platinum. Things wouldn’t fare no better afterwards with their second album on Bad Boy titled Riding High basically being dumped on shelves without any form of serious marketing or promotion. The first single was obviously there:

Maybe Puffy was too busy promoting proactive cream because there’s no way that 8Ball and MJG shouldn’t have at least gotten one platinum album out of Diddy’s house of hits. 8Ball and MJG would shortly leave Bad Boy thereafter and start releasing their albums on the Independent level.

Victims #14 Da Band

In an attempt to enter the Reality TV show world.Puffy made it clear that he was in search of a new rap group to sign for Bad Boy. He decided to go the American Idol route and start searching for talent all over the country. The show ended up being a smash hit due to Puffy being in arrogant boss tycoon mode and making Da Band do such grueling tasks such as hard knock training, walking on the streets of Bed Stuay rapping to Biggie’s Juicy and even going as far as making the group walk from Midtown Manhattan to Brooklyn to purchase him a cheesecake. The show made for great entertainment but the group as a whole weren’t really that special musically and they eventually faded out at the start of Making the Band 3.

Aside from Chopper, and Ness.. The rest of the members have been pretty much awol. Dylan was last trying to get a deal with Death Row, Babs Bunny admitted to be a bi sexual and Sarah got in trouble for stabbing her husband.

Victims #15 B5

B5 were supposed to be Bad Boy’s version of the Jackson 5(hint the name) The guys had some talent and they really caught a steady buzz with them remaking the classic Jackson 5 track All I Do Is Think of You. Its clear on what Puffy’s intentions were and this was easy pop music money him. He would milk the boys for all of their worth and they were gracing every teen pop magazine in the country. Their debut album was very successful with not only the urban market but also the Disney pop market as well. But like many groups before them, They started growing up and developing puberty. Their voices and looks started changing and Puff knew it would be harder to market them considering that they were growing up. So in tax write off action, He threw their album on the shelf and it ended up being heavily overshadowed because that was the day two heavyweight titans(50 Cent and Kanye West) were head to head in a sales battle. B5 would leave Bad Boy shortly afterwards and changed their name to Audio. Their currently releasing their music on Upfront Records.

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