Esco’s Top 5 Villians of all time

Before I get to my list, Allow me to speak my peace on something that many may disagree on but it has to be said. I loved the movie Scarface. I thought that Al Pacino’s performance in the movie was phenomenal and probably one of the livest gangsta flicks of all time. My qualm with the movie is how all of a sudden people hopped on the Scarface bandwagon.

It wasnt because they thought the movie was very good but because a lot of their peers and a lot of rappers hopped on the Scarface phenomenon which confuses me on how cats really idolize Pacino’s character.

Yes Tony looked cool on film but allow me to breakdown the flip side. Tony Montana not only tricked(spent tons of money) into marrying Frank’s wife(who in my eyes was not very receptive or happy) but Tony was also a sloppy ass hustler, He ended up getting high off his own supplies and started behaving like a paranoid lunatic. Dude had no organization of his empire and that shit crumbled within 2 years.

So now that Scarface is a pop phenomeon..I started noticing a lot of corny ass marketing behind it. White Kids walking around acting like Tony and jumping on the bandwagon knowing the only scene they know about is the ending involving the shootout in Tony’s mansion. Nothing wrong with having a video game, a poster, soundtrack, mixtape, or hell even a T-Shirt because Scarface was a live movie. But I have to draw the line when I go to the mall and see stupid shit like Scarface lunch boxes, Scarface pencils, Scarface Sneakers and even Scarface blind folders! Its became a huge joke and I hope Al Pacino is seriously caked up considering alot of people have gotten rich off his character.

Tony wasnt even the livest Gangster or thoro villain. Allow ya boy Esco to show you my top 4 villains:

Anybody that have seen the Rocky movies would tell you that Ivan Drago was a bad muthafucka. This may have been Rocky’s toughest and baddest challenge to date. Drago not only murdered his best friend Apollo Creed by killing him with one of his savage punches. But he also had Rocky seeing visions and fearing for his life, Nevermind the fact that he gave Rocky the worst beating of his career and giving him brain damage. Rocky’s downfall started from this fight as he would later lose his fortune, be forced to retire, and ending up right back in the slums of Philly.

This may have been Denzel’s best role in my opinion. Denzel has always been playing the good guy roles in many movies so it was very strange and in many times funny to see him take the role of a corrupt but charismatic and conniving officer. The way he treated Ethan Hawk like his own personal bitch was classic. Denzel made being a cop look cool and pretty gangster.

Considering that Heath Ledger played in what may consider one of the biggest homosexual movies in Hollywood(Brokeback Mountain). It would take a lot and I mean ALOT for him to get his credibility back. He was never a bad actor but soon as I got word that he was playing the Joker. I sorta of had doubts.

Jack Nicholson did his thing as the Joker but Heath like Tupac did in Juice REALLY was his character. While Jack’s character was more PG, Heath’s Joker on the other hand was disgustingly twisted, He was more darker, His makeup was fucked up and he had the twisted mind state that made his character larger than life and in many cases believable. He played by his own rules and had Batman considering retirement! Now thats gangsta! R.I.P. to Heath Leger, He definitely deserves an Oscar for his performance in Dark Knight.

I’m not giving Pac this high-ranking because he’s dead. I’m giving him the ranking because Pac like Heath Leger as a Joker REALLY lived out his character Bishop. Pac said himself that he studied and crafted behind his character for this movie and He sure made it believable.

Bishop was a very confused, psychotic, but yet lonely and misguided dude who grew inspirations from watching the bad guy in the movies and was hungry for respect in the streets. Friend or foe, if you crossed Bishop you definitely felt his wraft.

Nino Brown was very similar to Tony Montana but the only difference between him and Tony was that Nino was much more smarter and less remorseful. He outsmarted the police in every move, He powermoved the Italians and took a take no prisoners approach on everything. He ruled the drug game with an iron fist and if it took using a little girl as a bulletproof vest to save his own ass, He did by any means even though he turned out to be a snitch. What gangster hasnt?

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