Scarface breaks down his albums part II

The album art was my whole fucking vision. If you notice, the first shots are with the caskets open. To close the caskets and take the picture of the album cover with no one in them??? Yeah, we were resurrected. I was very happy with this record. I was glad to have Willie back in the group. I think that era of the Geto Boys was when Willie and I were at our closest. We’ve always been friends, but I think when we did The Resurrection album my relationship with Willie was like, ‘Damn, man. This is my nigga.’ We were trying to get Bill to stay in the group. That was our main focus. Willie would come to my crib almost everyday.

The song “Still” was featured in Office Space, which was directed by Mike Judge. I got the chance to meet Mike and he is definitely a Geto Boys/Scarface fan as I am for the crazy shit he does. I’m a King of The Hill junkie. I have to get home and watch all of the episodes that play every night. I love Beavis and Butthead and of course Office Space; I love Idiocracy; and I love Extract. Mike Judge is just a funny ass dude.

This was my first album under my Inerface imprint. This was an important record for me because I got the chance to introduce some new talent; my own crew. A lot of artists that have come through Rap-A-lot are artists that I was friends with before Rap-A-Lot. Devin the Dude, who was in the Face Mob, started with the Odd Squad. DMG, I’ve had known him for a while, too. We had a lot of talent on that Face Mob record. I’m a student and I know what music is supposed to sound like. I just take what I feel and I use that shit

I was living in Oakwood, California while I was recording The Untouchable, staying in the La Mandrian. Tupac comes up to my room and I’m already high, but this dude is trying to get me to go somewhere. Now I’m from Texas…we didn’t have that grade of weed they had in Cali. How and the fuck can I go somewhere? I was like, ‘Nigga, there’s the remote control. I’m going to watch TV.’ Pac ended up leaving, but the next day, he came through Sunset Blvd. and bust a u-turn in the middle of the street when he saw my manager. They told me Pac was downstairs and I was like, ‘Ah man….fuck’ [laughs] He was in the car with Eddie Griffin.

Pac drove up and he had a Hummer at the time when they had just come out. Him and Eddie just came from drinking at the Hyatt. ‘Pac and I toured together, so I knew how wild he could get. I found out later that he didn’t even have his driver’s license! So I come down and ‘Pac is like, ‘Yeah nigga…we are going to do some shit in the studio.’ It was his idea to record that “Smile” song. We had a blast, dog. I left and went to my recording studio and a few weeks later Pac comes though and he plays Makaveli for us. Dope, right? And again, he’s trying to get me to come out with him. ‘Pac is like, ‘Come on, man…you spending too much time in the studio. Just write and record that shit!’ I could sit in the studio for six years and not put an album out [laughs]. But ‘Pac couldn’t sit in the studio for six days and not have an album out. His work ethic was serious.

“Smile” was slated to be a single even before Tupac’s death. But I really didn’t want to shoot that video. I wanted to leave his death like it was. The video didn’t drop until after Notorious B.I.G. died. Now I’m grown and thinking about how short these geniuses’ lives were. Damn

I went the direction of making a double album with [guest artists] because these people really were my homies. They weren’t just people I decided to work with. Everybody on that record from Ice Cube to UGK were my homies…and they could rap. This was also the second album under my Inerface imprint. My Homies represented my own personal shit.

I wasn’t happy with this record. That’s when Master P was making a lot of noise. So I feel like Rap-A-Lot wanted to try to do the same shit and release an album every two weeks or something. I was like, nah. I wasn’t down with that shit. I did the album because it needed to be done, but if I would have had my way I would have done it a lot differently.

Part III coming up this weekend!

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