The Curse of Diddy Part II

Victim #6

112 were Bad Boy’s premier R&B group and probably one of the best acts ever signed to Bad Boy . They were originally signed in 1995 but didn’t release an album until late 1996 with their self titled debut. The album which featured smooth cuts such as Cupid and Only You along with a classic remix featuring the late Notorious B.I.G. helped the album sky-rocket to double platinum. This was only a start of good things to come for the group as they would release their 2nd album titled Room 112 which also featured hits such as Love Me and Anywhere which featured Mase and Lil Zane respectfully. The album was good enough to satisfy their core base and ended up going double platinum. Years after Room 112, The group wanted more creative control of their music and this resulted in a split from Diddy starting from the fact that Puff didn’t really focus on their projects due to the club shooting incident and a lack of interest for their project. The album Hot & Wet despite it being a solid project ended up suffering from Industry politics as a tug a war involving Diddy and Def Jam over the rights to 112’s music. The results were sabotaging to their career and they fully never recovered. 112 Frontman Slim is currently working on his solo career, While Michael Keith and others fell out over alleged stolen money from the group’s other members.

Victim # 7
Faith Evans

Due to her marriage to then rising rapper Notorious B.I.G., The very bizarre wedding was the perfect platform to start her career and unlike alot of artists that get on just off a cosign. Faith has paid some heavy dues and proved to be a very stellar singer. She got her start by sharing writing credits with Mary J Blige for her My Life album and Usher’s debut album as well. She then linked up with Puffy’s hit makers to release her very stellar debut titled Faith. The album showcased Faith’s unique talents and song writing skills as they were very potent on You Love Me and Soon as I Get Home.

Her enjoyment of her newfound success would be short-lived for a long period of time as she would not only be caught up in a love triangle involving Lil Kim and Biggie but his rival Tupac Shakur which would go as far to brag about sleeping with her on his classic battle track Hit Em Up. Faith has always denied the comments but when Pac leaked the pictures of him and her together. It was very obvious.

Things wouldn’t get much better for her as her husband would be gunned down on March 9th. All of those distractions kept her from really making music as she would finally release her sophomore album titled Keeping the Faith which featured smash hit singles Love Like This Before and All Night Long. The album despite the heavy competition from the 4th quarter of 1998 did very well and kept her name out there long enough for her to win a Grammy for a song that she did with Whitney Houston but She would eventually fall victim to the Diddy Curse around the time of her 3rd album Faithfully which Faith felt that Diddy wasn’t as focused on promoting which is due to the fact that around that time period Diddy was too busy with Making the Band and focusing on building his name brand.

Trouble with the Law would soon follow her shortly thereafter as She would be arrested for Cocaine possession with her boyfriend in 2004 and just recently arrested on a misdemeanor drunk driving charge. Hoping to keep her name relevant, She released a book titled Keeping the Faith which talked about her abusive marriage with Biggie along with her feeling used as a pawn by Tupac to hurt Biggie. The book was basically labeled as a trend and way to cash in on the tell all secrets in a book by Karrine Steffans. The book made some headlines but didn’t do no major numbers. Faith is currently working on her new album.

Victim #8 Shyne
Aside from Biggie, Black Rob, and the soon to be mentioned G -Dep. Shyne was the one that possibly got hit the hardest with the Diddy Curse. His career started off rocky with people automatically disowning him for sounding too similar to Biggie. Then he got shout outside of Diddy’s studio and within a year later got arrested along with Diddy,J Lo and many others for shooting up a night club. This would be one of the biggest trials in American History. It had the similar feel to the OJ trial with Diddy recruiting Johnny Cochran for his defense and basically buying any high attorney he could to save his neck and left Shyne to fiend for his own. Diddy ended up being acquitted from the trial while Shyne had to do a 10 years in prison for basically defending himself and Diddy.

Shyne somehow found ways to making himself relevant throughout these 10 years of being incarcerated as he would do album deals with Def Jam along with having deals from Cash Money, Murder Inc, Death Row, Black Wall Street, and many others bidding for him. He was released and deported to Brazil where he’s currently residing. Even though he found ways of keeping himself relevant. Too much has changed within the game since he went away so it would be hard for a guy like Shyne to be marketable in todays hip hop.

Victim #9 The LOX
I followed their story on my previous blog so allow me to just do a mini touch up. The LOX may have dodged the bullet but they really suffered for it financially as Diddy would for close to 11 to 12 years would make money off the release of any LOX album whenever it be solo or group album. It gotten bad to the point where the LOX had to change their name to D-Block to release material without Diddy taking pieces of the pie. The bitter feud really made headlines when Styles and Jada called out Diddy over Hot 97 and the two exchanged a heated argument over the air about Diddy’s shady business practices. The move seemed to be the perfect one as Diddy(according to Styles) would give them back their publishing and is current talks with doing another album over at Bad Boy. I hope the LOX aren’t that stupid.

Victim #10 Loon
Loon was practically a street version of Mase. He had the similar lazy flow with the pretty look(no homo) but he didn’t have the talent to grab ears like Mase did. Loon”s self titled debut did solid numbers but shortly thereafter he would fall out with Diddy over creative control and tried to do his own thing independently. He also engaged himself in a beef with Dipset and Mase that would brew over for years as they would exchange diss songs, threats, and even at times physical where Loon would knock out Dipset member 40 Cal with a shovel. Loon decided to take a very bizarre turn and convert to Islam while quitting the music Industry altogether.

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7 Responses to The Curse of Diddy Part II

  1. Sedrick Ingram says:

    Nice cover again keep ’em coming.

  2. mmm says:

    Love your blog. Cheri Dennis, Dream, Danity Kane, Day26, Carl Thomas, Da Band, Mario Winans?

  3. Andres says:

    Cool article, just one thing though, Shyne wasn’t deported to Brazil – it was to his home country of Belize.

  4. juju says:

    Faith Evans was arrested with her husband and her book was actually a Top Ten Best Seller, but overall this was a good read,

  5. DjP says:

    So Empire…this show is kinda lookin alot like Bad Boy!

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