C-Murder: When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong

When Master P formed No Limit Records in 1992, I bet he would have never imagined his movement being takened this far. He along with his two brothers Silk Da Shocker and C-Murder and many others took the No Limit movement to the next level within the next 5 years following. Releasing Gold to Platinum LPs in a 5 year span, The No Limit movement expanded to the next level in 1998 with movies, clothing lines, sporting agency, dolls, and even signing the biggest star of the West Coast Snoop Doggy Dogg(now Snoop Dogg) No Limit also had a lot of homegrown talent such as Mac, Mystikal, Soulja Slim, Mia X, but who stood out to me out of the bunch was C-Murder.

When I first heard of C-murder, The first record that comes to mind was Eyes of a Killa. This song was very dark and at the same time very graphic. His delivery was cold but serious and his style was similar to Tupac in form of his flow. Unlike a lot of people who copied Tupac and stole his image. C had authenticity in his raps and you can feel it.

C-Murder was one of the few that actually lived what he rapped about. If No Limit Records was ran like the mafia then C-Murder would most likely be the muscle, While P was making moves on the mainstream level, C was P’s muscle and handling every vendetta that his brother had on the street level. C-Murder was probably the Nicki Satarno to Master P’s Sam Rothstein and the results was tons of money being made along with a reputation of not to be dealt with on no street level. Guys like Yukmouth, Pastor Troy, and even Cash Money have thrown shots at the tank over the years but none of these instances became too violent or physical because C-Murder made sure it didn’t get that way if it wasnt pistol-whipping rappers, shooting at them, using his muscle to intimidate other camps(He made Cash Money artists tuck in their jewelry at the club). C had a lot of love for his brother and he showed it by taking on a lot of his issues.

The problem with guys like C is that they don’t know when to leave the streets alone, C had a lot of money and could have lived his life off as a pampered millionaire and focused on running his label TRU Records. But instead C decided to remain in the streets and act reckless. There was no denying that he was real as what he rapped about and thats where he gets my respect to a degree because you have too many artists rapping all of that tough guy talk and talking about the savage life when they havent lived a day of it and they ending up being rewarded for it. C-Murder gets a lot of my respect for remaining real but at the same time he was in a position where he should have moved on from the streets and taken care of his business as a newfound business man. C’s stubbornness to leave the street life alone eventually possibly led to a rumored fallout with his brother Master P who focused more on his son Lil Romeo and Silkk which may have led to resentfulness and abandonment on C’s part as he felt that he wanted to compete with his brother and he formed his own label.

C’s reckless behavior eventually caught up with him as on one fatal night on September 2002 where he was arrested and accused of beating and fatally shooting a 16-year-old Steve Thomas at a Harvey, Louisiana Nightclub. Whats really strange about the stories of the incident is that they all paint different pictures. One witness claimed that the Thomas and C Murder was battle rapping, Thomas was getting the best of C and C Shot him. Another incident had Thomas sneaking in the club with a fake ID, accidently bumping into C and C along with his camp beat him down and shot him. The last witness claimed that Thomas started a fight, was being disrespectful and it led him to being shot. Whatever the case maybe, It put C-Murder’s freedom in jeopardy as he would be convicted in 2003 of the shooting.

Luckily for C He was put on house arrest and P used enough of his legal muscle to get C put under house arrest and along with a retrial. He was able to promote his new album and his novel Death Around The Corner but being on house arrest, He could only do so much as the projects failed to reach high expectations as he hoped. But the problem was every one of incidents that C had in the dark was eventually put on the light as footage of C flashing a gun at a club was leaked to the internet. With his new trial underway, It couldn’t have leaked at a even badder time:

With the leakage of this video, C’s stage name(C-Murder), along with violent imagery being promoted in his music. Chances of C becoming a free man were slim to none. The D.A. had enough evidence to either railroad or convict C with his background despite the possibility that he didn’t even shoot Thomas that night at the club. Bouncers and other witnesses have claimed that C used his street muscle to intimidate witnesses into testifying but despite all of this, C claimed his innocence and on August 11th 2009 the Jury finally reached their verdict and the verdict was no different from the last time, Guilty of second murder degree charges and life imprisonment. And just like that, C-Murder’s career was over.

The moral of the story is if you have a opportunity to escape to street life then grab it. This story is similar to Casino where Ace(Robert Deniro) had to distance himself from his close friend Nicki(Joe Pesci) because Pesci was becoming too abrasive with violence and putting too much heat on his empire. P had to distance himself from C for the same reason being that he paid a lot for his legal team, bailing him in and out of jail and constantly trying to big brother him and keep him out of trouble. P also realized that he had a company to run, he had a family to support so it was only so much he could do for C considering C is a grown ass man. C also has to take a lot of the blame on himself because he ignorantly put himself in a lot of those situations where he could have just fell back and made his money.

But I also feel that C may have been rail roaded in a sense where the jury focused more on his stage name, his music, along with the video footage of another incident instead of focusing on the case at hand. Master P even said this himself that C was innocient but he also has to take responsiblity as well:

While C showed that he was probably one of the realest rappers to ever grace the mic, His first two albums Life or Death and Bossaline are both No Limit classics and showed that he had alot of talent. He also proved that this is an example of When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong.

Some of C-Murders best cuts:

Picture Me a Tru Nigga

Feel My Pain

Down 4 My Niggaz

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  1. hgjhgjhgjhg says:

    Got beaten in a rap battle and killed the kid. Nuff said.

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