Throwback from the Past: Bone Thugs N Harmony E.1999 Eternal

Although Eazy E may not be the best rapper by any means. The man is a pure genius when it comes to finding acutal talent and starting trends. Eazy was like the Sean Combs of the West Coast, Despite low budgeting promoting and Ruthless being heavily overshadowed by Death Row Records. Eazy and Ruthless scored a hit with Bone Thugs N Harmony’s debut EP Creepin in a Come up. The single Thuggish Ruggish Bone has already went Platinum along with Foe Tha Love of Money leading the EP to gold status. Eazy hasn’t lost a step when it comes to blowing up actual talent and he was looking forward to using his marketing brilliance with Bone’s official debut LP titled E.1999 Eternal.

But things took a tragic turn when Eric”Eazy E” Wright was diagnosed with full-blown Aids on early 1995 and died shortly then after. This proved to be a major setback for Ruthless and even though Eazy isn’t on the album. His presence is felt on Bone Thugs 2nd album titled East 1999. The production was darker, the very spooky Ouija board skits are here along with raps about survival in Cleveland, busting at cops with shotguns, and the everyday street life. The Introduction was probably one of the best ones ever used for an album:

They pay homage to Eazy on their biggest smash hit to date titled Tha Crossroads. This is a tribute to Eazy and to all of their homies that they lost. Its one of the greatest Hip Hop tributes ever and it also marked the beginning of Bone’s harmonizing style. There are other dope songs for the streets here as well. Tracks such as E.1999, Crept as We came, Die Die Die, and Mo Murda are perfect as the album’s dark production provided by DJ Uneek go together perfectly with Bone’s fiery vocals.

The album’s most climatic track has to be Downtown Getaway, It’s a very hellacious track which features gunshots fired, Triggers cocking, grenades exploding, police sirens etc. It’s a very crazy track where it seems like Bizzy was on trial and when he’s found guilty, it leads up to a riot.

Of course a Bone Thug’s album would have to have a track or two about blazin weed, Budsmokers Only and the very laid back Budda Lovaz are a perfect song for weed heads who want to fall back and chill too as well as 1st of the Month which is a very hilarous song about food stamps and welfare. It would soon reach notoriety as Chris Rock once claimed a “welfare carol” but nevertheless its perfect for cookouts with its summertime vibe.

Overall there isn’t a weak song on here. Many people may disagree when I say that E.1999 when I say it’s a classic. But well considering Bone Thugs N Harmony done set off a lot of trends that many have followed or copied over the years. It should be.

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