Has Hip Hop lost its Voice?

When Nas stated back in 2006 that Hip Hop was dead. it caused a major uproar from mainly the South because it was really the South that was controlling the game at that time period. And I don’t want this to come across as a blog bashing the South because I love Southern Music and been a fan of it since the beginning but we have to be 100 in what we’re looking at. The Hip Hop World of today is in shambles. Record sales are not only down but also authenticity in hip hop seems to be dying out. It seemed that as long as you have hot production, guests from the hottest artists of the moment along with pop features and replaced having skills with having swagger meaning that instead of judging an artist based off his content, We’re judging them based off their looks and this is where I know faggotry in hip hop has takened his toll. Hip Hop today has lost that gritty feeling, Everything that the artists have went against back in the 80s or 90s(Corporations, homosexuality, sellouts, pop stars, fake rappers) have seemed to be embraced in 2010. Hip Hop seems more like a soundtrack for the Paris Hilton’s of the world instead of the streets. Sure Billions of dollars have been made but creativity and realism seems to have hit an all time low.

It seemed that along the way of fast cars, women, cristial, and money that the majority of the artists forgot to be voice for the culture. To speak for the oppressed or the struggling because on the contrary of what these niggas are rapping about(The Glamour life), The situations that are plaguing the world today are anything far from glamorous. Violence in the hood have sky rocketed, Unemployment is increasing along with the amount of job loss, diseases are spread rampant, prison systems are continuing to fill up black and brown people all over the country along with the slaughter of black people by police officers on a daily basis. Racial tensions are at an all time high along with crazy calamities occurring all over the country and usually the hip hop community are there to report all of these madness going on but instead the artists today are too concerned with chasing the check, fulfilling negative stereotypes(even though they havent lived it) and partying as if all of the problems of the world have been solved.

But thanks to YouTube, Word of the Mouth, and with my willing to dig into the crates. I’ve found alot of hip hop that still speaks to our problems of the world and within our community. I don’t want anybody to believe that I hate party music. I love Party music but not everybody life is an entertainment story 24/7 and you sometimes want to hear authenticity from an artists personal struggle, pain, and strive for perfection because not everybody that buys records are popping bottles. Fans sometime want to hear rappers talk about regular things in life and lucky for you all. I’ve found some records that were heavily slept on but they take it back to the essence to where regular people could relate to the stories, the struggles, the pain and the sordid life we try to escape:

Beanie Sigal The Ghetto.

This video shows Beans taking it back to his roots as he walked the blocks of some of the most dangerous hoods in Philly. The video itself give you a chilling look of the dark streets of Philly. You see alot of junkies, syrup sippers, and just alot of people caught up in the midst of the struggle. The song itself had Beans painting a very unvivid picture of street life occurring in Philly. One of the best songs of 09.

Joe Budden Pray for Me

Aside from some of his bi-polar like and suspect actions. Joe Budden has always been a magnificent artist. He isn’t a preachy rapper but he’s one of the artists today that isn’t afraid to express his real life battles with depression, relationship issues, or whatever thats effecting Joe at the time period. Whatever is bothering Joey at the moment, He’s gonna write about it. You can feel the realism in a lot of Joey’s raps and this song here really touches me. Joey takes a page out of Sticky Fingaz book as he’s having a conversation with God about the direction he’s going with his life and questions on why God allows people to suffer. Everyone has questioned God once in their life and anybody that went through something serious could relate to this song:

Yet, you still there and to question a nigga that tries hard
And finds a way, when you keep dealing him fucked up cards,
You make mistakes like me, far as I can see,
I think it’s a mockery, whenever rich niggas win the lottery,
Gave us Bush twice, God I hate to be rude,
But you let skinny niggas starve, give obese niggas food,
The nerve when you telling me, I don’t deserve to stay here,
When you gave us drugs, and guns, you put AIDs here,
Take a look at you, yo actions are the cold-hearted,
The hard shit is you bring babies in the world retarded,
I know most my actions put me in a cell,
But how you made at me, when you put me into hell,


Eminem Beautiful

When I first heard of Eminem in 1999. I never thought I would hear him going this route. It’s hard to believe that this is coming from the same guy that rapped about raping his own mother, sliting his girlfriends throat and throwing her in a trunk along with all kinds of sick and twisted psycho shit. But this song showed that Eminem has grown up over the years and he’s been through alot of battles for the past 4 years from his drug addiction, the lost of his best friend Proof, his ugly divorce with Kim, and beefs with Ja Rule, Benzino, The Source along with the accusations of him being a racist. You can tell that this song was his relief therapy as he was letting a burden off his chest. The video could have been better but he does a good job of touching on the Motor Car Crisis in Detroit. One of the best songs of 09

Who ever said Bone Thugs N Harmony wasn’t lyrical? Bone have ALWAYS been lyrical. It’s just that they rap so fast that it would most likely go over your head. Bizzy has always stood out not only from his very outspoken behavior but also his squeaky flow. This song reflects on the everyday depression that people are feeling as he touched on everything from the wars, the churches holding out on helping people, deaths in the hood, poverty along with abusive relationships. Bizzy touched on pretty much every negative aspect of life and compared it to Muddy Waters. This song is VERY deep.

This song and Video proves that when Nas is in the zone, There are rarely ANY rapper in the game that fucking with him and I really stand by that fact. What I have always loved about Nas since 2002 was his unwillingness to compromise his art for easy record sales. He’s one of the few artists thats still out there challenging the machine and keeping it hip hop for people who have grown up to love it. I’m gonna go ahead and plug for Nas. Copp that Distant Relatives album with him and Damien Marley. It’s a definite classic!

Camron I Hate My Job

Anybody that knows me know that Ive always been a Camron fan. I remember when Cam was awol and dropped this song out of nowhere. This song here could have been the Recession anthem for 2009 as Cam talks about struggling to find a good job and how he hates his current one. Yes the topic is simple but also relatable.

50 Cent Red Rum

Everytime you think 50 Cent has gone soft, He comes out of nowhere with a banger. I know people are thinking “Well this isn’t a song that reflects on the struggle of the community” Well it isnt. But its hardcore hip hop for those who are tired of hearing the same redundant snap, dance, sugar coated hip hop thats dominating radio.

Im pretty sure theres many other songs but Im gonna leave that for another period. Be on lookout for the next write up on the LOX Titled The Most Unknowns!

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