Eminem’s Impact:The Gift and the Curse.

The Eminem Factor

With another album up coming out in a few days. It’s hard to believe that Eminem has been in the game for 13 years. He has definitely left a major impact into the game and two of the main reasons being his skin color and his sick rhyme style. His success and position in the game has come with a Gift and Curse, I’m gonna break down the pros,cons and my thoughts on Eminem in here.

(The Gift)

The Gift is that Eminem has opened the door for white rappers that been suffering from the Vanilla ice effect. Before Eminem, Any white rapper that tried to enter the rap game was chastized or clowned before they could even open their mouth. Before Eminem signed with Dr Dre in 1997, He himself still faced those odds and the fact with him being white and it made it hard for him to become accepted in a black dominated culture.

Eminem earned respect from many by climbing his way to the top through the battle circuit and started getting more notoriety with his participation and performances in the Rap Olympics. He climbed to the top and went through the struggle like many black artists so that’s how he gained respect from backpackers and real hip hoppers alike.

Another thing that people got to respect about Eminem is the fact that he also along with many made being lyrical acceptable in the mainstream. At times where you have to go pop, do a bunch of cheesy hooks or do R&B features. Eminem did the exact opposite after putting out his Real Slim Shady type singles. Those songs would look of as very cheesy but at the same time they were very lyrical compared to most of what is on radio.

Songs such as Stan, Guilty Conscience, Role Model, and Mosh remain as hits in Marshall’s catalogue as well setting off the trend of murdering artists on their own tracks(JayZ, Lil Wayne, Drake, Kanye). The world recognized Eminem is a very multi talented lyricist and the epitome of what a lyricist should be. He showed that he can do the quick tounge triple flow like that of Twista and Bone Thugs(Drop the World), He showed that he’s a real good storyteller(97 Bonnie and Clyde) and showed that he could really be venomous on the mic when it comes to battling, Just ask Benzino.

The bottom line is Eminem is gifted lyricist and with him being white, It made him stand out even more. He also deserves a ton of credit for resurrecting Dr Dre’s dead career and putting him back into the game.

(The Curse)

The Curse of the Eminem factor is that he seems to have gotten away with a lot of suspect actions whereas many rappers would have been chastised or ran out of the game with the quickness. He’s gotten away with the disrespectful remarks of black women on his old tapes before he first got into the game. Example of this is that Nelly still to this has that Tip Drill video haunting over his head like a black cloud but it seemed as the same groups didn’t say a thing about Eminem.

Another thing that Eminem seemed to have gotten away with his tough talk. Many rappers have talked tough but Marshall seems to take it to the next level with his gimmick and seemed to have the battery in his back when he signed 50:

Eminem has also said some of the most craziest, outrageous, disturbing raps on his records and he seemed to have gotten away with it whereas many rappers whom have been saying the same material would have been having the FBI, Government or black activist groups all over their back. You have the song Kim where he’s rapping about finding out his girlfriend cheated on him, He goes off in an all out rage and proceeds to kill his girlfriend on record by slitting her throat and putting her in the trunk. You cant help but to think of the backlash had a Pac or Snoop would have rapped some stuff like that.

The main qualm to me is his ability to crossover based off his skin color. I’ve heard Eminem records on almost every radio station in the country, Even radio stations that don’t like Hip Hop or claims to hate Hip Hop would put on Eminem records and thats the ultimate disrespect to the culture.Mainstream media including MTV, Rolling Stone have always wanted their premier top-notch white rapper and when Eminem came into the scene, They couldn’t have believed their luck and they milked the Eminem hype for everything is worth. Even going as far as to label him the Greatest of all time. Similar to how Whites tried to market Larry Bird and make people believe he was better than Jordan because he played ball like a black man.

My opinion on Eminem is that I feel he’s a top 10 lyricist without a shadow of a doubt. He has showcased every ablity to being a top-notch emcee with his supreme skill set. Some of the records and albums he put out has been corny but so has many rappers. Eminem’s skin color has come as a gift and a curse with the gift him being more respected, getting away with more than the average artist, and him not getting the credit he deserves because he’s white or him getting too much credit because he’s white. It’s a yin and yang thats gonna follow Eminem’s career to the very end but there’s no denying his talent and excitement he brought to the gender.

About Vic Da Rula

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29 Responses to Eminem’s Impact:The Gift and the Curse.

  1. Courtney says:

    It’s sad to say but I honestly think Eminem is becoming more watered down, he’s now doing duets with Rihanna and Pink? Really? He built his career on dissing the Rihannas, Britney Spears, and Aguileras, etc and now he’s doing songs with them? I admit he use to be hot but I don’t know who this guy is now? And I don’t attribute it to growing up, I attribute it to selling out.

    • escobar300 says:

      Im not gonna front.. The songs with Rihanna and Pink off his album sound pretty good but I see what you’re saying. He’s basically a Interscope puppet and doing songs with people that are hot at the moment to keep his name out there because Iovine tells him. 50 and Eminem dont seem as buddy buddy as before either and thats probably cause Em is doing songs with cats like Kanye, Wayne, Drake and 50 doesnt like em.

  2. CLINTON says:

    itsssss good

  3. lawrencemusoni says:

    this hommie is going miles with his recorvery albume.much respect for emi.am afan big tyme.peace

    • escobar300 says:

      Thanks man.. His Recovery album was dope because he seems to have finally started being himself. Encore and Relapse seemed like he was doing all of that corny stuff(We Made You, Just Lose It) because Interscope made him do it. Those songs arent’ the real Eminem, Songs like Not Afraid, Lose Yourself, and 25 to Life is the real him.

      • EMINEM says:

        no that person your talking about is Marshall not Slim Shady or Eminem…. his music is broken up Marshall (serious no jokes ) Slim Shady (Dark evil and making fun of other people) and EMINEM (neutral to both) an example of Marshall is the song bully, soldier, and till i collapse Slim Shady just dont give a fuck, Kim, Kill you and EMINEM is songs like superman and purple pills

  4. mimee says:

    eminem is really handsome..
    although I don’t know much about him, I had like him when I heard and Saw his video song with Rihanna..
    he became my crush:)
    how can I know him more?:)

  5. patricia says:

    I am a huge fan of Eminem and this album has been his best ever. My pastor redid his video with Rihanna for our production Hotel Halleluya At familychristiancenter.org check it out. Go to the web site with pastor steve muncey and hit archives and find the date for october 31. Its awesome! eminem your awesome stay true to yourself. Your album has been in my cd player since the moment i bought it. I will have you in my prayers to continue your recovery!

  6. lauren & Sidney says:

    your a hottie

  7. mt says:

    um ur dumb .. eminem did songs like that not because interscope made him.. He was on drugs… i think taking almost 20 vicodin pills a day will do that to you.. along with all the other pills he was taking..

    • escobar300 says:

      Shows what you know. Eminem said himself in the issue of XXL 2003 that he isn’t his own boss and that Interscope made him put out happy go lucky songs like that because they sold. He wanted to release Mosh as a first single but the label made him release Just Lose it. They wanted him to put those Hi My Name is type of records and that it be mainly Interscope pushing him to do it. It isn’t until now is where they finally gave him the green light to kinda release what he wanted due to the work he put in(Not Afraid). Know what you’re talking about before coming in here calling somebody dumb.

  8. Broloks&Bittergal says:

    You guys should get a life and stop opsessing over someone else.
    Yes he’s good – but still what ever , sounds like you will suck his balls if he would
    ask you, reading up on his history and all that shit.
    No-body is nobody, the question you should ask, who are you suppose to be. ?

  9. Rachel says:

    I love Eminem and the songs he does. His lyrics really mean something, and he’s very talented. (not to mention hot) (: I’m going to continue listening to his music for a while.

  10. Nixxx says:

    Good shit here man , fuck the haters. Its good to see someone write shit about em that makes sense and delves more into who he is as a person than as someone who just creates music. i think he is a legend and should be noticed more for his lyrical genuis than what he says or what drugs hes taking . Has anyone else tried taking 20 viacadin a day and still create something like curtain call ? fcking legend. I think his mind is epic and even with the drugs hes still more down to earth than someone like Gaga . Like what the fuck happened to the music industry ? gaga can bring out SHIT like judas which is 4 minutes of monotone WTFness an yet everyone thinks shes awesome . Eminem is smart enough to immortalise himself in music , i know his name and im on the other side of the fcking world . So yea obsessing over a someone would be better than obsessing over no one.

    • escobar300 says:

      Thanks I give Eminem his due, He came up the hard way and paid his dues to get to where he’s at but for me to ignore some of the passes he got because of his skin color would make me feel that Im cheating the people out of really seeing the real truth. He found a way to use his skin color to sell records, I give him credit for that. Im pretty sure that Paul Wall, Bubba Sparks and many others would like to figure out that format as well.

    • Rachel says:

      Well said Nixxx. Well said.

  11. bbiuedrbecb78 says:

    im just sayin but i think his songs before were better but i like sum of thm now r that hes made i just think the othere ones were better

  12. escobartender300000 says:

    Good research, i completely agree wat u tell da asains.

  13. I love eminem so muchh, I think he’s amazing and I wote a song for himm to sing but have no idea how to give it himm:L

  14. Nick Scibilia says:

    Eminem has made an lasting impct in my life.If it wasn’t for him i would have never even known much about hip-hop and its music.In 1999 when i first heard Eminems lyrics and beat i was taken away to a crazy place in my mind and just make me bust out laughing.i love dre’s beat’s on his record’s.Back in the late 90’s and most of the 2000’s i would jam out to Eminem with my friends.I still listen to them everyday i partied like crazy and yes drugs were involved Hell it was a different time.But since my friends have gone but you know what is still here Eminem.He is a legend and one of my favorite of all time and its good to still see him banging out crazy rhyme’s and beats.Well thats it for me i gonna go listen to so old school slim now!YEAAAAAAAAAA!

  15. Wow, watered down? Shut up b!+#$ are you retarded? He wasn’t much more than a teenager when he first got signed, now how many years later, he has not only remained in the game he brought white to rap changed rap for the rest of the world. and of course is me exchange that was years and years ago and it hadn’t changed you be talkin s*** about that. he has overcome every obstacle thrown at him especially adiction, coming from an addict, I know where he comes from and his music means something maybe you should listen to N sync or something like that that you can relate to!!! Eminem’s right where he should be on top!! the only thing water down in this conversation is you so kick rocks

  16. dommpel6021@g.birdvilleschools.net says:

    eminem is awsome

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