Cash Money Vs No Limit

Cash Money Vs No Limit.. The Louisiana Rivalry.

The beginning Stages:

Anybody that been a follower of deep dirty south music knows about the history or the turf rivalry that been going on between Cash Money and No Limit Records. But what people don’t know is that the beef started before both camps really started blowing up. Starting at 1994 where Mystikal, Who was signed to an Independent record label Big Boy Records found himself in the middle of the beef between Big Boy and Cash Money. Artists such as U.N.L.V., and BG started off the war by going at Mystikal on songs like Drag Em in the River and Fuck Big Boy. The beef would take a turn for the worst on the street level when one of the artists was killed sitting in his car and it was heavily speculated that Baby was the one that orchestrated the hit. Theres a high possibly that he even rapped about the incident on B.G.’s Made Man:

Nigga disrespect lets put the nigga to sleep (put’em ta sleep)
I’m discreet about the things that I do on the streets
Them niggas be sayin’ baby put that fuckin’ boy to sleep (baby done that?)
Them niggas be sayin’ baby put that change on his feet (baby done that?)
I got these niggas sayin’ that boy babys a crook (a crook?)

Mystikal waited until he released his 2nd album Mind of Mysikal to retaliate to the Cash Money disses and he did in a major way putting out one of the best songs of his career with Beware: The track not only showed that Mysikal wasn’t a punk but he can also get down and dirty with the best of them as well.

The Mind of Mystikal ended up opening up doors for Mystikal and his career as he would go on to find bigger success by signing to Master P and No Limit Records in 1997. Cash Money meanwhile would continue to build their underground following with releases from B.G, The Hot Boys, and juvenile.

The beef would die down briefly but 1998 was the breaking year for both camps. Master P after all of the hard work that he’s put in with his consistent releases from himself and his camp would finally catch the big break as he released Ghetto D with his smash Make Em Say Uggh. Bout it Bout it was a classic Southern hit but Make Em Say Uggh crossed P into the mainstream and he would then continue the momentum by releasing platinum albums from Silkk, C-Murder, Mia X, Mystikal and the newly signed Snoop Dogg.

Cash Money would soon follow suit as they brokered a deal that is possibly the biggest in hip hop. Cash Money Records signed a deal with Universal worth 30 million records along with keeping 85 % of their royalties and 50% of their ownership and publishing. This was the big break Cash Money needed and now with the big financial backing, They could finally compete with Master P and No Limit. The first release was Juvenille’s 400 Degreez which is a critically acclaimed Southern Hip Hop classic and featured cross over singles such as Ha and Back Dat Azz up.

But as big as both labels grew. The tension grew even bigger. The rivalry started heating up once again starting with Juvenile’s album as they would take subliminal shots at No Limit on Rich Niggaz, UPT, and Welcome 2 the Nolia. No Limit artist retaliated with the songs Beef and The Empire where he speaks on the Industry and other labels hating on No Limit for their success. Master P himself never retaliated as he maintained focused on his label and other projects.

1999 was the year Cash Money truly reached their peak and No Limit started to lose steam. P was focusing more on doing movies, managing athletes, and trying out for the NBA while in the meanwhile Cash Money was continue to steamroll into 1999 developed from the previous year. Cash Money continued to crank out the hits while the No Limit sound was starting to fade away and this was the time where Master P started feeling the pressure. He was already ridiculed for his constant Tupac copying, His label wasn’t bringing in major numbers like before and his movies started tanking. Pastor Troy even started a career off dissing Master P on the crunk classic “Aint No Play in GA”.

P has never been the type to really battle on wax. He was more of a street type of guy or the type of guy that would send his soldiers to handle his dirty work like a mob boss. For years He’s been accused of stealing his whole Ice Cream Man style from the Bay Area(Mainly by Yukmouth and Dru Down) and he’s been accused of making millions off stealing people s style. Then to make matters worst, The Hot Boys even dissed No Limit on tracks Boys at War and B.G. where B.G. acknowledged them “Wannabe Biting Soldiers”.

The beef took a very controversial turn when this group called Da Wild Boyz released a diss song/Video on the whole Cash Money camp. Its been said that these guys were affiliated with No Limit and the song ended making some local noise. But it was the track We Deadly is where the beef hit its climax as Master P himself would address the beefs between his camp, Pastor Troy, and Cash Money. No Limit weren’t gonna go away without a fight:

The beef would take more violent turn as there have been rumors(true and false) of physical altercations between both camps. There have been instances where the beef went violent as C-Murder(Master P’s younger brother) stuck a gun in juvenile’s mouth and had Cash Money artists tuck in their chains according to former Death Row Artist K9. C-Murder continued to take the situation in his own hand as he would address the Cash Money beef on the track Bet Ya basically calling out the whole Cash Money camp and the then departed Mystikal:

Whats really bizarre about the rivalry is that the artists that were apart of this beef from the start started beefing with their own labels. Both Mystikal and B.G. would end up having personal issues with P and Baby respectively .Mystikal got caught slipping and started sleeping with C-Murders girlfriend at the time Monica. Master P heard about it and sent his goon squad to stomp Mystikal out thus leading to his exit. B.G and juvenile on the other hand left Cash Money claiming that Baby stole royalty checks and tour money from them. It started a brand new rivalry:

As for who won the overall rivalry, Many would say Cash Money since their still around but nevertheless this rivalry would go down in hip hop history as one of the most violent in hip hop as well as some of the hardest records ever been made. I can only hope that P and Baby since they both are older can settle their differences like men and that the artists that were apart of this rivalry can squash the vendetta and make some good music together. Even though healthy competition is good, The Violence needs to be ceased.

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15 Responses to Cash Money Vs No Limit

  1. kEVIN MITCHELL says:


  2. Zeb says:

    No Limit records and cash money have beef now coming from me i think No limit is better because Master P in the end showed how a true G goes dosent give a shit and has better things to do then wrry about a bunch of other niggers. Cash money from my view does not diserve all the credit it gets now a days….sad to see hip-hop slowly get bashed by all these new rappers :/

  3. Sleep says:

    Damm this was a great piece. I was a big CMR in high school, but since I lived in NYC I didn’t know about the local stuff that was part of the beef. I was listening to the hot boys on pandora and B.G dissed silkk on the song “help”. So I decided to google and came across the article. Keep up the good work. I’m gonna start checking out stuff from you. It’s sad how the “realest” dudes from each camp are gonna be in jail for a while now–BG and C. I guess thats where keeping it real goes wrong.

    • escobar300 says:

      Thanks man! That Cash Money/No Limit thing was a rivalry thing but I believe it turned into a beef when Mystikal signed to No Limit and they inherited it because Mystikal was going at it with Cash Money for a while before that

    • escobar300 says:

      Keep in touch with alot of what Im writing too. Im gonna have many more coming!

  4. mike says:

    im looking for a diss on master p song. I think it’s called aim for the tank. Not sure tho. But the lyrics go: where u at ? , miller, aim for the tank lets get em. Cant find this song on youtube or anywhere else. Has anybody heard this song? Im pretty sure its from the 90’s.

  5. Brandon Brown says:

    I am doing a college research project over the rise of both Cash Money and No Limit Records; is their anyway I can interview via email in order to get some material to include in my paper.

  6. TonY_YuL7 says:

    Okay what the meaning behind B.G and C Murder popping a video together.

  7. Trance says:

    Fucc Cash Money Nigga it’s No Limit all Day on Crip size nobody can’t fucc wit’ my nigga Master P especially dat bkytch azz nigga Pastor Troy I mean outta nowhere way cacc in 1999 he diss my nigga Master P on da song “No Mo Play in G.A” noe if I Wuz Master P I woulf C Strap n bkuss a cap in Pastor Troy’s BKytch azz

  8. Richard says:

    B.G. and C-Murder were always cool with each other, even while the NL/CMR beef was going on. Matter of fact, B.G. C-Murder and Soulja Slim were real close and would do tracks together.

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