The worst beatdowns in Wrestling Volume 1

Before this corny Cena-Pg Era and before all of the silly guest hosts and kiddie like gimmicks that McMahon is pulling today. There was a time where Wrestling(before it really hit its peak in 1998) was gully. Yes there have been naysayers and critics that have claimed Wrestling isn’t a real sport or its fake. Well I don’t give a damn about all of that because its sure been entertaining and my response is why wont you take your asses in the ring with New Jack or Cactus Jack and prove otherwise? But enough with the brief intro. Heres my Top 5 beatdowns in Wrestling

This was probably the most exciting storyline/angle in Wrestling history. Hulk Hogan had resurged his stale career and became the most ruthless bad guy in wrestling and he along with Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and his goon squad laid the waste to every wrestling in WCW. Randy Savage caught the beats seriously on this clip and its gotten to the point where he got so tired of getting beat down that he eventually joined Hogan’s NWO squad himself

Everything about this beatdown was crazy..Ric Flair getting caught slipping in the back, Nash yelling Thug Life(an Ode to Tupac who passed around that time period) and Hogan spraying the chalkline around Savage’s beaten body along with verbal humiliation GANGSTA!

New Jack is probably one of the most craziest/psycho wrestlers to have ever step foot in a square circle. After being injured(literally) by Vic Grimes on a near fatal spot botch(The ECW Danbury Incident in 2000) New Jack vowed to get revenge on Grimes and kill him(Not storyline but LITERALLY) He almost got the job done by tossing Grimes 50 FEET off Scarfford.

If this isn’t the most heartless form of barbaric brutality I’ve ever seen. This match brought the heat back on Brock Lesnar and made him one of the top bad guys of the company. Lesnar went back into the monster mode and literally DESTROYED a one-legged wrestler Zack Gowen. He beats Gowen into a bloody pulp and throws him against the post while his mother watched in horror. This was very sadistic.

I don’t care what anybody says. I believe the Undertaker as the American Bad Ass/Big Evil was probably one of the best things to have happened to him. I mean his darkside gimmick made him a mega star but his biker gimmick more like legitimized his character into something more believable then a guy that rises from the dead after an urn being raised.

But the beat down here was one of the worst I’ve ever seen. He literally gave Ric Flair’s kid one of the worst ass kickings ever. Taker used this as a message sent to Ric Flair and its clear that Flair got it early by staying his ass home!

This is number one of the day for nostalgia alone. I remember watching this as a kid kinda of horrified that they beat down Dusty Rhodes like this. Had my cousin wanting to write letters to WCW because he felt it was wrong that they attacked Rhodes and broke his arm with a bat. This looked like an old fashion mob hit as they caught Dusty slipping and gave ol boy the beats.

Every week I’m gonna update the beatdowns list so fans and new fans enjoy!

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2 Responses to The worst beatdowns in Wrestling Volume 1

  1. Ozie says:

    That match where the Rock gave a brutal beating to Mick Foley in front of his wife and kids was a good one also. Kids started crying and had to be removed from the arena. and this, because I’m old schooler, when Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff nearly beat Jimmy Superfly Snuka to death on Mid Atlantic Wrestling (before WWF existed).

    • escobar300 says:

      Man Rocky literally beat the shit out of Foley that night. A true wrestling fan’s fantasy is if he does the same to John Cena on Wrestlemania while his 12 year old fans cry in horror

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