Everybody Hates Chris

Coming off a successful 3rd album, Chris Brown was on top of his game. He maintained credibility within the hip hop world by doing courses for heavily popular rappers, he knew how to satisfy his R&B fans by showing consistency in his improving singing and song writing ability and to top it off, He had Rihanna(Who was coming into her own to being a star on her own) on his arms. Nevermind the fact that Chris Brown’s squeaky clean image helped him gain endorsements from everywhere, Even ELMO:

But then in just one night, Everything that he has worked all for and his whole career was put in major jeopardy. The Incident was before the 2009 Grammy awards where rumors were heavily circulating about Rihanna being attacked physically and beatened up very badly. There were speculations about Chris Brown possibly being the person that viciously assaulted her. Me Myself personally I thought to myself “This doesn’t seem like something Chris Brown would do” “He’s not that type of guy” because with the squeaky clean image, You get so caught with the image that you actually believe the character. All of this was speculation until shocking photos of Rihanna’s face got leaked and with Chris Brown proved to be the person that done it and just like that, both of their lives changed:

Since that night, Both of their careers have taken different paths, Rihanna at this point is now one of the main attractions in the R&B world with her pushing the envelope on her music drastically. Chris Brown on the other hand became the most hated man in America and with us living in a society where women are heavily favored regardless of who started the situation. Chris seemed to never have a chance as he would get pounded on by his peers in the music world, many of his female fans and even Oprah Winfrey.

Hoping to stop the bleeding of his reputation and his career, Chris Brown decided that after months of being silent that he was gonna speak on the incident or at least apologize to the public for his behavior. After his appearances on Larry King, Issuing an apology from his U-Stream and basically begging for his female fans back. It seemed to have worked and everything has been forgotten. Chris then started to prepare for his 4th album titled Graffiti, He featured the other hottest rapper at the time Lil Wayne on his lead single and things started to look up.

Strategically or timely ironic, Rihanna finally decides after close to a year that she wants to finally go public and tell her side of the story. She decides to go on a bigger stage which was 20/20 on ABC and basically paints Chris as a remorseful abusive monster who have abused physically and verbally off and on throughout their relationship. She did a very conniving job of portraying herself as the victim and winning the hearts of many females. The strategy seemed to have work and it couldn’t have come at an even badder time for Chris. Just as soon as he seemed to have been picking up the pieces of his fading career, Rihanna comes through and takes all of the momentum away, The plan obviously worked as Chris’s Graffiti album remains as his lowest selling album to date.

The Rihanna incident have been following Chris Brown like the plague, He can’t seem to shake this monkey off his back and his career is fading. The sad thing about the whole scenario is that he’s a VERY talented individual and its a shame that Its hard for him to make public appearances without some angry woman yelling “Woman beater” or “Abuser” at him. One of the other factors on why Chris maybe blackballed is because you have DJs, Radio Hosts, that are playing favoritism and just not playing his music because of this incident. Lets not forget the fact that Rihanna has some very powerful friends(Mainly JayZ, Mary J, Kanye) and its been heavily rumored that Jay called the BET Awards last year demanding that they pull Chris off the show or he and Beyonce wouldn’t show up.

The only thing Chris can do at this point is to just rebuild his image. He already has the reputation of being a bad boy so he can muster that into his new image and make his music more vividly sexual similar to R&B bad boy Bobby Brown who embraced his bad boy image and made millions. Chris is currently experimenting with finding his new image on mixtapes titled In the Zone and the current one he’s working on with Tyga. Im not a fan of Tyga but some of the songs He’s done with Chris have been pretty good. They both have a good chemistry and they should do a collabo similar to Best of Both Worlds.

The sad thing about the whole scenario is that he’s a VERY talented individual and its a shame that an artist as talented as him has to be haunted by his one night mistake. I feel that since he’s apologized that he can move on and continue his career. He has already paid his debt to society financially and career wise so America needs to wise up and let the man live because there have been many artist that have done way worst than him and they seem to have gotten second chances. Chris deserves one as well.

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3 Responses to Everybody Hates Chris

  1. Quin says:

    Oh boy. I want to feel bad for him but look at her face! OMG He should jus become a bad boy, dats a good idea.

  2. bury urself in hell………………..
    hope u won’t recover ever………………………..

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