Suge Knight Quotables

Suge Knight Quotables

“Any artist that wanna be a artist and wanna remain a star, and dont have to worry about exective producers trying to be, All in the videos. All on record, dancing, Come to Death Row!”

The week is finally almost over and I’ve been nonstop with the consistent blogs. I’m trying to put out much as I can before business really start picking up and I head out on vacation. But to end this week on a rather funny note. I thought I do something on Suge Knight and some of the most outlandish but at the same time funniest quotable he’s ever had. Say what you want about Suge Knight, He was one of the most intimidating C.E.O.s in the music world and the results of this was him saying whatever he wanted or the first thing that came up on his mind. I’ve broken down the list of people who Suge have dissed in the past and lets just say a lot of his comments aren’t politically correct:

1. On Dr Dre

If Jimmy tells Dre “Hey nigger boy you will do this” Dre will say “Yes Sir Boss”! – from The Source

When Dre was with me, he had a Testarossa, a Mercedes, a Porsche, a Blazer and some other sh!t. His new accountant had him sell all that for a 600 Mercedes. One muthafukkin` car. I hope the n!gga`s happy.”

“If it wasn`t for me, Dre`d still be at Ruthless working for Tomika [Eazy`s widow]. And that`s how it all started. I saved Dre`s life!”

“People don’t know the real Dre. I don’t even think his wife knows what is real with Dre. You got a guy with AIDS walking around with his white wife, his white boss, and his white rapper buddy and talking about “still got love in the streets”. Dre did a good job of covering up certain things in his life as far as the whole gay thing goes but people know what is up with him. As soon as Eazy went down with it, you knew how those guys in N.W.A. got down.”

“Dre visited me and told me he wishes he was white,
That’s why he married a white woman and signed Eminem”

2.Eazy E

“Matter of fact, even when he [Eazy-E] made all his muthafukkin` money, he still left his mama there [Compton]. I guess that`s why god came and took him. He took care of that white boy Jerry, but didn`t take care of his own mama.”

“I asked Jerry [Heller] for the contracts, and he wouldn`t let me see them. I went to his office one day, and he was gone, but had some Muthafuckas up there who was supposed to stop me. I didn`t hurt nobody, just made his boys get on they hands and knees, walk around like a dog, you know. Fukkin` wit `em. Finally Jerry called and said `OK, I`ll meet with you, just don`t hurt me.´”

“He can stand in front of me and people would think he’s my penis”

Suge on the Jimmy Kimmel show:

Suge: Hey why the vest?

Jimmy Kimmel: it’s the new fad?

Suge: naw naw naw see the new fad is getting a needle a filling it full of AIDs blood and then sticking it to your enemy you know Easy-E Style


“I seen Prince (The Artist) up in the clubs a few times and I hollered at him. Then the muthafucka was walking’ around with ‘slave’ written on his face. He was saying’ that he didn’t want to fuck with people at record labels. He should have stayed ghetto instead of running’ back to Arista with his head between his legs.”

4. Snoop Dogg

“When Snoop came to me he was Snooper Duper and he had more of a Special Ed look…If you look at his first video you will see that..It was me that told him to grow his hair out.”


He(Snoop) Used 2 be a superstar………..Now he’s Just a No Limit solider”

Rush & Molloy of the New York Daily News caught up with Suge Knight to get his take on last week’s controversy at the BET Awards where he and Snoop Dogg almost came to blows. Suge explained, “It’s paranoia. I was by myself. You don’t see any of these guys rolling like me [alone]. Snoop had two rows of people — 20 guys afraid of one guy. He’s supposed to be a tough, street, gangster type and he’s acting like a coward. Snoop was ducking down in his seat like he was about to melt.”

“Tupac heard about Snoop giving praise to Biggie and Puffy then socked him in the stomach”

5. Puff Daddy

“Here`s what`s sad: Puffy be in all his artists` videos cause he wanted to be an entertainer and couldn`t make it. Then he wanna sit down with the white executives and talk about millions of dollars. You don`t see Tommy Mottola shakin` his ass in Mariah Carey`s videos. You don`t see Clive Davis in Whitney`s videos. You don`t see Jimmy Iovine all in Nine Inch Nails` sh!t. They just see him as a wanna be. He gives black entrepreneurs a bad name.”

“I met him [Puffy] when he had a problem with Mike Concepcion [ghetto entrepreneur and a reputed original member of an L.A. based Crip faction]. The little n!gga come cryin` to me. How you let a muthafucka in a wheelchair whip yo ass?”

“When Puffy came out he called himself a bad boy. And look, he’s still a boy. I’m a grown man and I don’t mess with lil’ kids.”


Everybody know when your dealing with me you gonna get the truth because that’s what I’m about. I already saw 8 Miles and yeah I’m proud to say I bought the bootleg because first of all I’m a real ghetto shit and second, I don’t believe in supporting capitalism by corporate America of our hip-hop culture. I laugh my guts out every time I see the updated version of Elvis Presley dance around his videos like a clown then the next minute he want to be serious and all violent. Eminem in my eyes is money-making character master-minded by Dre & Jimmy Iovine to make him feel invincible in culture that us blacks worked hard to build. Nobody back in the ’80s when this shit first started would have predicted that at one time or another that a ‘wigger’ or wannabe nigga as I like to call him would be the number rapper. Disrespecting the woman who gave birth to you ain’t cool at all. This kid loves to portray himself like a violent guy who’s a threat to society but in reality he’s getting paid by a culture who is feeding into his gimmick. But it all goes back to Dre because Dre is basically the master of having people believe he’s something he’s not. There’s some rumors going around in the industry regarding Em’s sexual preference and I have people working for me to help bring this innuendo to life if it’s true. Haha. Look out for Eminem’s second bring screen endeavor very soon called “8 Inches” starring him and some Aftermath’s finest, hahaha.”

Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight tells The Source magazine regarding the Eminem lyrical comments on black women during his teenage years: “First off, I am definitely supporting The Source on this, because they have been representing for Hip-Hop since day one. I not only fault Eminem but the people around him, who knew about this all along—including Dr. Dre. I don’t support anyone who [says they are] down with Hip-Hop and is trying to defend this racist muthafu**a. I’ve watched beefs go on in Hip-Hop where guys are ready to go to war with each other and hold grudges for years, but this is way worse and some people are ready to dismiss it. My mother is Black, my sister and my two daughters, so when he talks about Black women, there is no forgiving him.”

On 8 Mile “I copped a bootleg, I’m a street nigga”

7.Chilli(From TLC)

“Everyone in the Industry fucked Chilli, She gets on her knees more than a nun in church”

8.Tupac(His best friend)

We had a meeting,and Tupac jumped up and said Dre You’s a Faggot!. Dre said Pac I thought you was smarter than that. I’m a bisexual”

I remember taking Pac to a basketball game, and he told me it was his first ever. and I was like, damn, Pac…. he looked up to me like a big brother.”

“If there was an artist or a producer on the label who was a homosexual, Pac didn’t feel that was right. Pac loved the kids. He wanted to expose the homosexual to the world so they couldn’t hurt any kids.”

Suge claiming he saved Pac from drowning:

“Pac fell in the water and he was drowning, so I jumped in and I put him on my shoulder and told him it’s ok little buddy…. you’re alright now”

9.DJ Quik

Then you have people like DJ Quik. He used to be down with Death Row. He was a friend of ours then come to find out how that when I was locked up, we learn from some of the homies in Compton that this guy Quik was going both ways, fucking with guys. When I went in, this was a guy who talked about how much of a fake that Dre was and how he didn’t respect anyone who lied about producing tracks. When I came home, he in the same studio with Dre talking about how he is the best producer in the world and all of this other shit, kissing ass. That’s sick to me.”


There was word that you had an altercation with Xzibit in a club? Is there any truth to this?

Suge : “Dre’s little Mexican buddy there? Yeah, I like him. I actually did see him a few times but what we talked about is between me and him.”

“Xzibit is from Mexico”

11.Punk ass Record executives and on the Industry

“A lot of these muthafuckas let these white executives pump them up. But when Dre gets into a fight or beat down, Jimmy Iovine is not gonna net outta bed and go fight for Dre, is he? I would like to educate thug niggas on some million-dollar game: When Steve Stoute wants to get one dollar, he has to ask Jimmy for it. I bet you that when they was thinking about putting Puffy in jail, Clive Davis called up and said , ‘Let’s try to work something out because this nigger has to pay me back all my money.'”

“Some n1ggaz is just stupid, they don’t have no business sense… they think ‘cuz they gangsters they can do something so they go up to the record labels and be like [look check this out nigga, i’m muthafuckin’ gangsta and you better sign me ‘cuz i wanna make money] -after they scare the label execs they ask them [ok we’ll sign you, how much do you want] these niggaz is so stupid they be like umm I don’t know… The exec says you want a dollar?? and they like YEAH NIGGA GIMME THAT MUTHAFUCKING DOLLAR!!!!!!!!! but these niggas is so stupid ‘cuz they probably could’ve got 10 dollars an album, now they only getting’ one!

It all boils down to this: Do you wanna be the slave in the field so at least you can talk and act the way you wanna act and be country as a muthafucka? If you a house n!gga, you gotta say master or bend over and watch your wife get fucked by the master. Is that living? I`d rather be a field n!gga. So those n!ggas who are in the majors is house n!ggas.”

Too many artists are snitches and informants. What I mean by that is this: Those rappers who be with majors will tell Dre `Hey n!gger boy, don’t say this or that. He gonna say `Yes sir. No sir.´”

I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more and if so then I’m gonna put out a part two!

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6 Responses to Suge Knight Quotables

  1. Danj! says:


    You had two of my all-time favorites… (beside the Source Awards one) “How you let a muthafucka in a wheelchair whip yo’ ass?” and “You don’t see Tommy Mottola shakin’ his ass in Mariah Carey’s videos”…

    But the one that had me damn near cryin’ was one you gotta put up next time… “Dre got two W’s tattooed on his ass, so when he bends over it says WOW”.


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  3. reggie nelson says:

    suge never said to fill a needle and stick someone with it, he said he would dip a bullet in the blood and then shoot you with it

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