Why Mike Tyson is Hip Hop

There are many negative adjectives that describe Mike Tyson: Wild, Unpredictable, Insane, Rapist, Quitter, The adjectives get more extreme but theres two things that you cant take away from Tyson and thats the impact that he left in not only boxing but hip hop as well.

I remember as a youngster watching Tyson fight for the first time and I was thinking wow! This guy is incredible!, He’s speed, his furoriciousness, his intminating demenor along with the way he was just knocking people out twice his size made him more appealable for people who wanted a true underdog story since Muhammad Ali retired. The Heavyweight division was in need of some excitement and it lacked it for quite sometime since Ali was retired, Tyson’s rise to the top was not only a true inspiration in the history of boxing but also in America as well. His story is a true rags to riches story considering Tyson grew up in Catskill Brooklyn New York, One of the most violent projects America and at the age of 20 managed to become the youngest Heavyweight Champion of the world:

Even though Mike’s rise to success came with various rewards: The fast millions, the gorgorous women, the houses, cars, and the reconition of being one of the most famous people in the world, The passing of his trainer Cus Dimato would forever hold a hole in Mike’s heart. Cus was like a father figure to Mike, He showed him discipline, taught him the correct ways of boxing and marinated him into the machine Mike became. When Cus passed, There were many people waiting to take advantage of a naive Tyson(From Robin Givens, Don King and many others):

Tyson’s personal problems were effecting his boxing as first proven on his fight with Frank Bruno where Bruno caught Tyson with a vicious shots and rattled him, This hads never before, Tyson was seen as a Ironman and Bruno rattled him. Even though Tyson won the fight by KO, It was a sign of bad things to come for Mike.

Going into the Buster Douglas fight, Its clear that the Robin Givens divorce took its toll on Mike as well as being takened advantage and being pimped by Don King. Everybody was robbing Tyson out of his riches but he was still a hot commonity in Boxing, He still was a major draw and his punching power was still intact. As Tyson’s stress grew, So did his ego and his unwillingness to train and further take any of his opponents seriously which lead to the ass whipping Buster Douglas laid on him:

Tysons downfall was further cemented as in months later he was convicted of Rape and sent to prison for 3 years. This prison stint may have made Tyson even more reckless, more crazier, and at times more insane but liek a solider, He came back from all of that and won the heavyweight title in 1996. The moment Tyson won the belt is comparable to Ali’s comeback when he won the title from George Foreman in the Rumble in the Jungle despite being out of the ring for close to 5 years for refusing to participate in the draft. It was a moment that boxing fans wanted to see and Tyson winning was our generation Rumble in the Jungle moment:

Everybody knows the stories after Tyson win in 1996 and thats not what this blog is about. Its about apperciating Tyson’s for his greatness in the ring, for the fact that he stood as a man and never sold out to become a puppet to the corporations alike many athletes and for dope hip hop songs that were made for this dude:

2Pac-Wrote the Glory

Lil Wayne-American Dream(Tribute to Tyson)


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