Biting the hand that feeds you

Law # 1 Never Outshine the Master.

Always make those above you feel comfortably superior. In your desire to please or impress them, do not go too far in displaying your talents or you might accomplish the opposite inspire fear and insecurity. Make your masters appear more brilliant than they are and you will attain the heights of power.

For those who don’t know or isn’t familiar with that law, It’s a law that’s famously represented in the very informativegame changing book 48 Laws of Power written by Robert Greene. I didn’t really pay attention to this book until I seen how a lot of power moves that were made from major power players like JayZ, Puff, Kanye, and most importantly 50 who recently teamed up with Greene to write the 50th law which is an update of Greene’s previous book.

50 was the main one to really praise this book and you can tell from the way he takes on his vendettas, his issues,how to keep his name out there that he’s heavily influenced by these laws and followed them to build his brand of success. But there are two main rappers that 50 had serious issues with that really felt the wrath of 50’s power moves and those two are The Game and Young Buck.

Whenever people want to admit it or not, 50 was the one responsible for the success that these guys have enjoyed. The Game was signed to Dr Dre in 2002 and didn’t get recognition until 2004 when he joined G-Unit which lead him to release his most successful album to date The Documentary in early 2005. Young Buck was a leftover Cash Money rapper that got left by Juvenile in California. 50 put him in as a replacement for the then incarcerated Tony Yayo and really jump started his career with Straight Outta Cashville which remains as his highest selling album to date and gave Buck a brand name.

G-Unit had the potential to be a hip hop superpower that could have brokered many new acts for the years to come. 50 had the West Coast(The Game), Young Buck(The South) Himself, Yayo, and Banks(NY) He basically had every region covered and this could have possibly been as Game would said the Next N.W.A.

But just like every crew with so much supreme talent, There were many ego clashes with them mainly being between The Game and 50 Cent at the time. There been rumors of shoving matches between Game and 50, Game’s refusal to follow 50’s orders or 50 being a bully or being the type that would order Banks and Yayo around with Game refusing to be pushed around.

But whatever the case maybe. Game’s unwillingness to participate in 50’s feuds with Nas, Jadakiss, and Fat Joe was what threw gasoline on the fire and the end result was 50 kicking Game out of the group claiming disloyalty and distrust While 50 can sometimes be egotistical and many times sensitive when it comes to handling his vendettas(a lot with his emotions) He made some valid points and a very smart man. I felt it was wrong of him to kick him out publicly or if Game didn’t want to participate into the warfare, He could have contacted 50 and settled the issue behind closed doors the same way Cube and Dub C. when Dub didn’t participate on the King of the Hill track dissing Cypress Hill.

50 stated that the wrong people(Mainly Jimmy Henchman) on the track Emotional that Jimmy started getting into Game’s ear telling him that you’re bigger than G-Unit, You’re gonna be the West Coast biggest superstar and that he was the main one pulling Game’s strings by making him go on an all out onslaught of diss records, Dvds, G-Unot verbally tearing into 50 and the whole G-Unit crew.

The Beef records while being hard-hitting and vicious ending up hurting Game in the long run. He may have won on wax but he lost the longterm war. Compared to Buck, He was smarter and had a longer lasting career because he waited until he got off G-Unit to start feuding with 50 to start going to war. However his constant flip flopping, bi polar like actions and apologizing to 50 one week and disrespecting him the next had people basically looking at it for what it really was:

Game needing 50 and G-Unit along with anybody including JayZ or whomever to keep attention on him because he’ll disappear without it and the results is him not even having a release date for his up and coming Red Album along with his buzz for the album fading away and him becoming another west coast rapper instead of a west coast savior.

But if there wasn’t a individual that REALLY should have read the 48 Laws of Power then it should have been Young Buck because 50 basically murdered his whole career within 4 laws:

LAW 1 – NEVER OUTSHINE THE MASTER(Buck should have read this law)
LAW 8 – MAKE OTHER PEOPLE COME TO YOU – USE BAIT IF NECESSARY(Buck begging 50 to help taxes)
LAW 9 – WIN THROUGH YOUR ACTIONS, NEVER THROUGH ARGUMENT(50 was never angry with Buck, Never recorded a diss song until recently addressing it)
and most importantly:
LAW 15 – CRUSH YOUR ENEMY TOTALLY(When he dropped the leaked conversation of Buck crying over the phone to him)
LAW 19 – KNOW WHO YOU ARE DEALING WITH – DO NOT EFFECT THE WRONG PERSON(Buck should have followed this law)

Law 19 is the law that Buck out of all of these laws should have studied the most. He started rebelling against 50 as more people started getting into his ear telling him “Buck You don’t need 50, Be your own man. What really jump started this was Buck commenting on Tony Yayo slapping up Jimmy Henchman’s son and from there Buck started becoming more iffy right around the time his album Buck the World was on the verge of being released:

Buck was making a lot of money touring with 50 and the Unit, But then he started thinking unlogically by skipping tour dates to host parties with irrelevant southern rappers like Gorilla Zoe and even went as far as to actually appear on stage with Cash Money.

People knows how relentless and many times ruthless 50 really is when he’s in beef mode. So Buck should have never came out publicly and denounced G-Unit knowing that he was contractually obligated for 3 more albums to 50 and basically working for him. 50 basically shelved him and blocked him from making any guest appearances on anybody albums. People say that this is ruthless, this is cold and conniving. Well apart of it is really is but Buck should have known what he was really getting into before he started wanting to go to war with somebody that put him on and let him eat off his plate.

Then on a concert. Buck started yelling Fuck G-Unit which came as surprising to many considering Buck been loyal to 50 after all of these years whenever it be stabbing somebody for Dr Dre, riding for G-Unit during their feud with The Game. It was pretty surprising at the time that Buck would come out of nowhere and start airing out 50:

The next day on This is 50 started leaking phone conversations with Young Buck on the internet. The conversation had not this tough, straight out of cashville, gun totting gangsta that’s being perpetrated on record but a very apologetic, humbled, spiritually brokened down cry baby thats begging for mercy. Not labeling him that personally but thats what the outlook looked to many:

So the results of all of this is ruined street credibility(Buck became a laughing-stock with the leaked tape), He lost his artists and his position as president of Cashville records(Who’s gonna take him seriously as a boss if he’s crying for taxes?) and basically dug a hole for himself financially by going against the very person that pretty much gave him a career and allowed to eat off his plate.

The bottom line is at this point, ALL the parties including 50 have caught major losses considering how much money could have been made if they would have stood together. If only these 3 would have humbled their egos and worked together. But considering 50 despite a recently bricked album is still in the public eye, doing his own movies, and still have alot of money. He still at this moment is the current winner of this situation:

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