Is 50 Cent Finished?

Ever since the below expected sales of his 4th album Before I Self Destruct. The demise of 50 Cent(musically) has been a forever trending topic. Theres many things that may have come to the factor of those low numbers. The fact that he’s over saturated the market with nothing but albums from himself and his camps, his mixtapes, and the fact that he went at Southern hip hop favorites such as Kanye, Jay, Wayne, and T.I are a few factors that could come to play. Is it that he disrespected his boss Jimmy Iovine on the track Southside which lead to Jimmy sabotaging his project? Is it the fact that he delayed his project for 2 years? the beef with Rick Ross? Im gonna break it down:

His Success

50 just lost that hunger and that desire to keep making dope music just like many when they reach that form of success that he’s achieved. People have to understand that this isn’t 2003, The 50 you see today is different from the wild and reckless at the mouth 50 in 2003. 50 is in a different space than he was and is now one of the richest men in America, He’s crossed his brand into movies, clothing, books, Vitamin Water, Video Games and in the process made tons of money off solo projects from Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, The G-Unit album and The Game’s Documentary. With so much going on in his life, It’s hard to stay hungry in your music.

He didn’t finish Rick Ross

To me 50’s disinterest in music started around the Rick Ross vendetta. 50 spent all of his energy assassinating Ross’s character and really did some damage. He dropped a sex tape of Ross’s baby mama(who’s a hooker) getting in with some random guy,Diss songs, Cartoons poking fun of Ross being a cop, leaked video footage of Ross’s cronies Gunplay getting knocked out and went as far as to take his baby mama shopping. People that grew up on hip hop had no problem with this because this was an act of war but the new generation of fans didn’t appreciate these attacks and alot of his antics were met with negative criticism. Even though Tia Told Me and Officer Ricky were dope diss tracks but they weren’t seriously crazy like BackDown, I Run New York, or Piggybank.

Despite the fact that Ross dropped some of the most horrendous disses in the history of hip hop, He somehow managed to keep his career and release his 3rd album Deeper than Rap which received great reviews from fans and haters alike. 50’s biggest mistake was not finishing the job and not delivering the knock out blow to Ross’s career similar to what he’s done to Ja Rule, and Fat Joe. Its like soon as Ross dropped his album, 50 just stopped attacking and kept quiet for months until he dropped his War Angel mixtape which was pretty good by the way but people wanted to see the old 50 and the old 50 Cent would have finished Ross.

The Departure of Game and Buck

a subject on them on another time) Game got booted from G-Unit for being disloyal and cosigning 50’s enemies at the time. Possibly one of the key factor which started 50’s downfall from grace were the departures of Game and Young Buck. (Ill do so the Game went on a all out onslaught in Disses, DVDs, Interviews to defame 50’s character as a man and a rapper. 50 addressed Game on tracks but like the Ross situation, He didn’t really address it until the following year on wax but it was too late, The damage had already been done to his credibility. But being that we seen the Game’s behavior patterns change on a weekly basis, Its clear on why 50 didn’t even respond to him.

People say that The beef with Game started putting kinks in the G-Unit armor, Well if Game’s vicious blows started it then Kanye outselling 50 was the cyclone that smashed 50’s ego to pieces. 50 talked a lot of shit about outselling Kanye, knocking him and his big brother(Jay) out, Mocking him and basically taunted him as if he was Muhammad Ali taunting Sonny Liston. Kanye beat 50 in a battle where 50 has mad fun of many and that was record sales. It was a bitter pill for 50 to swallow and was the start of a slow decline from him being a top heavyweight in the rap game.

50’s impact on Hip Hop may be looked to many as a negative one but it can also be said that it was a positive one as well as he brought back the competitiveness in hip hop. He brought back that rawness and that street music that was lacking at the time when Murder Inc ruled the airwaves with their syrupy pop sound from 2000-2003. He survived being shot 9 times, being blackballed from labels to become a major player in America. His story is the epitome of what hip hop should be and he should be respected for it. But how 50’s ego would recover from his last album bricking will have to remain to be seen.

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3 Responses to Is 50 Cent Finished?

  1. Shimstar says:

    Every new hip hop record out there is about fif & G-unit, niggaz can’t rap without dropping clues about 50’s empire, so nigga (50) is rap’s life support…Lil wayne, Kanye west, Rick Ross & the rest Rap about G-Unit…..I dont need them to give me info about The G-Unit Brand..I surrender Pls stop!!

  2. Rob says:

    I think game was the one that destroyed 50 cents career 50 never responded and then there was the bullshit thing with kanye that was a waste of time then he went for rick ross and i agree 50 was slowly killing the career of rick ross and btw rick ross did drop some shit lyrics they were embarrasing but after that 50 hasnt done much his beefed with fat joe game ja rule young buck diddy jimmy rick ross olivia tried jay z the only rapper that would destroy 50 is nas and he knows it thats why he never beefed with him he aint as rich as he makes out to be his got around 90 million dollars he was hit hard by lawsuits he just has not moved with the times

    • escobar300 says:

      50 didn’t respond to Game too much because he pulled a Eazy E and was making money off him. Game is also known to be bi polar. One week its “Fuck G-Unit” and the next is “I want to have a sitdown with 50 and maybe get a reunion” Nobody takes what that dude has to say seriously

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