Max B: Another talented in Hip Hop wasted

MAX B Another talent wasted.

Beef within Hip Hop has always been a gift and a curse. In many occasions its been proven as a negative(example Ja Rule) but in Charley Wingate’s case(Max B) It’s proven to be a gift as his “Wavey Movement” would have been takened to the next level due to his personal vendetta with Jim Jones. It was Max’s personal issue with Jim Jones is what made me discover his true talent in the first place as well as many other of his new fans.

The funny thing about this was that it use to be Jim Jones whom tried to do the same smear tactics on JayZ, Nas, Mase and others for years. He was the kufi smacker, the bully on the block but it seems as though the tide have shifted and now Max been the one punking out Jim.

But it seemed as though Max learned from his cronies and took the disrespect of Jones to the next level by calling him Millie Vanili(meaning he doesn’t write his own raps) claiming that Krissy(Jim Jones’s wife) gave him oral sex when Max and his crew were in Miami.Accusations that left Mr. Jones fuming to this very day.

But the difference between the average rappers smear campaign and Maxs were that Max’s rant on Dipset, Prodigy and others were actually entertaining to listen too and watch as he would slowly but surely enervate Jimmy’s street credibility.

For those who isn’t familiar with Max B, Max B was a former member of the Diplomats and a hookman for Jim Jones’ Byrd Gang Crew. After spending close to 5 years incarcerated on some robbery charges. Jim Jones recruited Max in his newly formed Byrd Gang movement to do hooks on albums, mixtapes, to push his movement in early 2006. What stood out about Max was he had a very unique style, He had a style that was very different and very vainglorious along with the rest of the set but at the same time catchy like Nate Dogg, Kokane or Akon for that matter. Not to mention the fact that dude wasnt that bad of a rapper either and proved to be a very good song writer as well.

Max should also be heavily credited for the fact that he wrote the majority of Jim Jones’s raps including his biggest hit to date(We Fly High) along with writing the majority of Jimmy’s P.O.M.E. and Diary of a Summer albums. Hoping to standout from the rest, He anointed himself as Biggavelli. He claims to named himself that because he believes he’s JayZ, Tupac and Biggie rolled up into one. Even though many may strongly disagree. It made people talk and it made Max stand out as an entity from the Byrd Gang set.

Things seemed to be finally going on the right path for Max until September 22nd 2006 where Max, his girlfriend along with 7 other people were arrested in charges with conspiracy of Murder and Robbery for 30,000 dollars. Everything that Max had worked hard for was now in serious jeopardy. Jim Jones whom were supposed to have been Max B’s partner turned the blind eye and left Max in the jail cell for months. Max was so anxious to get out of jail that he did anything to escape and in a desperate attempt to regain his freedom. He eventually signed his publishing away to Jim Jones and Byrd Gang Records. while he was finally freed basically realized how much of a mistake he made. Jim Jones basically pulled an Industry snake move that many before him has done. Taking advantage of the confused and desperate. The results were Jimmy blackballing Max and making it so that any album that he would release for retail would result in earnings going directly into Jimmy’s pocket.

Broke, angry, and feeling betrayed by one whom he felt were a close friend. Max B went into the black market with the mixtape scene. He aligned himself with French Montana, A local NYC rapper whom already had issues with Jim Jones years back formed an alliance with Max and the two started to work on their new movement. French even though was a below average rapper was a smart business man. He’s made a lot of money with his Cocaine City DVDs and they eventually became the hottest street DVDs on the streets as they covered interviews from top artists, new artists, along with following up with whats going on in the streets and what beefs are existing.

The Cocaine City got international distribution and it was the perfect outlet for Max to not only get his music out there without worrying about Jones pocketing off his royalties but also the chance to castigate his character with the world witnessing.

Max B from 2007-2009 littered the streets with mixtape material. What truly made Max standout as a talented artist was how he approached the mixtapes Public Domain 3, Coke Wave, and quarantine as if he were dropping albums. The material showed that it was Max that was the driving force behind Jim Jones’s success as a solo artist in the rap game. It showed how truly talented Max was as he was able to prove with his versatility that he could have been the next artist to blow out of NYC. He could have been in the position that guys like Drake are in right now and selling millions(Yes I’m calling it!). He knew how to make street anthems, party anthems along with lacing hooks that were so catchy that you would catch yourself singing them. How many rappers could say that they murdered a Britney Spears beat? Well Max took it, flipped it and made it street:

As Max started getting more notoriety with his music. His beef with Jim Jones and Dipset became uglier along with trial fast approaching. Max would continue to use his new-found of exposure to verbally trash Dipset along with continuing to promote his “Wavey movement”. The terms Wavy and Oww Oww became catchy hip hop trademark and just another strike of Max’s genius as he would come up with his own form of slang. He even made below average rapper French Montana look good on the Coke Wave mixtape.

This was probably the craziest time of Max’s life. He was finally becoming recognized for his talents, He pretty much defeated Jim Jones in Rap battle(Jim’s latest album flopped along with the Byrd Gang album) but the flip side was his trial was underway and it showed that Max was terrified with the outcome and he explained his concern in many interviews such as this one:

The trial of Max B became pretty bizarre: He had his lawyer do blogs on Youtube and Twitter pleading his innocence, His girlfriend(then Co Defendant) snitched on him and basically claimed that it was him that organized the whole robbery along with his prison sentence being elevated from 20 years to a 75 years to life. At this point, the stress was so much for Max that he rarely worked on the Coke Wave 2 mixtape along with rarely worked on his 3 album deal that he signed with Alagram records.

Hoping to gain support. Max along with his crew organized the Free Max B Campaign. French Montana along with Max hit the circuit very aggressively proclaimed his innocence on songs, interviews, blogs, where ever Max went he claimed innocence but on September 4th 2009 is where Max would finally learn his fate. Max would be found guilty of involvement in the robbery along with murder due to his girlfriend testifying against him and would be sentenced to 75 years imprisonment. This was possibly not only the biggest blow to mainly Max but to also fans of hip hop as well as another talented artist would lose his career due to the nonsense of bad company and trying to remain street.

Max B today is currently serving his sentence and is looking forward to the appeal for a new trial and a new lawyer. Max maybe gone for right now but he left a dent in the underground rap circuit and could have eventually became a superstar. It’s just a shame that his legal troubles caught up with him in the long run and may have ended his career before it even started. But true fans of the Wavy man can only hope that Max can get a retrial and be acquitted so he can continue to make that “Wave Music” But in the mean time, People who are new to Max B need to check out these songs from the Wavy man:

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3 Responses to Max B: Another talented in Hip Hop wasted

  1. man he dint dude da shit man they pay the judge alot was behind that shit menber alot of the rapper artist dint want him around they knew he was gonna be a problem to the rap music they really need to review his case mah he dint pull trigger so was the big deal the most 5 years but 75 come on datx chrazy he dint kill no one he derserve one more chance …………………

  2. oshea b says:

    free max b. wrd i miss his music and i just want max to come home free my fav rapper a.s.a.p

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